7 Cool Tech Add-Ons for Your Car That Are Worth Buying

  • March 19, 2024
  • 6 min read
7 Cool Tech Add-Ons for Your Car That Are Worth Buying

You can make your car as comfy as your living room. You can have a powerful audio and video system and some superb cooling systems. You can also add some warmers for the winter season. They can also come for you in handy on those days when the weather just isn’t favoring you. Want to make your car brighter and cooler? Below are some 7 cool tech add-ons for your vehicle that are worth buying:

1. Get Some Coolers/Warmers

Have a road trip coming up soon? Some cooler/warmer should be your next most important item in the car as your oven or refrigerator. You have a wide variety of warmers/coolers to choose from. However, one that plugs into a 12-volt DC outlet for its battery recharge or power can be perfect.

Such an add-on can enable you to toggle between cold and hot as you will prefer. You can comfortably enjoy your drinks at your desired temperatures. Go for coolers/warmers that have at least a 24-liter capacity. They can accommodate your 24-packs of 12-ounce soda cans. Opt for a cooler that’s an all-in-one accessory.

2. You Can’t Fail to get a SmartStart

Smart starts are taking over car technology. Who doesn’t love the convenience of starting their car while taking the last sip of your favorite cocktail? An intelligent start can enable you to use your smartphone to start your vehicle before getting to it. This application can allow you to locate your car, unlock your car doors.

It can give you the power to choose the speed you want someone else to use while driving your car. You can receive notices through the intelligent start app if anyone moves your vehicle from your original parking location. With the app, you can eradicate the nagging squeaks in the car. You can enjoy your new car’s peaceful ride.

Likewise, you need a radar detector. Not even yourself condones overspeeding. Therefore, you must not wait for authorities to always warn you about your speed in the speed-restricted areas. A radar detector can help you identify all the speed limits of any location. With this add-on, you can be sure to stay away from overspeeding offenses.

3. You Need a Subwoofer

What do you do when you’ve parked your car on the roadside and are enjoying the beautiful view traffic on Friday? Some excellent music can keep you energized and refreshed. While your subwoofer should be overly exaggerated, it should be a roundup of the best 12-inch subwoofers, as the designers at auto guys land advise. Get a robust system that can give you a rich collapsible bass even at the highest volumes. Consider a subwoofer that has inbuilt components to add some coziness to your entire automobile system.

Look at the dimension of the system as it shouldn’t consume all the space in your car. You can choose your favorite color and match it with the interior decor of your car. A good subwoofer should have an output of not less than 2700 watts. Ensure your system has padding for its cone in case it falls.

4. A ScanTool

You know how disappointing it feels when suddenly your car engine lights pop on and you must rush your car to the mechanic. With a car scan tool, you can give your mechanic some leisurely time to handle only the significant issues. Interestingly, all the cards that the manufacturers manufactured later than 1996 have onboard diagnostic II systems. Your car is therefore compatible with a scan tool.

You can use this gadget to learn as much as there is to know about your car. These tools can open your eyes to see how much you’ve been wasting money paying a mechanic. With this tool, you can do many self-repairs comfortably.

5. Don’t You Need a Baby Monitor?

If you’re a new parent, then this is a must-have add-on for your car. You can attach the baby monitor to the car’s headset. This way, you can view videos of what your little one is doing in the backseat. The device can constantly remind you that your little one is behind you, so you are on his radar. Furthermore, you must not keep turning around to check on the baby. You can prevent the risk of losing concentration as you drive. Therefore, if you have a little niece visiting soon or you’re anticipating a family addition, you must babyproof your car.

Baby Monitor

6. Get a Handpresso

Coffee lovers know the importance of a cup of coffee as your drive to work early every morning. Furthermore, if you hate to stop by the coffee shop before you get to the office, you need a handpresso. An auto handpresso can be your favorite equipment if you hate making coffee. A mobile espresso is fantastic, too, and designers can customize one for your car.

With it, you can use your preferred espresso pods or coffee grounds. You simply plug the device into your 12-volt port in the car, and your coffee will be ready soon. You don’t have to waste your time at the office making coffee. As you drive, your coffee can be getting ready. A portable espresso maker can also be perfect for your forthcoming glamping activity.

7. A Smart Car USB Charger and Smart Car Locator

What an essential add-on? Anyone can forget where they parked their car, especially where there are hundreds of similar vehicles. It can be embarrassing and stressful to walk back and forth in panic as you look for your vehicle. You can also forget to charge your phone overnight, and you still have to go to work. Your USB charger can give you the comfort of charging your phone as you drive. On the other hand, an intelligent car locator has a Bluetooth tracker that can send a signal to your smartphone. You quickly find your car without anyone realizing you don’t remember your parking slot.

Technology has come to make life easy for everyone. While it has its dark side, to the car owners and drivers, it has more benefits. Today there are several add-ons like subwoofers, scan tools, smart car locators, and USB chargers to add to your car. These add ons can give you maximum convenience. The baby monitors can help you concentrate and focus on the road and not on your baby. A handpresso, on the other hand, gives you the convenience of enjoying Coffee anytime as you drive. You can enjoy the morning drives during winter with some warmers and regulate your temperatures when it’s unbearably hot. fantastic

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