20 Birthday Memes To Hilariously Roast Best Friends

  • May 24, 2024
  • 6 min read
20 Birthday Memes To Hilariously Roast Best Friends

Birthday is a special occasion for everyone that comes only once a year, and you get plenty of wishes and prayers from your family and friends. Whether it’s your birthday, friends, family, or cousin, in this blog post, you will get enough fun content to wish them well or roast them for being one year older. 

Memes have been in trend for a few years because of their witty and perfectly entertaining nature. Birthday memes help you wish your best friends well and make them laugh on their special day. Roasting friends is trending nowadays; it shows that your friends vibe with you and share the same brain cells. 

Your birthday wishes must be unique and witty to make your friends feel special; sincere and solemn wishes can get your best friend emotional. That’s why a good laugh is the best gift you can give your best friends on their special day. Keep scrolling this blog post to get funny birthday memes.        

Funny Birthday Memes To Make Your Friends Giggle 

Funny Birthday Memes

Funny birthday memes have become inseparable parts of birthday celebrations nowadays. But finding a perfect meme to match the vibe you share with your best friend is always tricky. However, you don’t need to look further because I have compiled a happy birthday meme collection for you. You can copy-paste any of them and use them to share on your stories or WhatsApp groups. 

Grumpy Cat Birthday Meme 

Grumpy Cat is trending online because of its scowling face, which you can use in sarcastic remarks and fun memes. You can wish your friend a happy birthday who is unhappy to get a year older.

Anniversary of Birthday

Roast your buddies by hilariously wishing them a birthday meme, especially those who cringe at the thought of people singing birthday songs for them. Saying a birthday anniversary instead of a happy birthday can bring a smile to your friend’s face.

Anniversary of Birthday

Hair in the High School

A friendship is incomplete without funny remarks, trolling each other, pranks, and pulling legs of your friends on their birthday. Tease your best friend with her high school look to annoy him as well as nostalgic.   

Hair in the High School

Mr Bean’s Happy Birthday Meme  

We are all familiar with the iconic Mr Bean series, which has become a content hub to make fun memes for all content creators worldwide. So, why stay behind while wishing your friend a happy birthday? Use this meme to wish your friend a happy birthday with a face ready to ask for a birthday party.  

Mr Bean's Happy Birthday Meme  

Do Dumb Stuff More Slowly

Your friends are the ones who will laugh out loud at your embarrassing moments. They are also the ones who will lift your mood when you feel sad. As it’s the happy occasion of your best friend’s birthday, don’t stay behind and roast him for being dumb and slow in a fun and light way.   

Birthday is Fight Against Aging

Some people get touchy when they reminisce about their age. So, birthdays are the occasions you can pull the legs of your friends by reminding them of their age. Use this happy birthday meme to remind your buddies they are aging.  

Birthday is Fight Against Aging

Where is the Cake?

Birthdays are always incomplete without birthday cakes. Tease your friends for being stingy and asking about cake and birthday parties.

May Your Wildest Dreams Come True

Friendships are incomplete unless you share secrets and gossip with your best friends. Let your friend giggle by teasing them about their wild fantasies with the following funny birthday memes.

May Your Wildest Dreams Come True
May Your Wildest Dreams Come True

Happy Birthday Bastard

Using slang in a friendship doesn’t depict trolling; it shows your frankness level with your friends. So, let your friends chuckle by reading your sent birthday memes.

Happy Birthday Bastard
Happy Birthday gangster

Birthday Party Memes

You can’t call it a birthday if it lacks celebrations in a party. Borrowing money from friends is typical between friends. So, today is the day to roast your friend for borrowed money you have lent him in the past.  

Birthday Party Memes

Happy Birthday Friend

Ruin your friend’s diet plan and calorie count by sending him birthday memes to tempt him to eat the yummy cake.

Happy Birthday Friend

Awkward Face When People Sing Birthday Song For You

It’s one of the most embarrassing moments each year for someone when they are wished birthday by their friends with a birthday song. Tease your best friend with the fun meme below about his awkward face on past birthdays.

Feelings of Power

Birthdays are the great days when your friends reach out to you who have been out of touch for a while. Receiving birthday wishes, quotes, heartfelt messages, and memes has become a tradition, and replying to them with a thank you message is an unpaid job you do the whole day. However, this job gives you feelings of power, love, and gratitude.

Squid Game Birthday Meme

Tease your friend on his birthday by sending him a fun meme from the squid game to remind him of movie marathons you both have enjoyed on Netflix throughout the year. 

It’s Your Turn To Create Your Own Memes

Making birthday memes is no longer a hassle, all thanks to artificial intelligence. Numerous online meme generators are present online that you can use to wish your friends birthday memes. However, you must choose a budget-friendly and efficient meme maker tool to generate funny birthday memes. So, I would love to introduce you to Gramvio AI Meme Generator.

It’s a free tool available online and it offers trending meme templates without charging you a single penny. It is easy to use; select any template, write the text, and adjust its position. Download your edited meme without any hassle and share it with your friends to wish them a happy birthday/.       

Ending Note

Birthdays are occasions when your friends let you feel loved, thankful, and acknowledged. You must make them feel special on their birthdays and tease them just to annoy your buddies in a friendly way with funny birthday memes. Memes can bring smiles to your friends’ lips. It’s up to you to choose whether you copy-paste the memes compiled in this blog post or generate your own happy birthday memes using Gramvio’s AI meme generator.  

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