Miss your childhood friend? Find them right now!

  • March 21, 2024
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Miss your childhood friend? Find them right now!

Childhood friends cannot be replaced by any riches and goodness in our life. The impact they create on us stays with us till the end. Modern media has made connecting with childhood friends easy. With today’s social media and database sites, you can easily search for and find any person, no matter where they live in the world. Here is a list of some of the top sites to search for your long-lost childhood friends.


The universal way to find information about anybody and everybody in the world through the internet is through Facebook. Do you want to find the address of a person you met in a summer camp when you were seven years old? Don’t worry. Search for them on Facebook. If they can not be found, search for other friends you remember from the camp. Check their friend’s list. Enquire about this particular person through chat. Some friends of a friend of a friend might give you the details you need.

Facebook’s network is probably the biggest and most easily accessible one in the entire world. Any person living a modern life and not hiding under a rock will have a presence on Facebook. Search through interconnected networks to find your friend. Even if your friend is not on Facebook, spreading the word you are searching for the person will lead to someone they know with a Facebook account like the son, or other acquaintances who will give you some details about your childhood friend.

Alumni networks

Websites like and are available to search for your friends through alumni networks. has several networks from different universities spread all over the world sharing their alumni database with them. It is the best place to find a long-lost school or college friends. The searches can be carried out based on country, university, and schools.

Another great way is to use the alumni networks of the concerned school or university directly since most of them already have a website. Many schools maintain the address and contact details of their students in some physical form making it easy for you to find the person you are searching for.


People search websites are a great way to find details about childhood friends who lived nearby and you know some information about. You might not have gone to the same school or college, but still, share valuable moments together. These sites have huge databases of people whom you can search through using names or the last city they lived in. It would help further if you know any current details about them.

Nuwber is an example of such a site used by millions of people to gather information about their long-lost loved ones. You can get authentic details about the person you are searching for and verify it is actually them. The site has updated and accurate details and you can search for a name, phone number, or address. If you find the person you need – you will get their contact details and be able to call them right away.

Be it a high school friend or you want to know about a person you once got a crush on a train ride, Nuwber will aid you to find them if you know their basic details.

Alternatively, you can also try with the basic details. This website is dedicated to finding people’s details and running a thorough background check on them. Several corporate companies use it to run background checks on the employees they are hiring. The site gathers details from several public records like social media, vehicle records, caller ids, and property records.

Other sites

If you know what profession they are currently doing, LinkedIn is a great way to search for them. If you know which school they went to, try ( which is mainly dedicated to certain countries like the US and Canada. You can just select the city, state, and school and type the name of your friend to find the last details about them. Search further with the details you get there through the people-finding sites to get the most recent information.

Other ways to track childhood friends

Other social media networks apart from Facebook and even simple Google searches can help you gather many details about your childhood friends. If you don’t know anything about your friend, other than their name, start by typing their full name in a Google search. Many social media profiles with the same name will pop up. Segregate the search through location if you know where they are living and proceed to look for them. You might have to go through a lot of profiles until you find the right one, but that work is definitely worth it!

Alternatively, you can ask for the city directories in public libraries which have details about most of the residents and when they moved out. You can check with the postal department for the last address change. is a website that has several public records, which is helpful to locate people you lost touch with.

Apart from searching for your exact friend in all these records and social media, look for someone from your friend’s family or close circle. If you can locate that person, contact them and get your friend’s details from them. When you are searching for childhood friends, remember, you are not searching for one single person, but the search will connect you to a network of friends who will help you reach the goal.


Childhood memories are never full without friends. Every person wants to relive their childhood nostalgia with the ones who accompanied them when they were young. The trip down the memory lane is refreshing, helps us reevaluate our actual dreams and goals, and often makes us feel proud of our accomplishments.

Modern technology aids people in connecting easily and faster like never before in history. Make maximum use of the free websites to collect enough details about your childhood friends effortlessly and for free in most cases.

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