8 Excellent Reasons To Start Learning Quran Now

  • March 19, 2024
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8 Excellent Reasons To Start Learning Quran Now

Undoubtedly, everyone will experience some time in their lives when they feel confused, empty, frustrated, unsure of their existence, and eager to understand the purpose of this life. We didn’t know how to survive the moment we were born, but we have all received instructions, which guide us on the journey of life and help us fill the emptiness in our hearts. These instructions are found in the holy book. God Almighty has conveyed His message through this book. Everything in the Quran cannot be found in any book in the world. Muslims turn to it whenever they encounter any problems or difficulties in their lives because it provides solutions and guidance for all aspects of life. Read on to know eight important reasons why you should learn the Quran.

1. Understand the Purpose of Existence

If you question your existence or seek answers to the purpose of this life, the Quran is the only book in the world that can provide you with real answers to your questions. It will give you an in-depth understanding of how to live to worship Almighty Allah. Many verses tell us about the origin of existence, how mankind was formed, how the earth was created, and the sacredness of life and existence. Many Muslims live in the dark, not knowing the real purpose of life, which makes them do irresponsible actions. The holy book is the only reference that helps us to have a full understanding of life and know the consequences of our deeds.

2. Learn the Ultimate Truth about Islam

Given the increasing hostility and the many misunderstandings of Islam around the world, everyone should take the initiative to understand the truth about Islam and correct people’s negative impressions of this beautiful religion. The Quran is a pure, unchanging message from God. Since the truth was revealed more than 1,400 years ago, no content has been added, deleted, or modified in the holy book.

Reading and learning Quran from trustworthy sources will pave the way to understanding the full meaning of Islam. Turning to legitimate schools is the traditional way of learning, however, in our current digital age, you can learn the Quran online from a plethora of reliable sources. There are many capable teachers who can teach you both Arabic and the Quran. Learning Arabic can be tricky, but some specialized Egyptian institutes can make things more accessible for you if you want to learn the language and memorize the Quran simultaneously.

3. Find out More about Allah

If you want to learn more about Almighty God, what His attributes are, and how to love and approach Him, the Quran has all the answers you’re looking for. There are many descriptions of the glory of God’s creations, His love for mankind, and His mercy and generosity. When you learn more about God, you will naturally feel good and relieved. The more you read about Allah, the more you love Him and be in awe of His majesty.

4. Discover What Happens After Death

Our lives will not end with death. If you are under the impression that everything will end as soon as death comes, you’re not giving yourself enough optimism and hope. The Quran will teach you about the hereafter and show you the astounding privileges and the beauty of heaven that Allah promises to those who believe in Him and His Prophet.

5. It Protects You on the Day of Resurrection

A Hadith is saying that if you read and learn the Quran, it will help you in the afterlife because it will protect you regardless of your mistakes as long as you have repented and asked God for forgiveness. Every Muslim should read the holy book. When you are ready to start the beautiful journey of reading and memorizing the Quran, you will have the certainty that this holy book is your key to protection on the Day of Resurrection.

6. Be Amazed by the Scientific Miracles

There are countless descriptions of the scientific miracles discovered in the 21st century in the Quran. The holy book tells us about the miracles of embryology, the mysteries of the ocean, the positions of stars, the medicinal benefits of honey, the rotation of the Earth, the mountains as pegs, and other scientific miracles discovered and discussed by humans today.

7. Comprehend the Stories of the Prophets

The Quran includes lots of stories about our Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him), other messengers, and various people living around them at that time. Most stories deal with the difficult decisions and situations they had faced, their sacred prayers to God, and the way He responded to them. Once you read and understand these narratives, you will learn valuable lessons that our ancestors learned in the past and things will be better for you because now you know the consequences of your deeds in reference to these stories.

8. It Heals the Soul and Gets You out of Darkness

Part of Allah’s forgiveness is learning to forgive yourself. Allah is merciful and His love is all-encompassing. As you move between His verses, you will know and feel that you will be satisfied and able to continue your life, which will help you know how to make Him satisfied. Moreover, the more you read the Quran and know about God’s wisdom, the more meaningful your life will be. Our Lord has given us a treasure, which is full of His words of wisdom and rules to help us understand and make the most of life and seek a better life in the hereafter, so why don’t we seize this opportunity?

Reasons To Start Learning Quran

Reading and understanding the Quran is possibly the most wonderful spiritual journey for every Muslim. It is where you can find the answers to your questions. When you feel sad about something and start reading verses, you will instantly feel calm and that Allah has found you, which will make your belief in Allah and the Prophet Muhammad stronger. No human can write those beautiful words. Therefore, you should discover the usefulness of reading the Quran by yourself. The listed reasons can help you start your journey to read, understand, and memorize the Quran.

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