How To Dress For This Year’s Summer Vacation

  • March 19, 2024
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How To Dress For This Year’s Summer Vacation

Summer is still a few months away here in the land down under. There’s still a lot of time to prepare your wardrobe for when the summer heat finally arrives. Of course, what better way to bask in the sun than by doing so in style? How does one dress appropriately for the summer season anyway?

Dressing for the summer season is usually the hardest because you have to pull off looking fresh while feeling cool and breezy at the same time. Whether it’s a day at the beach or just a day around town, you probably want to ensure that you look as great as possible this summer.

Seasonal fashion trends come and go but there’s just something about dressing for summer that excites us. If you’re looking to hang out and stay as stylish as ever, then here are a few tips on how you should dress for the next couple of weeks.

Be Minimalist

Outfitting yourself for the summer is all about staying fresh as possible. Most experts will tell you that it’s better to be minimalist about your outfit during the summer. The simpler your outfit is, the better it is going to make you look. What does it mean to stay minimalist anyway?

This usually means wearing little to no accessories other than a plain watch or sunglasses maybe. If you’re going to wear accessories, make sure that they are as simple and not as eye-catching as possible. The focus should be on your clothes and not your accessories.

As for your clothes, go for plain colors for your tops. These work really well especially during bright days. Patterned clothing is often best reserved during spring or autumn. As for your bottom, you can experiment with them as much as you like but having plain tops and bottoms is usually the safe choice.

Wear The Best Colors For Summer

The color of your outfit matters during the summer in more ways than you think. According to fashionistas over at Southern Man, it’s not just about looking great. It’s also about feeling cooler under the blistering heat. For this, you need to understand how colors work under temperatures first.

Wear The Best Colors For Summer

Dark colors like black, maroon, and other darker shades are bad to wear when the temperature is hot because they absorb more light. This means that if the sun is high and blistering, you’ll be cooking in your black shirt as you are going out.

On the other hand, light colors like white, yellow, and others are less absorbent of light. This means they can make you feel less of the heat as compared to what you’d feel while wearing darker shades. Bottom line, light colors are your best option if you want to stay comfortable.

Other than keeping you comfortable, light colors just look a lot better during bright days. There’s a reason why most sundresses are either white or yellow. The colors look fresh and they blend well with the surroundings. Try to stock up on these colors before summer comes.

Summer Outfits For The Gals

The summer heat can get really intense. For the ladies, it’s not really optimal to be wearing thick blouses and dresses. In fact, you’d want to wear thinner clothing so that you can stay fresh even when the summer heat gets too hot and unforgiving which is usually the case at the peak of summer.

Wearing long, see-through robes and dresses is a good way to stylize yourself for when summer comes. See-through nylon feels very fresh during summer and there are plus points for the fact that it can flow easily with the breeze of the air as well. Dresses like these make you feel fresher than ever.

Accessories aren’t really necessary for the ladies. However, if you really want to be a bit extra, get a sun hat and dark sunglasses that are going to make you look even better. As for the shoes, try not to be too fancy and just go for simple lace sandals to partner with your dress or blouse.

Summer Outfits For The Boys

Summer is actually a good season for the guys when it comes to outfits. First off, polo shirts really do wonders if you are looking to hang out under the summer heat. Light and plain colors work just as well as festive Hawaiian shirts too. Just make sure that you partner the colors well with your bottoms.

As for your bottoms, the go-to clothing for guys is definitely shorts that hang just above the knees. This makes the heat more bearable and it makes you look stylish too. Belts are a good accessory to partner with a shirt and shorts but don’t get anything that looks too grand.

Both sandals and sneakers are a good option for guys but sandals are often the most comfortable ones to wear. As for the color, a good combination would be a light-colored plain top with brown or khaki shorts. Partner this with dark brown sandals and you’ll look good enough for a party.

A Few More Tips

When buying clothes for the summer, always go for clothes made out of thin and fresh materials. Try not to put too many dark colors in your summer wardrobe as well. You’d want to be as prepared as possible for the temperatures after so light colors are going to do wonders for you.

You’d want to go for these clothing options because you need to be comfortable with the heat. What you wear really wouldn’t matter much if you are sweating bullets after all.

If you’re really intent on getting accessories, sunglasses, sun hats, and leather watches are the safest option for the summer season.

Dressing for the summer is fun. There are a lot of parties to go to and a lot of beaches to explore. Enjoying the summer in style has never been easier thanks to these tips and hopefully, you get to wear something snazzy and amazing soon because of this guide.

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