How to Qualify for a Citizenship in Dominica

  • March 19, 2024
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How to Qualify for a Citizenship in Dominica

Some countries where you visit for the first time, and you want to be a citizen. One of the places you would like to be a citizen is Dominica. You may even want to get citizenship to conduct business or to spend your life there.

You will need to qualify for citizenship before you are offered. There are several types that you need to cross if you are to get citizenship. You need to learn some of the steps you need to take to get Dominica citizenship.

Dominican Citizenship

Before breaking down how easy or hard it is to get Dominica Citizenship, you need to first look at the citizenship itself. If you live anywhere across the Caribbean and Central America, you will realize that living standards aren’t the same in Dominica.

For example, if you compare the standard of living in Dominica with Costa Rica, Panama, etc. That, though, shouldn’t deter you from wanting to live in the country as several others have chosen it. The immigration rules here and the procedures are pretty favorable to foreigners than the other countries.

Simply put, the Dominican Republic is one of the most accessible places to obtain temporary residence, permanent residence, or second citizenship. A lot comes with that, though, as you need to qualify – even if it’s easy.

Advantages of Dominican Citizenship

Before you get any ideas of obtaining citizenship from any country, you need first to figure out what it offers. You need to be able to break down the advantages of being a Dominic citizen.

Below are some of the advantages that come with being a Dominica citizen;

  • Stable economy and favorable tax system. It would help if you looked at any country’s economy before getting citizenship. In Dominica, the economy is quite tough enough, and that means a business can thrive. The taxes are also relatively low – you can save on a lot due to this.
  • Business opportunities – not only is the economy stable, but you also have a wide array of businesses you can do. For example, you can invest in the tourism sector, the imports, exports, services, etc.
  • Dual citizenship – you still get to keep the citizenship of your previous country as you get the new one.
  • Average naturalization period of two years – it can be pretty quick if you are an investor.
  • Friendly people.
  • Low bureaucracy.
  • Beautiful tropical climate – this is all year long; rare significant shifts to the climate.
  • An excellent hub for divers.

As a citizen of any country, you are entitled to several things. The Dominican Republic isn’t any different; you are also entitled to several things, such as;

  • Full Dominican Republic citizenship
  • All the rights any native enjoys in the country. There’s an exception, though; you won’t be allowed to run for the presidency with this citizenship
  • Dominican Republic birth certificate
  • Dominican Republic ID
  • Dominican Republic passport

Application for Work Permit and Residency

Before you can become a Dominican Republic citizen, you will need to have gotten residency first. You can also opt to get a work permit if you are there to work. All these can lead to citizenship should you decide to apply for citizenship.

You will need to produce some documents to either get a work permit or residency. The documents include;

  • Notarized copy of your birth certificate – it will also need to be translated to Spanish. The birth certificate should be a valid one from your country.
  • Copy of each page of your passport translated to Spanish.
  • Police clearance certificate from your home country.
  • Medical exams – these must be done by Immigration Doctors. The Dominican Republic appoints these doctors to perform these tests. Some of the tests they’ll conduct include blood tests and, at times, some x-rays.
  • Set of photos – three to be precise. Each of the images should show your front and side view of your face.
  • Mailing address in the Dominican Republic.
  • Your guarantor should be a Dominican Republic citizen.

Application for Citizenship

You will need to apply to get citizenship after you have been approved for temporary residency. You can’t come from your parent country and instantly get Dominican Republic citizenship.

Contrary to popular opinion, it is a bit more tricky to get Dominican Citizenship today than before. Initially, it was a bit easier to get citizenship – it would have taken you around two years only. After 2011 legislation, the law changed, and fast-track citizenship isn’t an option anymore.

You will need to have lived in the country for five years under the temporary residency. You will also have to live in the country under permanent residence for around two years before you can be approved for citizenship. The ideal option for fast-tracking is Dominica citizenship by investment – you invest in citizenship. Here, you will need to invest not less than $200,000 in property to get it. You will not need to go through the mandatory physical residence in the country to get it.

It is also worth noting that when you possess a Dominica passport, you will be allowed Visa-free entry to all EU countries.

Application for Citizenship

Process for Citizenship

When you get to the country, even with a tourist visa, you can apply for residency as soon as you arrive. You will need to have brought all the required documents as stated above. And ensure that all the documents have been translated into Spanish.

Photos and medical exams can be done on the spot on request – you will do this with the assistance of a local lawyer. All these documents need to be submitted to the immigration office. You will then be assigned a registration number after you have submitted your application.

The process will take up to two months if you have a lawyer working for you; it can be longer when you work it alone. But once you have the registration number, you can work and do business. You will get a temporary residence permit – an ID card for one year.

The process of getting Dominica citizenship isn’t an easy one. You will need to ensure you meet the qualifications. Above are some of the qualifications and how you can go about and get Dominica citizenship.

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