How To Choose A Perfect Car For A Family Trip

  • March 18, 2024
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How To Choose A Perfect Car For A Family Trip

With the pandemic easing out in most parts of the world, you might be excited to finally take the family out on a trip outside. Nothing beats exploring after over a year of being cooped up indoors. You and your family deserve all the miles ahead of you, but before anything else, are you prepared for the trip?

A huge chunk of your trip – wherever it may be, will be devoted to the time you spend while traveling in your car. As such, the trip to and from your location should be as comfortable as possible. Whether you are renting a car for a family trip or buying one for long-term use, it’s a must that you pick well.

Picking a car for yourself and for your family are two completely different things. You should know what to look for when buying a car that needs to fit your family and their needs. Here are a few tips that you might want to consider.

What Type Of Car To Choose

Mini Coopers and those classic Volkswagen beetles are definitely not going to cut it for a family car. Some cars are best suited for family trips, and in this case, the best options are either SUVs or minivans. Most of the top family cars fall within this type, and that’s for good reason.

Both SUVs and minivans are capable of carrying at least 4-6 people, which is definitely more than enough for a family. While sedans can carry at least four, the legroom provided might not be comfortable for those long drives to a destination. With these types of vehicles, long trips are going to be more bearable.

Another upside to SUVs or minivans is that they also have a lot of room for luggage and bags at the back. As compared to sedans, these cars have a hatchback, which offers easier access to the stuff you put inside. Moreover, it’s a lot roomier than compared to what you’d find inside a trunk.

It’s very important that you know the average number of people that are going to be using the car. Aside from kids, who else will be there? Ideally, you’d want to buy a car with enough space for your entire family and plus two others. This is the safest way to consider space.

Always Test It Out

Before you sign the contract and get the car ready for the road, it’s very important that you test it out first. Almost every car dealer will allow you to test drive a vehicle. They have demo cars in stock ready for you to try.

When testing the car, don’t just feel for how comfortable the car is when being driven. As this is a family car we are talking about, you also need to ensure that the car itself is big enough for the family. Look around and check if there’s enough room for your family, and their stuff too.

It goes without saying that you need to be as careful as possible when test-driving. Any damage you make to the car will be expenses made on your end. When testing a car, try bringing one of the kids with you so that you get a better idea of whether the family will like it or not.

Safety Features

It should go without saying that safety features are a must when it comes to choosing a family car. You need a car with good mitigation technology that can protect passengers from both the back seat and the front seat of the car. Seatbelts are definitely a standard too.

You can get to know more about the features by checking out demo cars. As seen at, demo cars basically give you a better look at the car. This includes checking out its dimensions, features, and it’s capacity as well.

Room Flexibility Is A Must

The car you pick needs to be flexible in terms of space. By this, we mean that the backseats need to be adjustable. This is important because you never really know what you’re going to have inside the car. One minute it’s just the kids, the next, it’s the kids and all of your luggage.

Get Cars That Are Easy To Clean

Cleaning and maintaining a single sedan is not usually a problem, especially if you’re the only one that uses the car. However, if it’s going to be a long trip with the family, then expect that you’ll have to clean the car every once in a while.

Cars that are easy to clean are those with very little crevices for dust and food crumbs to drop into. This is a big consideration, especially if the car in question is going to be used by the entire family. This also means considering the material the seats are in.

Some leather seats are waterproof, and it’s advisable to get those, especially for family cars. You can never tell when accidental spills happen while on the road. The last thing you’d want is to worry about stains while driving, so getting seats with waterproofing is definitely a must.

Consider The Amenities

Truthfully, kids can’t enjoy car rides as is. They need entertainment, especially for trips that last for more than a few hours! It’s very important that the car you choose comes with a good selection of features that would let the kids enjoy their time while inside the vehicle.

Of course, you have the traditional sound system. The sound system should be able to accommodate various sound sources. Aside from Bluetooth and USB, it would also be great if the stereo system is also compatible with apps like Spotify. This will give the kids hours’ worth of entertainment.

Some parents try to find cars with TVs. While this is a good plus, it’s only going to make your purchase a little heavier. Keep in mind that your kids are most likely going to spend their time on their phones. Getting a car with a built-in TV might be a tad of an overkill.

 going to spend their time on their phones.

Finding a vehicle that’s perfect for the family and those long trips can be a bit difficult. There are just so many options to choose from. With these tips, you hopefully find a car that suits your needs, just in time for that next family trip out of town.

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