4 Things To Look Out For When Buying A Boat

  • March 18, 2024
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4 Things To Look Out For When Buying A Boat

Buying a boat can be extremely exciting. It offers insight into what it will feel like once you take it out on the water, and there are certainly many expectations to be fulfilled. However, most future boat owners aren’t aware of all the aspects that go into the experience of owning a boat. In addition to this, it’s another reason why it’s important to be aware of what to look out for when buying a boat. Here are the four main things you should consider.

1. Know What You’re After

The first thing you need to look out for when buying a boat is to look within yourself for what you truly want from this experience. Many boat owners will argue that this is the single most important decision that you can make before purchasing a boat. As you probably know by now, there’s a vessel for almost every activity on the water you can imagine – from cruising, entertaining, fishing, wake sports to many others. It’s imperative that you take a good hard look at how you want to end up using your boat, the reality and not a fantasy – and then pick the best fit for your (realistic) needs.

Some questions that you should ask yourself are who will use the boat, where it will be used, how often, and what it will be used for. Another important thing to consider is that if you don’t have much time for it, but you love boating, maybe you should consider renting or joining a boat club. Ultimately, if you decide to purchase, you should do proper research on how to choose the propulsion, which can include sterndrive, inboard, water-jet, or sail, all of which have their pros and cons. This is why it’s important to be more educated on the matter, so you could make a smarter choice.

2. The Price

Contrary to popular belief, owning a boat is much more affordable than many people think. Once you’ve gotten the gist of an idea on what kind of boat you would like to purchase, you should further narrow things down with several practical considerations. These can help you set your budget more easily and more realistically. When it comes down to purchasing a boat, people usually opt for buying a new boat or buying a used one. This can make a huge difference in the price, but buying a used boat may come with many downsides, even though it might seem more affordable at first.

A new boat will have a warranty, but a previously owned boat may need to be checked out more thoroughly. Even though the used boats are less expensive, some may still face financial issues that can impede the purchase. However, the team at Sea Dream Inc gives insight into boat loans, be it for used or new boats, that can make the purchase run more smoothly. In addition to this, there are always alternative solutions that will make the purchase possible, regardless of your credit score. Ultimately, you should also consider additional costs of maintaining a boat, as well as storage costs.

3. Winter Storage

Owning your boat can truly offer unique scenery, as well as unique opportunities and memories for the years to come. While many people consider only these aspects of having a boat, the reality is much different. Owning a boat requires maintenance, and what most people don’t take into account – winter preparation and storage. The storage problem is even more imminent if you didn’t plan for it, and the bigger your boat, the more costly it’s going to be to properly store it during the winter. This is why winter storage should be one of the most important aspects to look out for when buying a boat.

Some of the places you can store your boat are your yard (if you have one), a secure lot, or a marina. Regardless of the location, each option comes with its set of challenges. Winters can be rough, and wherever you decide to store your boat, it will need to be protected from the elements (in more specific terms – it needs to be properly winterized.) Winterizing a boat will become more time and energy-consuming once you get past 20 feet and into multiple mechanical and water systems, as well as dual engines, so be sure to consider the storage aspect before purchasing.

4. Insurance

Another very important thing to look out for when buying a boat is the proper insurance. A big part of our daily (adult) lives is ensuring that everyone in our family is safe. This means that all of the property and vehicles that a person owns should be insured, as well as all the people. Ensuring your boat is also crucial, and it is also a very important thing to look out for when purchasing a boat. Another thing to have in mind is that you will have to find an agent with underwriters who specialize in – you’ve guessed it – marine boat insurance.

While it makes plenty of sense to shop around, it still is highly advised to work with an agent who has ample experience. These marine boat insurance agents usually have relationships with specific insurance companies – what this means is that they can help you compare insurance policies and rates, so you could get the best deal. Some of the aspects that will influence your premiums and coverage are the size of your boat, the age as well as the purchase price. Some companies might offer discounts based on the boat type, or if you are a first-time buyer, so have that in mind too.

Owning a boat has much more to it than simply taking yourself out on an adventure. It requires meticulous planning, as well as considering proper winter storage and insurance fees. Above all, one particular aspect usually prevents people from owning a boat, and that is their budget. Luckily, many companies can offer boat loans for your specific needs that can take the strain off your finances while ensuring you get the boat you want.

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