How to Delete a Photo from Instagram on Computer

  • March 15, 2024
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How to Delete a Photo from Instagram on Computer

Instagram has become the most astounding application for sharing photos, videos, stories, and daily life activities with our friends and followers. Even people consider this application as a way of earning because this is considered to be the best marketing app and people run their businesses on it.

As we all know that story is ephemeral but photos and videos that we share on our profile will remain there forever. Those who can’t post from mobile can post on Instagram from pc. Sometimes people want to delete their particular photo due to any reason so they can but only from their phone. However, many people are asking on the internet how to delete an Instagram photo from a computer? So let’s talk about this issue.


‘Instagram has not provided us an option to directly delete a photo from the Instagram profile using a computer’. If you have to do so then there are some alternatives to delete an Instagram photo from a computer/PC. Let’s see what they are:


So, we don’t have an option to delete an Insta picture using a PC but it is not a problem anymore. Follow the simple steps to solve your problem.

  • Step#1: Open your browser and search extension for Instagram.
  • Step#2: Then add that extension to your chrome or any other web browser.
  • Step#3: Now you got an option to quickly delete your Instagram picture.

With the help of these steps, you can use Instagram on the desktop just like you are using on your phone. You will get every necessary function on your desktop Instagram.


Here is another alternative to delete/remove Instagram pictures or posts from PC. Let’s go down to follow the simple steps:

  • Step#1: You can simply install ‘Bluestacks’ on an android emulator.
  • Step#2: Then sign in the google play store.
  • Step#4: Install the Instagram app on your desktop using that emulator.
  • Step#5: Open your Insta on the emulator and enter the credentials to log in.
  • Step#6: Now go to your profile and select a photo that you want to delete.
  • Step#7: Hit on 3 dot option and then hit the delete option to remove that photo from your IG account.

Note: If you opt for this alternative then it may be possible that the android emulator slows down your system.


If you feel that the above two ways are not convenient and time-consuming then you can easily remove a picture from your Insta using your cell phone. Let’s see how:

  • Step#1: Go to your Insta on your cellphone.
  • Step#2: Visit your profile and review your photos.
  • Step#3: Pick the one that you want to remove.
  • Step#4: Hit the above 3 dots on the right side.
  • Step#5: Hit the Delete option and verify your stance.

This is the easiest method to remove the unnecessary photos, or after uploading you got a second thought to delete it. Moreover, you can also get rid of tagged photos. By following the similar steps in the tagged pictures section you can remove a picture.


Instagram is not like your photo gallery like you select multiple pictures and delete them at a single click. Instagram has not provided us this option to select multiple photos whether it is a Smartphone or a PC.

You can Del photos from your account one by one by accompanying the above-mentioned ways.


Every Instagrammer has a different mindset and we are not going to judge anyone. People have their own reasons. In my opinion, the following are some common reasons behind the deletion of Instagram posts/photos.

  • Lack of engagement is one of the reasons as people want their posts to reach average engagement, and when they see some of their posts with minimum engagement then they prefer to delete it.
  • The second reason is that sometimes people want to reduce the trouble of managing interactions
  • Many celebs and influencers delete their old photos to revamp their IG profile.
  • Another reason is the change of niche. If someone changes their profile from private to business, they can erase their photos and posts.
  • Sometimes, people are not satisfied after watching how they used to be. So they prefer to remove their old photos to avoid their past.
  • If someone uploads controversial content or something not acceptable by society then they remove that irrelevant content.


Before erasing your IG post, you should think and analyze whether this post is worthy or it has a good engagement or users might like this photo of mine. Erasing something is not bad, it is an obvious expression of getting rid of something.

However, consider everything before eliminating a post from your profile. This is because once you remove something there is no coming back. But instead of deletion, there is another option:


This is a fabulous way to get rid of that particular post. If you archive that picture then IG users can never see that again, but you can. Later, if you will decide to bring it back, then you can again make it visible in your Insta account as you can get that photo in your archive section of Instagram.

This is also beneficial for you because sometimes, the Instagram algorithm does not like your activity of deletion. By archiving you can maintain the performance of your profile and also hide that photo from your followers.


There are no hard and fast rules for deleting an Insta photo. However, if you want to remove your picture posts from Instagram via computer then you may face some problems. So, you can conveniently erase your photo via smartphone. If not, then archiving is the best option. In this way, your followers can’t see your photos/posts.

I hope you understand all the possible ways to delete an Insta photo from your desktop and cell phone.

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