Instagram Spy Stories: A Complete Tutorial

  • March 27, 2024
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Instagram Spy Stories: A Complete Tutorial

Have you ever wanted to keep a tab on your ex, crush, or competitor without letting them know? If so, I’m pleased to tell you that you landed at the perfect place. Instagram stories are the most fun feature of Instagram, allowing you to share snippets from your daily life with your followers.   We will explore how you can anonymously spy on someone’s Instagram stories. So, Keep Reading!

Can I View Instagram Stories Anonymously?

Instagram doesn’t host such a feature to allow you to watch IG stories anonymously. But, sometimes, you need to peek into someone’s life without letting anyone know. Owing to the need for anonymous Insta viewers, hundreds of third-party online Instagram Spy Stories tools enable you to view Instagram anonymously.

Top 3 Hacks To Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously

Top 3 Hacks To Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously

Whether you want to stalk your ex, crush, competitor, influencers, content creators, celebrities, or more, the below-mentioned hacks can become your invisibility cloak.  

Half Swipe Technique

If you want to get a sneak peek of an IG story, try the half-swipe technique. Open your Instagram app and navigate to the account you want to view stories anonymously. Click on the adjacent story you want to see and half-swipe it to peek into the instagram story. This technique allows you to spy on the story without being counted in the viewers’ list.   

Airplane Mode

Airplane mode is another easy trick to spy on someone’s IG story. Open your Instagram app and find the stories you want to see. Wait for a few seconds to get it to load, and turn on the airplane mode of your device. Now click on the stories and enjoy them anonymously.  

Third-Party Softwares

Several online Instagram Spy Stories tools and third-party apps are available, providing anonymous Instagram exploration services. Different IG viewer also lets you add a Chrome extension to your browser, allowing you to watch countless Instagram stories anonymously. A Perfect Instagram Spy Stories To View Instagram Stories Anonymously    

Gramvio Instagram Spy Stories

Gramvio is an incredible platform that lets you View Instagram stories anonymously. It is simple to use because you just need to write the username of the IG profile to watch its stories. Gramvio is an excellent Instagram Spy Stories tool that lets you use its services without charging you a single penny in return.

Powerful Features of  

You can avail of the following powerful features of

  • It is a great story viewer that doesn’t need any Instagram account to show you your desired products. 
  • This Instagram story viewer offers free services, so you don’t need to buy subscriptions.
  • It respects your privacy; you don’t need to provide any login information, password, or signup.
  • This Instagram viewer gives you unlimited access to its anonymous IG viewer.
  • You can also use Gramvio to download stories from Instagram.
  • It lets you download multiple stories at once without any annoying watermark.
  • Gramvio is a malware-free online Instagram Spy Stories tool. 
  • Its friendly interface is super easy to use for beginners.      
  • Gramvio is device-friendly from anywhere with a stable Wifi connection. 

How to Use Gramvio Instagram Story Viewer?

How to Use Gramvio Instagram Story Viewer?

Time needed: 2 minutes

It has a user-friendly interface; you don’t need to watch any video tutorial to learn using Gramvio IG story viewer. Follow the below instructions step-by-step to get started with Gramvio.

  1. Open Gramvio

    Access Gramvio Instagram story viewer in your device’s working browser.

  2. Enter Username

    Write the username of the account you want to see and click the search icon.

  3. Click Download

    Enjoy Instagram stories anonymously and click the down arrow to download them.  

Final Word

Instagram is a visual-driven platform. IG stories play an essential role in its massive popularity. If you want to view Instagram stories anonymously, follow the top 3 hacks discussed above or use Gramvio IG story viewer. It works for free and also lets you download IG stories. 

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