Top 5 Instastalker Tools 2024

  • February 23, 2024
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Top 5 Instastalker Tools 2024

There is no denying that Instagram stands out among the best social media platforms. It lets users share photos and videos and send messages to other users. Instagram also has the feature of IG stories for sharing daily life moments. The owner of the stories can see who has watched their story. Have you ever thought of viewing someone’s insta stories without letting them? We often stalk people’s accounts, so I am sure you thought of that. However, it is impossible to do so from Instagram, so we have compiled a list of the top 5 Instastalker tools. Keep reading to learn how to view and download content from Instagram public accounts for free.

What is an Instastalker tool?

Many online Insta stalker tools are available to help you explore Instagram public accounts without letting them know. They differentiate themselves from one another with their distinct characteristics. Here, we will discuss the best downloading tools for Instagram.  Learn about their features and select the one that meets your requirements.

1. Gramvio Instastalker

Gramvio Insta Stalker is a new platform where you can view private Instagram profiles without anyone knowing. It keeps your information safe and anonymous. It lets you view and download content without problems and works on Android, Windows, iOS, and other devices. You can use this Ig Stalker online without paying any money.

Powerful Features

  • Quickly investigate any Instagram profile within minutes.
  • No software installation is required.
  • Secure and safe to use.
  • Immediate online search result access.
  • Compatible with Android, Windows, and iOS devices.

2. InstaSpy


InstaSpy is an Instagram stalker tool that allows you to view Instagram profiles anonymously without following them or asking for permission. It uses a unique algorithm to avoid Instagram’s security and access the account’s posts and stories. You can also save these posts and stories to your device.

Powerful Features

  • It gives full access to the target’s personal Instagram account.
  • It is completely safe and secure.
  • No need to sign in to use its services.

3. eyeZy

eyeZy is an easy-to-use Instagram Stalker tool for viewing Instagram anonymously. It lets you keep an eye on what’s happening online. You can track several Instagram accounts effortlessly with this instagram stalker tool. It’s designed to meet current needs and has a simple learning process to help you understand how to use its features quickly.

Powerful Features

  • High-quality downloads.
  • Straightforward Interface.
  • Unlimited Downloads.

4. 4k Stogram

4K Stogram is an IG Stalker or IG viewer for downloading Instagram photos, reels, stories, and hashtags. You can save videos and photos with their captions. It lets you download multiple Instagram posts at once. The great thing is that it allows you to save stories forever instead of just 24 hours, and you can download instagram reels, photos, stories, and videos to your computer. You can also save Instagram highlights, including covers, into separate folders for each highlight.

Powerful Features

  • Viewing and downloading media.
  • Easily Accessible.
  • 100% Free to use.

5. Glassagram – Instagram Stalker

Glassagram - Instagram Stalker

Glassagram is an Instagram monitoring instagram stalker with powerful safeguarding features that allow you to view instagram anonymously online for free. It has a straightforward interface, making it super user-friendly for everyone. You have to just paste the username of the person whose profile you want to view and download content from. Glassagram can be used on any device and operating system, as it is a web-based IG Stalker.

Powerful Features

  • 100% Anonymity.
  • Straight forward interface.
  • Download content in HD quality.
  • Safe and secure.


In our article, we share the top 5 Instastalker tools to browse the profile of any public Instagram account. We have discussed them in detail for your ease in choosing the one that meets your requirements. I hope now you can select the best Instastalker tool to view and download content from Instagram accounts. Gramvio Instastalker is a helpful tool that you should try!

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