The Freedom Bikers Feel Can Sometimes Mean Life Or Death: How To Stay Safe

  • March 18, 2024
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The Freedom Bikers Feel Can Sometimes Mean Life Or Death: How To Stay Safe

Riding a motorbike can be one of the most liberating experiences in a person’s life. The nimbleness, the speed, the air rushing against your hair, and the feeling of being in control yet out of it are what make riding a motorbike so fun. However, freedom and adventure come at a cost, a cost that is to be aware and hypervigilant of what one is doing. If a motorbike rider loses their focus for even a split second, it could spell disaster for them. The awareness that he must maintain can be the difference between life and death.

This is why it’s very important to be safe while riding a motorbike. There are a few measures that you can take to ensure your maximum safety. We’re not saying that you should stop riding the bike altogether, but you must maintain the highest safety standards so that you’re not left crippled due to your own recklessness. Today, we’re going to take a look at all the safety measures that you must adopt to ensure your welfare. So let’s get to it and find out all the safety instructions you should follow for a happy and enjoyable riding experience.

1. Equip The Right Gear

The traditional image of a motorbike rider is usually between two stereotypes: either you think of middle-aged men riding their bikes in large groups on their cruisers without a helmet but a very impressive mustache or you think about a fully suited racer who’s zipping through the racetrack while being covered from head to toe. Out of these two, it’s obvious that the second one appears to be far safer than the first one in case of a crash.

The racers who have to ride their sportbikes professionally are bound by rules and regulations to be equipped with the proper gear for riding, including helmets, boots, gloves, and suits. It’s definitely not possible for you to jump into a suit whenever you’re going out for a ride but it’s very much possible to equip the other gears.

Every rider, no matter if he’s an amateur or a seasoned pro, should be wearing the bare minimum equipment at all times. This includes a good quality helmet, a pair of riding gloves to protect your hands from getting scuffed up and improving your grip, riding shoes to ensure that your feet stay safe as well, and a riding jacket if they can afford it. These safety gears will ensure that you come out mostly unharmed in the event of an unfortunate accident. On the other hand, these might not be able to protect your bones but they’ll help prevent the friction burns that are very nasty and painful to even look at.

2. Follow The Rules

The traffic rules are put in place not to let the cops pull you over to hand you a ticket whenever they can, but these rules are designed for the safety of anyone who uses the public roads, and that includes you as well. Some of the most common rules that get violated are speeding limits, traffic signals, and lane changes. These are also some of the most common causes of accidents, with overspeeding taking the first spot. If you don’t follow rules then you not only risk yourself being harmed in an accident but the cops will make you pay for it as well.

The amount you’ll have to pay will be no joke either and you’ll have to face other consequences. As said by the Virginia motorcycle accident lawyer, many riders are asked to appear in a local court, which means wastage of your time, money, and dignity. The best way to avoid these situations is to ride your motorbike within the ambit of the law.

Don’t try to break the speed limit or a signal because you think that your bike is so fast that you can’t be caught. Even if the cops don’t catch you, an accident easily can, and in this case, prevention is definitely better than the cure.

3. Be Sober

If you think that the only wrong thing to do is to drink and drive then think again, what’s even worse is if you drink and ride. Riding a motorbike requires a great deal of control over your mind as well as your body. A motorbike demands you to have precise motor controls and drinking can heavily jeopardize your cognitive ability, as well as fine motor skills.

When you drink and ride, you’re obviously in grave danger, but even the pedestrians whom you can easily run over with your 150 kg+ motorbikes are in danger as well. You have a responsibility towards these people and if you drink before riding or indulge in any other forms of intoxication then you’re not fulfilling your duties as a rider.

This mistake can also cost you thousands of hospital bills and the damage to your motorbike will be costly to repair as well. Therefore, just ask someone to drop you off or call a cab rather than trying to ride yourself back home.

4. Learn How to Ride

Many veteran riders get defensive at this point and they feel that they’ve been greatly insulted. However, not all of us learn how to ride the proper way. There’s a proper way to do everything, and learning the correct techniques of hitting the brake, gear shifting, posture, and throttle control are very important for any rider. You might be a great rider but even you could use a refresher once in a while. Try reaching out to a licensed instructor who can teach you the safety protocols and you’ll be amazed at how much better you’re able to ride after that.

Freedom Bikers

These were some of the most important tips that you should know to be safe while riding your motorbike. The roads are full of people who don’t deserve to be there and your safety is in your own hands. Be sure to follow these tips and you’ll most likely be safer than you were before. These tips aren’t exhaustive and there’s a lot more that you’ll learn along the way. So just keep these basics in mind and ride cautiously if you want to enjoy the freedom and sense of adventure that a bike provides, without having to worry about your safety.

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