How To Watch Your Favourite Shows Anywhere In The World

  • March 18, 2024
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How To Watch Your Favourite Shows Anywhere In The World

When it comes to a really good time, binge-watching a show with your favorite snacks really can’t be beaten. There’s nothing better than spending a long, lazy weekend catching up on episodes or collapsing into bed after a long day and enjoying a new show. Streaming tv shows have taken over the world and you have access to almost any show in the world at your fingertips. However, not every streaming service has every single show you’re interested in so you may need to hop around a little to catch up on your faves.

We’ve created a handy guide for you, should you ever need to help to navigate your way around the online world of streaming services.



Netflix is the ultimate streaming service. It has become so popular that the word ‘Netflix’ has now become a verb. Netflix and chill, anyone? As well as streaming popular TV shows and movies, they spend billions every year producing their shows and movies. Netflix aims to create a space that showcases all types of categories, highbrow and lowbrow programming to become a one-stop shop for people. Some older shows and movies have reduced as competitors have sought to reclaim their intellectual property after they witnessed Netflix’s massive growth.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon produces a lot less original content than Netflix, however, they’re a pretty popular second. They do however stream a ton of shows and movies from the ’70s and ’90s, as compared to Netflix. So, if that’s your thing, hop over there. Amazon also offers the chance to rent or buy shows or movies that aren’t included with the service, a throwback to the DVD store days in some ways.

TV Channel Streaming Services

Did you know that most of your favourite TV channels have a supporting streaming service? Often, you will be able to watch channels live online or on their app or catch up on your favourite shows once they’ve already aired. In the age of digital streaming, TV channels have to keep up with this demand and offer a range of ways to access your favourite shows or movies. Always check to see if they have a website or supporting app. It’s never been easier to catch up with the latest programs.

You can also continue to watch your faves even if you’re on holiday or in a different part of the world that doesn’t stream the program in your region. To do this, you can use a handy gadget known as a VPN. This allows you to adjust your digital location so you can access any streaming service no matter where you are. You can watch Voot in the USA or BBC iPlayer from any country outside of the UK.


This is a great service if you are a big fan of traditional TV. Hulu is a one-stop shop owned by Disney and offers access to many shows from ABC, NBC, Fox and Freeform. Hulu streams the very popular E! Show Keeping Up With The Kardashians. If you’re a reality tv fan, this may be the service for you.

Apple TV+

Apple TV+

This service solely consists of original content, as Apple looks to create their high-quality collection of movies and shows like The Morning Show, starring Jennifer Anniston. You don’t need to be an Apple user to use this streaming device as it can be watched on a computer or non-Apple devices. However, you can only download Apple TV+ shows on your tablet, phone or mac.


Hoopla operates just like a public library, you can borrow copies of any TV show using your public library card! If you have a library card, you can create an account on Hoopla for free. You will need to log in before you can borrow anything. Once you have logged in, you can browse and borrow whatever you like. Some shows will only allow you to borrow one episode at a time and you will usually be able to ‘borrow’ for around 2-3 days. Once the title is due back, it will automatically be returned. You can also return it sooner if you’re done with it and want to move on to the next episode.

Pluto TV

This streaming service is free however, it is supported by ads. Pluto streams hundreds of free TV channels and thousands of movies. It can be accessed on almost any device and you can even watch live tv. With Pluto TV, you don’t need to create an account but it does allow you to keep a track of your favorite shows and movies and get updates on any new content. It’s worth noting that the content isn’t downloadable.


You may not realise it because IMDb has their streaming service, owned by Amazon. This service is free and can be accessed via the IMDb website or the Amazon Prime Video app or Amazon Fire TV devices. To access the shows, you will need to create an account. Once logged in, you have access to free shows and movies instantly. These videos cannot be purchased or downloaded to enjoy offline. Similar to watching traditional TV, you will come across ad breaks during a show or movie. This service provides access to many popular titles and some hidden gems. As it is IMDb, you can see interesting facts pop up throughout the video, you will also notice this on Amazon Prime Video!

Finding something to watch to unwind or have a movie night used to be simple. You’d just switch on the television and flick through till you found something that took your fancy. Nowadays, with the influx of streaming services, the options are overwhelming. We hope our guide helped you to navigate the sometimes muddy waters of streaming services to narrow down your options to find your faves.

If your favorite shows are only available in certain countries on a streaming service, the most reliable way to get around this, as mentioned above, is by using a VPN service. By disguising your location, you can watch any show from anywhere in the world.

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