7 Unique Ways to Generate Leads for Your Online Business

  • March 19, 2024
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7 Unique Ways to Generate Leads for Your Online Business

Generating sales leads is one of the most important goals of every business owner. To that the right way, business owners may need to work on their marketing strategies and find unique methods of attracting new customers to their platform. Are you struggling with this? We have put together a list of techniques that you can use to attract new customers for your online business.

Optimize your platform to boost visibility

The first step in boosting online leads is to work on improving your platform. Search Engine Optimization is the most effective approach to increasing your platform’s visibility in search results for specific keywords or phrases. The process comprises assessing, adding and modifying textual material to ensure your website ranks high. SEO increases the chances of a website appearing in search results for the keywords and phrases that are most relevant to your business.

For example, you’re in the business of selling hair extensions. Isn’t it true that your website should come up if someone searches for “mid-length hair extensions”? Ask yourself what would happen if the phrase “mid-length hair extensions” wasn’t included somewhere within your website, such as your title tag? There are various free SEO tools and app store optimization softwares that you can utilize to optimize your platform. On-page SEO can be difficult, but it is worthwhile because it is both simple and free to update your website, and ranking well can improve traffic and boost sales.

Leverage social media

Social media has a significant role in the success of any online business, as it provides the opportunity to reach potential customers and generate new leads. All businesses should create social media pages on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. By paying a small amount of money to these platforms, you can boost your social media posts to reach more prospective customers. With a small payment, it’s very much possible to buy LinkedIn likes or Facebook likes so easily.

Once you have generated some leads, you can have one-on-one conversations with them to understand more about their needs and wants. Nowadays, most customers head to brand social media pages to look for feedback and review before purchasing. By generating leads on your social media and encouraging them to leave positive feedback or video testimonials, you may be attracting more customers to buy from you.

Optimize your landing pages

A landing page refers to a webpage that a visitor ends up on when they click on an ad that you might have posted online. The design of a landing page plays a crucial role in turning visitors into customers. Thus, all businesses should work on their landing pages to ensure that leads don’t click off without sharing their contact information. The following tips will help you generate more leads through your landing page:

  • Come up with a killer headline;
  • Use a mixture of videos and images;
  • Don’t provide too much detail and stick with short paragraphs or bullet points;
  • Remove any navigation elements;
  • Provide a guarantee;
  • Show people social proof.

Host Webinars

Webinars are a powerful marketing tool that allows you to share ideas, educate your target audience and display your expertise. Hosting webinars is an excellent method of generating ‘hot leads’. Attending a webinar requires a lot more effort than reading a blog; thus, the leads you end up with are potential customers genuinely interested in your business. The following tips will help you plan a practical webinar:

  • Find a suitable platform for the webinar
  • Test out the devices that will be used for communication
  • Decide the purpose of the webinar
  • Pick a speaker, decide on the length of the webinar; make it brief and informative
  • Promote your webinar through email and social media

By following these tips, you can attract the right audience and make sure that they stay engaged throughout the webinar.

Take advantage of Email Marketing

Suppose you have just started your online business. In that case, email marketing can help you introduce your brand, spread awareness about ongoing deals and promotions and provide as much free advice as possible to prospective customers. Furthermore, you can also launch an email drip campaign, which refers to a series of pre-written communications from your company that are automatically emailed to subscribers at regular intervals. The goal is to get subscribers habituated to your email message delivery routine. Doing so aids businesses in the development of a personal relationship between them and the target audience.

Pay-Per-Check Advertising

Advertising has always been a popular strategy for generating leads. On the other hand, print media is no longer an effective advertisement method and tracking the outcomes can be challenging. Small and large online businesses should consider using highly focused web advertising such as Pay-Per-Check Advertisement rather than depending on print ads or pamphlets.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a commonly used, cost-effective and hassle-free method of generating online leads. PPC refers to advertising programs in which you pay for each click. It’s available through major programs such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads and Microsoft’s Bing Ads. Depending on the keywords or phrases you want to target, the cost might vary from 1 dollar to hundreds of dollars. PPC allows you to target highly particular terms, which makes it a popular approach to generating leads.

For example, if you sell organic candles, you may want to design an ad displaying when that word or a synonym is typed into Google. If someone searches for “organic candles,” they’re likely to come across your ad and click on it. Note that you may only be required to pay a fee if someone clicks on the ad.

Enhance user experience

If a visitor has issues navigating your website and has to wait more than a few seconds for your website pages to load, or if they come across a billion popups/ads when they open your content, they are very likely to click off the website. To reduce your bounce rates, creating a smooth user experience for your audience is crucial. One of the easiest methods of evaluating your user experience is to click on your website as if you were a lead. Notice what parts of the website need improvement and work on making them better for your visitors.


Using the tips mentioned above, you will probably notice a significant increase in your leads. However, you won’t see results in one day, as these strategies require time and dedication. Consider which strategy is most suited for your business and start working on it.

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