8 Ways SEO Agencies Can Use Live Chat to Increase Client Acquisition

  • March 18, 2024
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8 Ways SEO Agencies Can Use Live Chat to Increase Client Acquisition

The main aim of running a business is to earn profits from your investments. SEO agencies will have to acquire as many clients as possible to make more sales and increase their profit margins. As an SEO agency, you will want your website to have excellent features that attract many clients, even when you are offline. You will want the website to do the heavy lifting by educating your clients, showcasing your products, and communicating with them.

When clients log in to your website, they want to view your products and maybe see if they can purchase them—not helping your clients effectively while on your site is like leaving money on the table. With live chats, you can efficiently communicate with your clients, know their needs and fulfill them. Here are some ways marketing agencies can use live chats to pull clients.

Use Pre-written Responses for Speedy Replies

Any client who uses live chats will want speedy help with their problem. As an SEO agency, you can use pre-written responses in your live chats to keep clients engaged, especially when you are not online. Some of the replies can answer their questions, give them special instructions, and promote your products. As highlighted by the team at this SEO Company, pre-written responses work very well in welcoming potential clients and help answer frequently asked questions by your website visitors. Besides saving time, they help to provide consistent and correct answers from your contact center.

Collect Client Information

SEO agencies can use live chats to collect information from new and existing clients, which helps to form an engaging conversation. You can use your live chats to interact with your client and understand their needs before offering them your services. With live chats, SEO agencies can collect information that might be hard to find elsewhere, including order numbers, email accounts, and customer contact. You will use the same information to offer promotional materials to the clients, hoping to bring them into business. With live chats, agencies can kill two birds with one stone – collect the much-needed information while selling their products.

Keep Conversation as Reference Points

Most clients will want to use messaging as their primary mode of communication. This means they will use the live feature on your site to inquire about your SEO services. If it’s a repeat client, you can use the past conversations and other details to make the client buy again from you. Past discussions have in-depth information concerning you and the client, which you can use to your advantage. You can dig up historical conversations, which you can use to make acquisitions. Besides this, the client will also see you as someone who understands their needs, and it will be easy to convert them into business.

Humanize Conversations

While many companies use bots in their live chats, your target clients will want to interact with humans on the other end. It is important to humanize your conversations as much as possible to make this happen. It is easier to convert a client when communicating with a human touch than when it feels like a bot.

For this reason, it is essential, at times, to let your staff take over the live chats and directly communicate with clients in the friendliest manner possible. Let the clients feel no difference compared to when talking to their friends and families. Use emojis, abbreviations, and GIFs. However, it is essential to determine the best language based on your clients.

Train Your Staff in Digital Dialogue

Train Your Staff in Digital Dialogue

Do you need more client acquisitions? Then you should train your staff in some digital language they will use to communicate with your potential clients. Ensure that you know the right type of language for your brand and educate your staff about it for flawless communication. What’s a digital language? As an SEO agency, you have to educate your team to use SEO terms such as Keywords, Hyperlinks, HTML, ON-Page, Off-page SEO, etc. This makes your clients know that you understand the field very well, making it easier to convert them.

Share the Chat Conversation

Most clients on live chats will want to keep the conversation for future reference. Some will want to go through it keenly before ordering from you or subscribing to your services. It is essential to keep your live chats shareable. Before beginning the conversation, you can inform the clients that you can send a transcript to them on demand. Once a client knows the discussion is on record and they will have a copy, they will stick to the important questions which might lead to a business. Also, they will be sure to get the correct answers to reread for an informed decision.

Get Visual

How are your live chats? If you are using only texts and audio, your clients might get bored and abandon the conversation at times. It is essential to make it as engaging and entertaining as possible. One way of doing so is by including images and videos in the live chat. This means your platform must be capable of sharing pictures and videos with your clients. When you do so, you will share as much information as possible, keeping your client engaged and entertained until you close a sale. Besides this, clients can also use images and videos to explain what they need from you.

Always Keep Conversation Going

Abandoning the client midway through the chat can turn out frustrating. Even when the client is not active, it is essential to leave them a message and start from where you left once they resume the chat. It would be best not to shut down a conversation without knowing where you will begin when you continue the discussion. Most clients also mind their businesses. They might be multitasking. Telling them to start the conversation again can be frustrating and can make them abandon your services. Ensure there is a resuming point where everyone will be at par with the conversation.

As an SEO agency, it is essential to deliver an outstanding live chat experience to your clients. Ensure you put the steps highlighted above into use, and you will get more clients for your business. Live chats are always valuable since they deliver the human touch of your website. Ensure they help your clients to make an informed decision to purchase your SEO services.

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