Britney Spears Talked About the Feud With Her Sister Jamie Lynn and That She is Hurt By Her Behaviour

  • March 20, 2024
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Britney Spears Talked About the Feud With Her Sister Jamie Lynn and That She is Hurt By Her Behaviour
Britney and Jamie Lynn

Jamie Lynn emphasized in an Instagram story, that Britney should stop with the feud and that’s quite embarrassing. Britney Spears’s new post on Twitter gives a hint that she wants to reconnect with her sister Jamie Lynn. She also talked about the feud that intensified between two sisters over the time course, Britney is not considering any negative comments at the moment.

Jamie Lynn

After referring to Jamie that she used Britney’s trauma to sell her book. She added, “Jamie Lynn, I don’t see that your book is about me… I said some rude things but that was just you hurt me with the things you accused me of.

Britney’s trauma

Britney spears also traced back to her words when she refers to Jamie as a scum person. She said, “I can swear that I said that, but you are not like this,” with many shrugging emojis.  Britney further added; “it is quite odd to me what you are saying,” probably referring to Jamie Lynn’s interview on Good Morning America.

Previously, Britney had a stance that her sister did not work for anything, she was always provided with everything. Now, she has different views, she said in her new post, “I know that you have worked hard to get what you have and you are amazing! But there is no doubt that you did not suffer at the hands of your own family as I suffered.” 


She further said, “What my father did to me, people don’t even do that to convicted persons… so if you just sit back and act like you don’t anything is quite surprising to me.

Britney then recalls that she had worked for 13 long years, just to be sent away for months without any reason. She added that “I am not going to mention what happened to me at that place, I was even deprived of coffee.” “You people treated me like shit and that is more through which I went, Our father should be in jail but what you are doing, is totally confusing to me!!!” 

“I love you unconditionally, so you can say whatever, it does not suit to a family to fight like that, you said that you love me but still you support the people who hurt me.

Britney also said that Jamie did not call her back for days when she was in a psychiatric unit. She just texted her back after days, that hurts Britney a lot in her rough time period. 

In the end, Britney said; “You can say whatever your heart says, but I know your heart more than anyone, you deserve a beautiful life. I wish I also can do what you do and appear in interviews.. just remember that I love you and I know you already know that more than anyone.”

Jamie Lynn responded to Britney spears’ stance with an Instagram story, “I have tried many times to speak to you and manage this problem away from the public light, but you still choose public platform to respond to anything.”

Jamie Lynn Spears/ Via Instagram

Jamie Lynn Spears/ Via Instagram

She said in the end “In all this time period, stop emphasizing on the narrative that i was not there with you or manipulating things. I am happy that I have supported you and tried to reach out to you. So that public calling is quite embarrassing and should be stopped. Love you.”

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