How to Save Stories from Instagram to Any Device (A Simple Guide)

  • March 7, 2024
  • 4 min read
How to Save Stories from Instagram to Any Device (A Simple Guide)

Instagram stories are one of the most excellent features of Instagram that guarantee audience engagement. Millions of people love to swipe through diverse Instagram stories daily in their leisure time. Instagram’s content mainly circulates among global audiences through Instagram stories only. However, they automatically disappear after 24 hours of upload. However, some Instagram stories attract you so much that you want to save them on your device for offline fun and re-enjoy them later without any time limit expiry of 24 hours. If you are also looking for a way to download IG stories on your device, this article might help you. Today, we will discuss how to save stories from Instagram to any device in a simple guide. Ideal Tool To Save Stories From Instagram

Gramvio Ideal Tool To Save Stories From Instagram

Gramvio is an innovative Instagram Story Viewer that uses advanced encryption techniques to let you watch anybody’s Instagram stories without getting noticed. It is an efficient HD downloader that can download Instagram stories without any watermark. You can use it online without any hassle of installation.    

Powerful Features of Gramvio Instagram Story Viewer

Powerful Features of Gramvio Instagram Story Viewer

Gramvio offers you the following powerful features.

Unrestricted Access 

You can view unlimited Instagram stories on this platform without getting detected. Gramvio allows you to use it 24/7 without any restrictions.

Free of Cost Services

It is a free tool; you don’t have to spend a penny to satisfy your curiosity. So, don’t worry about any expensive premium plans.

HD Downloader 

Gramvio works quickly and can download multiple IG stories within a few minutes. This tool also lets you download stories in the resolution of your choice.

Secure Tool

It keeps your browsing data confidential on its server. Gramvio is a secure Instagram Story Viewer free from all malware threats.

No Signup Required

It respects your privacy and doesn’t ask you to provide any login details. You don’t need to do any signup or account verification to use Garmvio’s services.

User-Friendly Tool

You don’t need any technical expertise to operate this friendly Instagram Story Viewer. Its friendly user interface is compatible with all digital devices.

Easy Instruction To Download IG Stories on Different Devices

Instagram lets you save reels, posts, and photos in collections within the app. However, that’s not the case with Instagram stories, as they are fated to disappear after every 24 hours. Gramvio is an efficient Instagram Story Viewer that allows you to download your favorite Instagram stories on diverse devices. Follow the below instructions to download IG stories on any device. 

Android Devices

  • Open your Instagram profile and navigate to the account you desire to watch and download Instagram stories.
  • Click on the three dots and select the copy URL link option.
  • Access the Gramvio website on your browser and paste the copied link in the search field.
  • Click download and select resolution according to your choice.

iOS Gadgets

  • Scroll to the instagram profile you want to save IG stories and copy the link.
  • Open the Safari browser of your device and search
  • Paste the copied URL link there and click the download button.
  • Select the resolution and enjoy downloaded Instagram stories offline  


  • Open the working browser on your desktop and access Gramvio instagram story viewer.
  • Write the username of the profile you desire to watch and download Instagram stories.
  • The profile will open with stories; click the down arrow below each story and choose the resolution.

End Point 

Instagram stories are the most engaging and most used feature on instagram. Millions of users upload stories daily to keep their followers engaged. If you want to download your favorite stories on your device to enjoy offline, you can use Gramvio Insta story downloader. We explored its features and instructions to save stories on different devices. 

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