Are Lean Six Sigma Certbolt Certifications Worth Your Attention?

  • March 18, 2024
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Are Lean Six Sigma Certbolt Certifications Worth Your Attention?

Lean Six Sigma is a combination of two methodologies: Lean and Six Sigma. Lean focuses on efficiency and speed. It also helps remove waste from a production process. On the other hand, Six Sigma focuses on error removal and effectiveness. When these two are combined and executed appropriately, it becomes a powerful management tool to significantly enhance the performance of an organization through the provision of a well-structured approach to problem solving.

Earning a Lean Six Sigma credential equips the candidates with a variety of skills. It helps them effectively work as a part of a process improvement team in an environment that supports Lean Six Sigma. With this certbolt certificate, you’ll develop the capacity to refine and analyze processes to prevent defects and boost efficiency.

The applicants for these certifications will also develop the skills required to minimize process variation and increase consistency and quality. They will also be able to add value to the shareholders, employees, and customers. Additionally, they exhibit enhanced performance and minimized timescales for their Lean Six Sigma projects.

Lean Six Sigma Certification Program

The Lean Six Sigma program has four credentials within its domain. These are Yellow Belt, Orange Belt, Green Belt, and Black Belt.

  • Yellow Belt

This certificate is aimed at the operation managers, team managers, project managers, finance managers, IT managers, HR managers and change managers who want to learn the fundamentals of Lean Six Sigma, various methods for process improvement and tools to create stable and efficient processes. This certification requires a single exam consisting of 50 multiple-choice questions with the time limit of 60 minutes and the passing score of 63%.

  • Orange Belt

This Certbolt certification is designed for the supervisors and team leaders who want to delve into brainstorming techniques and quality tools, methods to visualize, analyze, and improve the logistical flow of processes. The applicants have to pass one prerequisite exam that comes with 50 questions in a multiple-choice format. The time allocated for the completion of the test is 90 minutes and the passing score is 50%.

  • Green Belt

This credential is intended for the specialists in implementing Lean Six Sigma projects. They have the right blend of expertise, structured Lean Six Sigma approach, and statistical analysis skills. To earn the certification, the candidates must pass one exam. It contains 60 multiple-choice questions and the duration for the completion of this test is 180 minutes. The passing score is 63%.

  • Black Belt

This certificate is developed for the program managers who have the responsibility of managing multifaceted projects and sustaining improvement teams with techniques and tools. Obtaining this credential requires that you sit for a single exam that consists of 60 questions. The time allotted for its completion is 180 minutes and the pass mark is 63%.

The Lean Six Sigma certificates can be obtained from the number of well-known accreditation institutes such as APMG International and the American Society for Quality (ASQ), just a mention a few. When it comes to preparing for the prerequisite exams, you’ll find ample study materials. Using practice tests and certbolt exam dumps will significantly enhance your readiness for the actual test.


Lean Six Sigma refers to a management instrument that focuses on business performance improvement. The specialists from the top companies, such as Amazon, BMW, Certbolt Cisco, and many others, turn to the Lean Six Sigma technique in their pursuit of perfection. By applying Lean Six Sigma to the business process, the effective realization of efficiency improvements and quality is guaranteed.

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