People Are Sharing some “Unspoken Rules” of American Culture And I Fairly Agree With Most Of Them

  • March 21, 2024
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People Are Sharing some “Unspoken Rules” of American Culture And I Fairly Agree With Most Of Them

Being an American, there are a lot of things that I do (and I am sure you also do) without giving it much thought process, such as tipping waiter staff or not standing on top of the person who is standing in front of me in line at the post office.


I never actually think about these everyday cultural habits till I stumbled upon a Reddit thread talking about American culture. The Redditor asked the query, “People from the United States. What is a no-go in American culture?” and the reactions from people we get, made me amazed and I fairly agree with most of them. Below are some of them.

“if you are pulled over by an authority, Don’t come out of the car to meet the officer. Wait for a while in the car and let the officer come to you. If you need to attain for something like your driving license then tell the cop you are doing so before you do it.”


“Not usually said but Americans like Personal space. Leave room between you and the person you are lining up behind or speaking to.”

“Never cut in line. I saw that plenty of times in Europe.”

Never Cut Your Line

“ Politics…. No, don’t ever Ever bring up Politics.”

“ Whenever you see a clear crisis on the road you can call to ambulance immediately otherwise you should ask someone if they require an ambulance before you call for the one. Because It is the most high-priced taxi that you will ever make and it can ruin most people financially for years.”

high priced taxi

“ Do NOT hitchhike. It is not secure here.”

“This is also an unspoken culture of America that you should pay a tip if you go to a takeout/dine-in cafe or restaurant. You do not have to pay a tip to Subway or Pizza Hut or any other national franchise restaurant like that.”


“The people of America might be friendly, but that does not mean they like to take you to their house and want to become best buddies. They tend to be called fake a lot, but also they make an effort to be good and nice. Especially during working at customer service jobs.”

“ Using the same plate again at the buffet for a second round is actually considered ill-mannered. You should have to get another new plate.”

Use same plate at buffet

“Be alert not to infringe on personal property.”

“Discussions about politics, religion, or other personal beliefs. It will most probably transmit into one person trying to persuade another that their point of view is correct and that the listener is wrong.”

Discussion about politics

When you are dining out and the waiter comes to you. It is supposed rude to call the waiter over.

rude talk

Walking places in the smaller cities and suburbs. It is scary and you will be seen as suspicious. I’ve had buddies get towed because they parked their car in front of a store and then walked over the street to another.”

“Discussing your salary and discussing someone’s weight. Driving very slow in the left-hand lane.”

discussion of salary

“ In United States, Don’t call someone’s home ‘Homely’. Here it is considered as an insult.”

“ In the South, if you are nonstop honking your car’s horn then you may get your ass kicked by the people because it is so irritating.”

“One thing I can say about a lot of American citizens is that they are not afraid of conflict. Many of them will be nice as a formality, just to get to know you properly and be a nice neighbor but they actually won’t shy away from talking shit if it comes down to it.”

Do you know any of the American “rules” that are not in this article? Tell us in the comment box below!

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