Things That You Need To Do If You Get Injured By Reckless Drivers

  • March 15, 2024
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Things That You Need To Do If You Get Injured By Reckless Drivers

Millions of car accidents happen around the world each year, with some resulting in damages to properties and motor vehicles and injuries. The worst of these accidents lead to disabilities and even death. According to statistics, two out of ten accidents that happen lead to fatal injuries. What causes road accidents? Most road accidents are caused by reckless driving. You’ll find individuals driving while intoxicated, not following road signs, not stopping at red lights, and much more. What happens when you are involved in accidents caused by reckless drivers? There are several things you need to do to protect your rights and also reduce injuries. Let’s jump to the items.

1. Stop and secure the scene

When hit by a reckless driver, you need to stop your vehicle and get to safety. It would help if you never drove away from the accident scene, even when the impact is minimal. In some states, moving away from the accident scene is illegal, and you might get punished for it. Once you stop, you can light up flares to warn other motorists of the danger. If your vehicle lights aren’t working and it’s dark, you can use your flashlight or other means to alert the oncoming motorists. Get out of the vehicle, look for somewhere safe and call the police.

2. Call the police

After getting to a safe place, you need to call the police and alert them of the accident. You need to contact the police even when there are few or no injuries and when the reckless driver has sped off. Why call the police? The police need to assess the accident scene, know its cause, and write a police report. If injured by a drunk driver, the police will write the cause’s report, which you will use to seek compensation. Most insurance companies will require a police report to compensate you. What if the police don’t show up? It would be best to go to the police station. There, you will record the incident and get the police report of what happened. At times, the reckless driver might suggest you settle the case out of the police. Do not accept this and insist on having the police take care of the matter.

3. Make an accurate record of the accident

Once the police arrive at the scene, you have to give a clear account of what led to the accident. It is very crucial to inform the police of the facts and not speculations. For instance, if you aren’t sure of injuries, it’s better to tell the police you aren’t sure instead of saying no. At times, the pain and injuries show hours after the impact. Also, ensure the other driver gives a clear account of the accident. Ensure they don’t give a contradictory statement that will interfere with the investigation and the report. Ensure to get a copy of the police report before leaving the scene.

4. Document the accident scene

Before leaving the accident scene, you have to take pictures of everything and record the witness accounts of what caused the accident. You can take pictures of the road, the vehicles, dents and scratches, road hazards, and anything else that might be helpful in your case. The pictures and witnesses’ narration must be recorded before the police clear the accident scene. It will also help if you take details of the other driver, including their vehicle registration details, insurance details, license number, plate number, and other related details. Also, take their personal information and other details that will help your case.

5. Seek medical attention

the injuries are severe, you need to rush to the hospital before performing the above steps. Sometimes the police might arrive with an ambulance, but it’s essential calling for medical help when you have victims requiring urgent help. If the injuries aren’t severe, you can visit the hospital after gathering the evidence. It would be best to document all the expenses used when attending the hospital as required by the insurance company. What if I don’t feel any pain? Medical experts recommend getting to the hospital for a checkup even when you don’t feel pain. Some injuries might be internal, thus risk your life.

6. Report the accident

Your insurance company and the reckless driver’s insurance company will want to know about the accident and advice on compensation. It is crucial reporting the accident to your insurance company immediately. Why is this necessary? With this reporting, they might advise you on the next step to take, and they may take the mandate of contacting the other insurance company on your behalf. Also, most policies will require reporting and submitting all details about the accident. Also, after contacting the company, the insurance company at fault might contact you to settle claims. Disagree on their stake until when it’s right to do so. Your insurance company and an attorney will advise when it’s appropriate to pick the claim. This idea is necessary because some insurance companies take this chance to compensate you with an amount not suitable as per your claim.

7. Keep the file of the accident

If you have a lawyer, they might request to keep your accident file. However, it’s essential to keep records of all occurrences if handling the case until you get compensated. The information you need to keep includes the claims number, details of the adjuster handling the claim, names, and contacts of all people involved with your case, including witnesses, and all the expenses incurred from the time the accident happened. Losing any of the details might make you lose the case.

Lastly, you need to protect your rights after getting involved in a reckless accident. Protecting your rights will require getting yourself a competent accident lawyer who will help you gather evidence and file for a compensation case. The lawyer will ensure your case gets heard and you get compensation as required. At times, when the insurance company doesn’t settle the claim as required, the lawyer will take the case to a court of law to ensure you get compensated fully.

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