6 Professional Development Certifications You Should Consider Getting

  • March 20, 2024
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6 Professional Development Certifications You Should Consider Getting

As technology has advanced over the past few decades, it can be easy to forget about keeping up with our educational development. Building your career is not just about accumulating years of experience, but also continually gaining knowledge and skills in order to remain relevant.

Professional development certifications are a great way to show potential employers that you’re staying current in your industry and setting yourself apart from the competition. Here’s a list of six certifications that will give you a kickstart in developing your professional development skills.

Six Sigma Certification.

It is not something that most people think about immediately if they are just starting their careers, but it can become a very valuable commodity – especially in today’s job market. People need to be able to show employers some kind of proof of the work they have done, and their Six Sigma certification is certainly one way of doing this.

It showcases an individual’s ability to work in a team, understand a business and follow instructions. This certification program is designed to help people advance in their careers by learning project management techniques and how to put them into practice when working with Six Sigma. This certification really does make a great deal of sense for the vast majority of the working population, which is one reason why it has become so popular.

The program makes sense for people who work in all types of business environments, not to mention that it does not take a lot of time or money to complete the Six Sigma certification. Make sure you download a free Six Sigma project charter template to help make your project successful. Employers know that the program will have taught people many skills that are important to their businesses and, even more importantly, these are things that really need to be learned by anyone who wants to excel in business today.

Certified Business Professional (CBAP)

Becoming a CBAP can be your first step into earning BABOK Guide certification. The main benefit of the CBAP is that it validates your practical experience in performing business analysis work and developing specifications. It demonstrates to employers that you have the knowledge needed to contribute to their next big project.

To become CBAP certified, you must have three years of work experience in the field, pass a multiple-choice exam that is two hours long with 125 questions and complete a written assignment that proves your understanding of the BABOK Guide Version 3.0. There are four certification levels: CBAP for those with at least 120 hours of professional development training on top of their work experience, CBAP Master for those with at least 300 hours of professional development training, CBAP Guru for those with at least 600 hours of professional development training and CBAP Premier for those who do not meet the requirements for the other three levels.

Certified Business Professional (CBAP)

APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional Certification

This is one of the most valuable professional development certifications that you should consider getting if your career involves supply chain management. It is especially useful if you are currently working in any of these areas:

– Purchasing

– Procurement

– Transportation & Distribution Management

– Inventory Management

– Supply Chain Planning

– Logistics Management

The certification exam is tough and demanding. It focuses mainly on the various aspects of supply chain management and also requires you to have a good knowledge of production, inventory, and transportation management. You can get this certification by attending one of APICS’ training sessions or by studying independently and taking the required exams. The cost of attending a training session is high, but you get the certificate after successfully completing the exam. If you think of studying independently, keep in mind that APICS provides a host of study materials, including full-length practice exams and self-paced training manuals.

APICS offers three levels of Supply Chain certification:

– Certified Supply Chain Associate (CSCA)

– Certified Professional in Supply Management (CPSM)

– Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP)

For more information about the certification, you can check their official website.

Project Management Professional (PMP)*

The Project Management Institute (PMI)® offers certifications that are extremely beneficial to career development. One of these is the Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification – a very competitive and respected designation and qualification process. Obtaining this designation can show employers, clients, and customers you have the skills necessary to handle their projects and provide them with the guidance and direction they need. The PMP certification is one of the highest-paying certifications available and can help you to increase your marketability as a project manager.

To obtain this designation, you must first apply for it by filling out an application on PMI’s website. Once you’re approved (and before being able to take the exam), you must have at least 35 hours of experience in project management, 4500 hours leading and directing projects, 35 hours of formal project management education, and 14 hours of project management training. After these requirements have been met, you are then able to submit an application for the exam itself. If you pass this rigorous exam, you will then be granted the designation for a period of five years.

ACCA certification

ACCA certification is a professional recognition for accountants around the world. Passing 12 examinations before the age of 30 unlocks the prestigious Fellowship of the Association, and counts as 300 CPE hours.

ACCA certification shows that you are committed to building your career further and dedicated to developing yourself in this field. With over 155,000 professionals holding an ACCA certification, it’s easy to see why this is a popular choice for many accountants.

In the UK, ACCA certification counts as credit towards up to 12 CPEs in most states of America (including Washington DC), and 6 in most countries of the world. This makes it an attractive option for both international and domestic professionals who want to keep their CPE levels high.

CFA certification

CFA certification is one of the most recognized certifications in investment management and financial analysis. According to Payscale, the median salary of a CFA holder is £80,836 compared to £43,709 for non-CFA holders in the UK. With the CFA certification, you will be eligible to give financial advice or work with investment firms.

There are three levels of CFA exams: Foundation Level and Professional and Advanced Levels. The first step towards obtaining your certification is passing the online exam, which comprises multiple-choice questions. The next step is to pass the three levels of exams, a requirement for obtaining a CFA charter. The last step is submitting an application to the CFA Institute and working towards fulfilling other membership requirements.

In order to prepare for the exams, you should start by studying previous exam papers and syllabi from past exams, since the questions are very similar. You should also practice writing essays because you will have to write one model essay for each exam.

The value of certifications cannot be understated. They not only look good on your resume, but they also show the industry that you are dedicated to growing and developing yourself as a professional. Many professionals choose to obtain multiple certifications, which can boost their marketability. Attaining these certifications is an excellent way for individuals to grow themselves professionally and continue to expand their skill-set.

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