How to Make an Instagram Photo Frame

  • March 15, 2024
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How to Make an Instagram Photo Frame

Instagram is a wonderful application for photos and videos sharing. It is a social platform on which people can share their pictures with just one click.

Many features can also be added on the picture including effects, filters and texts. People also add different frames to make their pictures look attractive and likeable.

Here, we will discuss each and everything about the Instagram photo frames and how you can add them or create them to make your photos stand out and look more pleasing.


‘Instagram photo frame is a visual border that envelopes your photo or create aesthetic boundaries on it that can easily elevate your photo to look outstanding or appealing than the regular Instagram photos and pictures that people have posted’.

It generally covers the main theme of the picture and has visual color effects, related figures and texts which ultimately enhance the overall engagement of your profile.

Instagram photo frame can also be crafted in real life through easy DIY techniques. These sort of frames are generally used in real life events and covers the overall theme of that event. Usually, Instagram photo frames are constructed for moments like bridal shower and baby shower.


You can add Instagram photo frames using editing tools available on the internet. These online tools provide various Instagram photo frame templates from which you can choose according to your desire.

One of the best Instagram photo frame tools available online is Design Wizard. You can follow easy steps to make your favorite Insta frame:

  • Step#1: Open Design Wizard website link.
  • Step#2: Log in to the site with Google or Facebook account.
  • Step#3: Choose your desired frame template and upload picture.
  • Step#4: Save your picture and share it on Instagram.


Instagram frames can also be added using applications on your smartphone. There are multiple apps, free and paid both, available on app store and play store which allows simple editing tools to add frames to your photos to make them look accurate for your Instagram profile.

In Frame is the best application known for adding frames. You can use In Frame in simple steps:

  • Step#1: Download the app In Frame from play store.
  • Step#2: Open the app in your phone.
  • Step#3: Select the photos on which you want to add frame.
  • Step#4: Choose from various frame which ever you like.
  • Step#5: Save the picture and share it on your Instagram.


You can also create your own Instagram style frame in real life using DIY techniques at home. You can craft an Instagram photo frame using cardboard or foam core board or any other hard material which is durable.

Commonly, a good Instagram photo frame is made by foam core board as it is light weight for special events. The name of the event and the date is written on the lower side of the photo frame.

You can create your own Instagram photo frame at home if you have correct measurements. You can use the following guide to make a perfect photo frame for your event:

  • Step#1: Get a regular sized square foam core board.
  • Step#2: Measure 9 inch up from the board of the board in multiple points along the board. Join the marks with a line.
  • Step#3: Do the same thing on other 3 sides but with measurement of 3.5 inch. It will mark the upper 3 sides of the frame.
  • Step#4: Mark all the sides and join intersections. It will take a shape with 3 thin sides on the top and 1 think side on the bottom.
  • Step#5: Cut the middle portion off and remove the center.
  • Step#6: Wrap the paper roll around the frame to make it look better. You can choose whatever color you like.
  • Step#7: You can add the event name and date on the bottom side and add decorations on the corners.
  • Step#8: Grab the frame and click your picture while holding it on your front looking through the frame.

You can also craft wooden photo frame. You can use good quality paints and high quality glue to toughly join the frame and decorations upon it so it would not get loosen up or destroyed when it is needed.


There are multiple motives for people to use photo frames on Instagram instead of simply posting their pictures as they are. Some of the key reasons for using photo frames are:

  • Instagram photo frames make your picture to fit in the size and make it adjustable if the dimensions of the picture are large.
  • Simple and solid photo frame make your picture elegant and it is a kind of source of fun for users.
  • Photo frames looks good and attractive on Instagram.
  • Pictures with frames are more likely to boost engagement, improve social activity on your Insta profile and encourage social sharing.
  • Content with catchy frames is more likely to get attention of the audience.
  • Crafted photo frames depict the main theme of the occasion or the event like bridal shower, baby shower and bachelor’s party themes.


There is something additional for you. You can do something out of the Instagram to bring your best Insta pictures in real life. You can print and frame your IG best moments and place them in your room. It will bring your digital souvenir into a tangible object in your hands. This will make your room attractive and cool.

There are also print and frame services available online from which you can have your IG images printed and framed for your room.

Final Thoughts

Every single thing about Instagram photo frame is shared in this article. After reading this, you will have a complete knowledge about how can you add photo frame to your Insta pictures and craft it by your own self for making your events memorable and exciting.

You can simply start adding your desired photo frames to your Insta pictures or grab a board and place the measurements and start working on your real life photo frame as you finish reading this article.

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