3 Menswear Essentials For Warmer Weather

  • March 20, 2024
  • 4 min read
3 Menswear Essentials For Warmer Weather

Warmer weather brings out the best in your wardrobe! It’s the time when guys feel more comfortable dressing up, experimenting with colors and fabrics, and are generally more laid back.

But even if you’re not into trends and the newest fashion, you can still look stylish and feel comfortable with just a few wardrobe staples.

Here are three menswear essentials for warm days all year round.


Let’s get started with the bottoms. In our humble opinion, there are no better trousers than chinos for warmer weather.

Slim-fit or straight-leg chinos are incredibly versatile and can be dressed up and down as needed for a specific occasion. Need something casual for an evening at the beer garden? Pair them with a simple tee or a printed short-sleeved shirt, and you’re good to go.

Going for a business lunch with your clients? Chinos and a Polo or button-down shirt are a perfect choice.

We recommend getting stretchy chinos instead of rigid ones for extra comfort and opting for high-quality cotton for that much-needed breathability. And don’t forget to go for the lightweight fabric with a little bit of stretch to ensure enough freedom of movement.

Best colors

Warmer days give you the chance to ditch black, brown, and grey shades and celebrate lighter and more exciting colors. We love light shades such as beige, cream, or pale olive as they go with pretty much anything and will remain timeless in years to come.

But you can also grab a pair in bolder colors such as salmon, mustard, or light purple. These will be fantastic for warmer days and long nights, enjoying drinks and hanging out with friends under the stars.

All in all, chinos are our favorite versatile pants that blend elegance, comfort, and style for business and pleasure!

Polo Shirt

Do you know what works perfectly with your vibrant chinos? The classic polo shirt! It’s like a blend between a tee and a button-down shirt that works for both smart casual and casual occasions.

And forget your dad’s frumpy Polo he got for free when he bought a car! Today, you can find some incredible styles and colors that will help create the most exciting looks for warmer weather. Unlike most other tees, Polos are sturdier and hold their shape better and longer.

Just like chinos, Polos are wardrobe chameleons that can be worn for work, garden cocktail parties, and a casual day in the city!

Always shop at trusted brands Fresh Clean tees with a high-quality, stylish Polo tee selection. You can grab their polo t-shirts pack and be set for all year round!

Printed shirts

You may have noticed that printed shirts have taken the world by storm recently, and we believe every guy should have at least a couple in their wardrobe.

They’re casual, cool, and relaxed, just what you need on a hot summer’s day. Get the right short-sleeved printed shirt, and you’re set for both weekends and holidays!

There are endless print options on the market, and you can choose anything you desire, from subtle micro prints to florals to palm trees.

Choosing the Print

Our advice is to opt for a print that you both like and that works with your bottoms. Maybe the flowers are the same color as your chinos, or maybe the background reflects the linen shorts? Whatever it is, keep it simple.

Tropical shirts may have had their fair share of jokes, and we understand that they might not be for every guy, but why not take a chance and experiment with something new?

All you need to finish the look are your favorite sunnies, boat shoes, or Birkenstocks, and a laid-back attitude!

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