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Do Instagram Stories Help To Promote Your Account? Expert Tips You Should Try Out Now

  • March 18, 2024
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Do Instagram Stories Help To Promote Your Account? Expert Tips You Should Try Out Now

When it comes to letting your account or profile stand out on Instagram, the tough get going. Or so the cliché goes. You can do all you can and still not get Instagram likes as many as you have expected. That’s why experts are now clamoring for a feature nobody thought to pay attention to, until now: Instagram Stories as a part of Instagram promotion tips. Yes, they help. Only if you know how to optimize your usage of them

Not to sound too technical about this, but also ‘yes’, to be on the technical aspect of things— here are expert-verified tips you should absolutely do when it comes to tailoring your Instagram stories for more boosts.

How To Create Instagram Stories Like A Pro (For Likes And Conversion)

1. Your Strategy

Yup. Even Instagram Stories require a solid strategy, especially if you’re serious about getting ahead of the millions of competitors out there (with many, having already amassed their own loyal followers).

This is with respect to aligning your Instagram stories with that of your pages in other social media platforms. Link them together, along with websites you operate as well. Let your stories point towards these said other platforms for you to reach a wider audience.

The same should be true of the rest of your Instagram posts, in general. Align them with your stories, and with your different social media accounts.

2. Consistency

Being regular and consistent with the “when” and “how often” of posting. Note this as among the top priorities on your list. Although shining, shimmering, and wow-inducing stories are frequently what many think is the key, your posting consistency is a variable that may make the difference.

Of course, you’ll still have to ensure that your IG stories are eye-catching and content-filled. Be that as it may, set a time (or times, if you’re thinking of a number of stories per day) to post a story each day and mark that in stone. Be invariable with following through.

3. Stories For Real-Time Marketing

Besides posting your regular updates, target real-time marketing. When your brand or business is scheduled for merchandising and sales, go live through your IG story. Let your audience be able to participate in said such events.

You’ll be amazed at the level of engagement these can render and bring to your profile. They not only let audiences join your event via the web. But they also help with brand familiarity. It will be easier for them to associate your stories and posts with your business brand after they’ve actually participated in live events via virtual attendance.

4. Quality

This is an all-encompassing factor: quality in content, audio, video, and editing anchors. Due to the length (or should we say “shortness”), an Instagram story allows users, ascertain that every second or centimeter of your content is on the nail. No lulls. No irrelevant, obscure bits of information. Go back to what we’ve mentioned regarding strategizing (number 1).

Regarding video and editing quality, these point towards your hardware. The equipment that you own. If you’re looking into utilizing Instagram and its available tools for brand and business strengthening, try to invest in caliber equipment. A phone with cameras (front and back) that can provide you with photo and video clarity through mind-blowing megapixels and HD image sharpness? That’s a green light. Audio should be taken into consideration, too.

And if you’re able to do some budget-flexing for a DSLR, by all means, we won’t stop you.

5. Hit That Save Button

Instagram stories go adios after only 24 hours. This is, in fact, one of the reasons why many do not see it as a marketing tool. However, you can turn this to your advantage by hitting that save button.

Being able to save your stories will aid viewers in making more sense of your upcoming posts. How? Recall. Plain and simple. It might be a tad wasteful to spend so much time on content that’ll be gone after a day. Instead, have them automatically archived to your profile.

This way, your potential viewers and followers will have a more convenient time relating one story and post to the next, and may even have them going back to your previous ones for a recheck and review. That’s more to add to brand awareness in an indirect yet highly effective approach possible.

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