Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Gramvio’s official website! Here, you will seamlessly enjoy an immersive social media experience with downloading feasibility. Take a few minutes out of your busy schedule and carefully read these terms and conditions to understand the rules and regulations of using our website.

Acceptance Of Gramvio's Terms

Gramvio is a well-known and globally used platform for all social media enthusiasts. You can explore and download content from Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and more. This innovative platform lets them download their favorite content from various social media sites within just a few finger clicks.

However, you must accept our terms and conditions in return for using our seamless services. We can't allow you to benefit from our website if you disagree with our terms. Take a few minutes and read the rules mentioned below before accepting our terms.

How We Collect Your Data?

Gramvio is an open-source platform that lets anyone access its seamless services. But we need to collect some of your personal and non-personal details to ensure the better functioning of our website.

Personal Details

This website may ask you to fill out survey or rating forms asking for your name, contact details, email address, personal phone number, or more to identify you.

Non-Personal Data

Gramvio also collects non-personal details, including device type, browser name, internet service providers, device location, and more, to ensure you enjoy the best user experience.

Browsing Information

We use our tracking technology to collect your browsing details, such as search history, total time spent on our website, total revisits, and more, to improve Gramvio's performance.

Data Usage

Gramvio believes in securing privacy and user rights, but we use your provided details to boost our reach. We utilize the data collected on our website's server in the following ways.

  • To improve the user experience for our users beyond their expectations.
  • We can use your personal details to contact you for promotional purposes.
  • You aren't allowed to access Gramvio or our content to build any competitor website.
  • We won't share your personal details with any third-party website.
  • Your data stored on our server can be communicated, in case Gramvio collaborates with other companies or does any merger or assets transfer.
  • We can disclose your browsing details to the court under judicial orders.

Necessary Cookies

A cookie is a small digital file sent to your device from Gramvio’s server computer to access your non-personal details. These cookies help a website to be more engaging and give a better user experience to all users. So, we also use cookies to track your browsing details, which helps us improve our reach and boost our SEO ranking.

Google Analytics

We allow Google to act as a third-party vendor on Gramvio’s website. Google can also send you double-click Dart Cookies and utilize the information fetched to show you ads that might interest you. This website also allows Google Analytics to access the data stored on our server computer to improve our search engine ranking.

Targeted Ads

The ads you see on our website or Gramvio's main page backlinks can be from our advertising partners. We allow them to show short videos to our users for advertising and promotional purposes.

However, please note that we are not responsible for the advertised or hyperlinked content. If you also want to run ads on Gramvio's website, you can approach us by visiting our “Contact Us” page.

Changes to Our Terms And Conditions

Gramvio owns all the legal rights and copyrights of our website's content. We can cancel your subscription and take legal action against you if we find you exploiting, selling, or sharing our content.

This website can also change the terms and conditions without giving any prior notice. However, we value our users' comfort so we will notify you about the modifications on the main page of Gramvio's website.

Contact Gramvio's Customer Care Team

Gramvio aims to provide all users with the best user experience beyond their expectations, which drives them to revisit our website. However, we understand there are times when you need our customer care support.

You can contact any time Gramvio's customer care team for any queries. However, remember that we are not obliged to respond to your every email. It is recommended to keep patience because it's a time-consuming process to analyze the problem and fix it.