Reasons Why Many People Love Practicing Paddle Board Yoga

  • March 18, 2024
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Reasons Why Many People Love Practicing Paddle Board Yoga

You probably know a little about yoga and its tricky poses, even if you have not practiced it before. Imagine performing yoga while standing on a paddle board; does it sound interesting or silly? Yoga is known for its amazing benefits to the body and soul, so doing it in the middle of the ocean doubles its effect. Stand Up Paddle board yoga or SUP yoga has become popular among people around coastal areas. It may sound challenging at first, but it is fun and amusing. If you’re interested in surfing and yoga, why not try to combine them? You will perform the exercises while being surrounded by the beauty of nature, which amplifies the benefits. If you want to know why a myriad of people are all hyped about paddle board yoga, read on to learn more.

1. You Become More Attentive

Yoga poses require your mind to be focused and concentrated. Doing it while afloat demands balancing your body while performing correct postures. Additionally, yoga is a healthy sport that makes you more mindful and attentive. It improves your mental health, allowing you to concentrate better on life matters with a clearer mind. Doing SUP yoga in the middle of calm water puts you in a peaceful and calming state of mind, which doubles the benefits. Moreover, SUP yoga is a perfect way to connect with nature. Instead of doing yoga in a fitness studio or at home, you will be afloat surrounded by breezy air, chirping birds, and a fascinating landscape. If you’re not sure about maintaining your body balance on a body of water, start on the beach or in a swimming pool to become stronger and more flexible.

2. Makes You More Flexible

Practicing yoga is the ultimate way to make your body more flexible. Its various poses strengthen your core muscles and bones. Practicing it on a paddle board allows your body to be more flexible and bendable, allowing you to perform expert yoga poses. Balancing your body while you are afloat is tricky, which makes you exert extra effort to keep yourself balanced and stable. Furthermore, performing a variety of yoga poses boosts your energy and improves your flexibility. If you practice yoga, you probably have great flexibility and balancing skills. Performing different poses on a paddle board will increase your flexibility and improve your posture. If you’re a beginner in paddle boarding, you may want to start with a paddle board that is suitable for beginners. You should check paddle board buying guides to see what best works for you and your budget. Beginners usually prefer inflatable paddle boards since they’re easier to balance on and require minimal storage space.

3. It Is Challenging and Fun

If you’re up for a challenge, you need to give SUP yoga a try. Balancing yourself on a board in the middle of the water while doing tricky yoga poses is not a piece of cake. It requires lots of practice and patience to be able to stand steady and stable. Be prepared to fall in the water several times while practicing paddle board yoga. However, this should not stop you from trying to balance your body while you’re floating on a paddle board. Consider it a new challenge, where you have to prove to yourself that you can do it until you master the technique. This sport will boost your energy and will motivate you to make progress. Moreover, SUP yoga helps you face life challenges and handle various situations without having a fear of failure.

4. Soothing and Calming Effect

Even though traditional yoga calms the body and relaxes the mind, SUP yoga tends to have more calming and relaxing effects, thanks to the beauty of nature. Spending a lot of time surrounded by water, the sky, and trees will undoubtedly send calming and soothing vibes to your mind and will make your body more relaxed than when you practice at home. We live in a busy world, where it is difficult to find some peaceful moments to enjoy on your own. Therefore, paddle board yoga is a perfect escape from life’s routine where you get to relish in the mesmerizing beauty of nature. Furthermore, this sport is the perfect way to get rid of stress and anxiety. Water and yoga combined will make you feel the peacefulness and relaxation that your body and mind are in need of. Close your eyes and imagine that you’re sitting on a paddle board in the middle of a captivating lake, where it is only you and nature, and possibly some ducks swimming around you. Isn’t it breathtaking?

5. It Feels Summary and Refreshing

Paddle board yoga

You don’t have to go to a far destination to spend your time in the heat of summer. Instead, lie on your paddle board and bask in the warmth of the sun. Whenever you feel hot, take an instant swim in the ocean to cool down and refresh your body. Additionally, modifying your yoga routine by practicing it in the water instead of doing so on a yoga mat at home will feel like a positive change. Being outdoors and inhaling fresh air will make summer more enjoyable and will keep your body refreshed and cool. Furthermore, SUP yoga allows you to leave all the stressful matters behind. You don’t get the chance to enjoy the freshness of water and breezy air when you exercise yoga indoors. Paddle board yoga refreshes the mind and boosts your mood. When you’re all freshened up, your productivity levels increase and so does your work performance.

Yoga in itself is a refreshing and relaxing activity for the body and soul. When you practice it while being surrounded by mesmerizing nature, you will enjoy doubled benefits. There is a reason why SUP yoga is so popular among youth and fitness enthusiasts these days. It gives them a sense of challenge in addition to being fun and beneficial. Hopefully, this article helps you understand why an abundance of people love this activity. If you’re a beginner at both yoga and paddle boarding, however, we suggest trying each individually before you practice them combined to help you maintain your balance and enjoy their benefits.

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