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In Search of Video Game Discounts: Are The Big Sellers Always Preferable?

  • March 15, 2024
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In Search of Video Game Discounts: Are The Big Sellers Always Preferable?

In today’s world, gaming has become not only a medium of entertainment but also a lifestyle for so many people. Unlike in the past when video games were only a thing of the younger generation, gamers of this generation come from a diverse range of age groups, from kids to teens, adults, and even seniors. In fact, video game developers and publishers are under more pressure than before to keep up with the content gamers are demanding each and every day. As a result, many video game prices may hike up, especially in this age of the pandemic where most people have to spend more time indoors.

However, you can still grow the collection of your favorite games without hurting your pockets so much. Also, big video game sellers in the market still do offer access to cheaper game deals. You just need to have the tips and tricks to grab the opportunities. If you are well informed, you can even get massive PC game discounts, as well as, great deals from Xbox, PlayStation, and the likes of Nintendo, saving you some significant amounts of money.

Well, you’re probably reading this article because you’re in search of video game discounts and wondering whether the big sellers are always preferable. The truth is, it doesn’t really matter much.

Here are some top tips when searching for discounted video game deals regardless of whether it’s from big sellers or local sellers.

1. Fish for Discount Coupons and Codes

In this age and day, you can purchase just about anything online. Of course, this includes video games and related digital products. It goes without saying; one of the best ways to save on your online purchases is through coupons and promo codes. Most of these coupons are provided by or for some of the popular digital product platforms. If your favorite game is at Gamivo, gamivo discount codes will help you save a significant amount of money off your purchases. Many gamers enjoy lucrative deals on gaming products with discounts between 10 percent and ninety percent off. The major difference is that on this platform, most games on sale are usually at cheaper prices compared to elsewhere.

2. Get a Credit Card with Gaming-Related Rewards

While this might be an involving process, it is still a great option for ensuring part of your purchases earns you significant gaming discounts. For instance, the Sony Rewards Card is a great option you can leverage on. The Sony Rewards Card allows you to earn bonus points on all your game purchases and you can, later on, purchase more games using your earned bonuses. Other popular options include the following:

  • Rewards Signature Card from Amazon
  • Target RedCard
  • SavorOne Capital One Cash Rewards Card

For most of these cards, the issuers have classified video game purchases as eligible for streaming subscription bonuses.

2. Take Advantage of Special Gamer Programs

Special gamer programs are also a great way of accessing countless video games at discounted prices. For instance, Best Buy offers the unlocked gamers club program. Even though the Gamers Club Unlocked is said to be ending soon, it can help you build up a video game stockpile. Also, you can access unlimited Power up Rewards from sources such as GameStop. While most of these special gamer programs require you to pay to enroll, they are still worthwhile, especially if you buy video games frequently. Additionally, you shouldn’t hesitate to request a discounted price or a match-up price of a particular video game in case you come across a cheaper one somewhere else.

3. Consider PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold Annual Subscriptions

This subscription offers you plenty of free games you can enjoy each and every month. Sometimes they will be the games you want, other times they will be not but in the long run; you may realize the value you’re getting from free games always exceeds the amount you have paid for a subscription. Also, if you’re a newbie, there are tons of online gaming information sources where you can find all you need to know about PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold, as well as unlimited rewards from Xbox Live Rewards.

4. Check for Better Deals Based on Different Video Game Formats

Frankly, whether you buy a physical copy of a game or its digital download, in either format, they contain the same video game program. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean they should cost you the same. What makes the difference is your video gaming equipment and setup. So, you don’t have to always purchase a particular video game format. You can always be willing to compare the prices based on different video game formats before purchasing. That way, you may be surprised at the amount of money you might save by just being flexible.

5. Look for Game Bundles

Buying games as a bundle is another great way of getting a significant amount of purchase discounts. In fact, many game publishers give premium bundle offers, especially during the launch of the game. While buying far away from the launch might be cheaper than during the launch, specially discounted bundles such as Humble or publisher bundles from Steam can save notable amounts of money.

6. Wait for Regular Sales

Often, video game market places offer regular sales to their clients. For instance, Steam offers summer deals cleverly named Steam Summer Sale. Here, even brand new games can be hugely discounted. Apart from Steam, other vendors also have periods when they offer highly discounted regular prices to their customers. Also, Broad events like Cyber Monday can offer unlimited opportunities for buying games cheaply. So, for that matter, it is worthwhile to save a pocketful of cash while waiting for these regular sales events that offer heavily discounted prices.

Knowing how to find the best video game deals can be a hassle, especially if you’re a newbie. Nonetheless, it doesn’t have to give you a migraine. With the tips highlighted in this article, you should be able to get your favorite console or PC games at discounted prices even from some of the biggest sellers we know of.

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