11 Celebrity Couple proposal stories that will make your heart melt

  • March 20, 2024
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11 Celebrity Couple proposal stories that will make your heart melt

“Love is what keeps the world go round”. Every marriage has its own special and unique backstory of how one partner proposed to the other. These are some of our very favorite celebrity proposal stories that we would love to share with you all. These sweet and memorable moments are too cute to not get shared with the world. These Celebrity Couple Proposal stories are going to make you believe in love all over again. 

1, Dwayne Wade and his kids planned out the proposal for Gabrielle Union: 

Dwayne Wade

 Gabrielle Union shared her side of the story while talking to the host of Live with Kelly and Michael. She told that Wade had two kids from his previous marriage and they both wanted to be a part of the marriage proposal. The kids told Union that they wanted to do a presentation of her. She assumed that they were going to do a skit or something, but they ended up saying the big question, “Will you marry the US?” 

2, Jezzy asked Jeannie Mai her hand for marriage in a very “unique” way: 


Jezzy had planned to ask her muse, Mai, for marriage in Vietnam as she is of Vietnamese descent. Unfortunately, his plan couldn’t work out due to the global coronavirus pandemic. Instead, the star decided to bring a bit of Vietnam to Mia when he popped the special question in 2020. Mia said that Jezzy basically created a very beautiful Vietnamese experience for her. 

3, Will Smith kept it quite simple when it came to proposing to his wife, Jada Pinkett: 

Will Smith

This is probably one of the most casual marriage proposals we’ve ever seen. Will Smith decided to propose to his lover, Jada Pinkett when they were just about to sleep. In an interview back in 20005, the movie star revealed that they were just lying in bed and he looked over to Jada and said that he thinks that they might look very good as a married couple. There was no ring, no balloons, and no big celebration. But, she did say YES!

4, Dax Shepard completely shocked Kristen Bell: 

Kristen Bell

This celebrity couple’s story is rather beautiful. Before they got engaged, Dax expressed his feelings about marriage to his girlfriend by saying that he didn’t believe that they needed a piece of paper to commit. This threw off Bell a little but Shepard ended up proposing to her for marriage in 2009. Bell told the interviewer that she was very shocked at first considering how he felt about marriage. Now, the couple has two kids together. 

5, George Clooney had to wait a while before receiving a yes: 

George Clooney

On the popular Ellen DeGeneres Show, George Clooney told his fans that he had to wait for 25 minutes before Amal Clooney said yes. Clooney said that after he got down on one knee and proposed to her most romantically, she didn’t say anything but looked at the ring and kept saying “Oh My God”. But, after 25 minutes of no clear response, Amal finally said Yes! The celebrity couple now has twins together. 

6, Denzel Washington’s wife said “No” twice before she agreed to the proposal: 

Denzel Washington

When Denzel Washington propped to his fellow actress Pauletta, she didn’t say yes at first. Washington, while interviewing with Access Hollywood in 2013 revealed that Pauletta turned him out twice but eventually said yes. The couple now has 4 children together. 

7, Katy Perry got propped in a helicopter by Orlando Bloom: 

Katy Perry

Oh how romantic! During an interview with Jimmy Kimmel Live! The “Firework” singer revealed that his fiancé, Orlando Bloom asked her the big question in a helicopter. She told that they had champagne on that helicopter and a box that had the ring. Once Bloom asked her hand for marriage, Perry immediately said yes and the couple then got down to celebrate the special day with their loved ones. “He did it so well”, said Katy Perry. 

8, Chrissy Teigen got proposed after a Christmas argument with John Legend: 

Chrissy Teigen

“We fight then we make up” is the best way, to sum up, this cute celebrity proposal. Teigen told FABlife in 2015 that she and John Legend had gotten into a huge fight on Christmas because he didn’t get her something “big” for Christmas. Once the couple got to the Maldives, the waiter came out with a nice meal and suddenly she saw a little box in the dome. She told that her heart literally sank and she got very excited. John then asked her the big question and she said YES! The couple now has 2 kids together. 

9, Oh no! Kevin Bacon selected the wrong ring for her missus, Kyra Sedgwick: 

Kevin Bacon

While on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Kevin revealed the story behind his marriage proposal by saying that he popped the question on Christmas Eve. Bacon didn’t tell any friends or family members before the engagement took place, so he had to figure out the ring himself. The star told that after three months, she suddenly started crying at night and he thought she was going to break up with her but she ended up revealing to him that she doesn’t like the engagement ring. Kevin said he didn’t mind and got the ring replaced as soon as he could and got the one Sedgwick preferred. 

10, Kit Harington popped the question to Rose Leslie a day before it was all planned: 

Kit Harington

Harrington told the host on “The Jonathan Ross Show’ that he had planned out everything in a classic way, the fancy lights, and all that romantic stuff. However, they were in the country and kind of in a romantic moment under the beautiful night sky, while drinking fancy red wine, the star couldn’t wait and popped the main question a day earlier than he had planned. 

11 Priyanka Chopra got proposed by Nick Jonas after only 2 months of dating: 

Priyanka Chopra and  Nick Jonas

While talking about her personal life with Access Hollywood, the movie-star Priyanka Chopra recalled how she got absolutely shocked when she got proposed by Nick Jonas. She told that her whole life flashed in front of her eyes. They had been going out for only 2 months and she didn’t expect him to propose this soon. It took the “Desi girl” 45 seconds before she said yes! This star couple got married in 2018.

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