Top Hacks To Increase Your Home Security And Ensure That Your Family Is Safe

  • March 19, 2024
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Top Hacks To Increase Your Home Security And Ensure That Your Family Is Safe

Undoubtedly, protecting our homes is a priority. After all, keeping our loved ones safe from harm is very often one of our main aims when it comes to our family. But when was the last time you checked around your home to see if everything was safe? Looking at your windows, have you checked whether they’re in good condition, and still lock securely? What about your external doors? How weathered are they? Could they withstand someone attempting to break in?

The truth is, as time goes on, the longer we live in a property, the more complacent we become. This is especially if we’ve never been burgled, or felt threatened in our family home. It makes sense because we feel safe there, so there’s no need to check we’re secure. However, this is an even more important reason to inspect your home, just to see how secure you are inside it. With this in mind, here are some tips about how to increase your home security to make sure your family’s safety.

Windows and Doors

The typical ways of entry and exit for burglars – they don’t discriminate, but will instead opt for the one that’s easiest for them to use, with minimal disruption to them or you. Most windows have locks, but sometimes we want a bit more security, which is fine, and is a good idea if the locks are flimsy. If you’re looking for more than adding more locks to them, why not consider window security film, to reinforce your glass, or window or glass break sensors? Alternatively, you can window bars, but some people prefer less obvious methods, especially for their home. Another option is to have prickly bushes under windows as a deterrent, yes it’s simple, but it can also be effective.

As for doors, aside from having a decent locking system, including a deadbolt, you should inspect your external door frames to see if they’re strong and that their hinges haven’t rusted and still look as they should. If your door has a letterbox, make sure your door can’t be opened from it. If it can, you may want to get a letterbox guard to prevent that from happening.

Additionally, you may want to consider having a strike plate, just to make it extra difficult for burglars to get in via your external doors. Also, video doorbells are becoming more popular and can capture people when they ring your doorbell, however, some are even activated by motion, regardless of whether someone’s pressed the buzzer.

Another thing worth considering is getting the locks changed on your external doors if your home has had a previous owner. Also, change them if anyone has lost their house keys. This is just for peace of mind. It doesn’t matter whether their home details are on the keys because you don’t know how they were lost in the first place. Although it can be a hassle to change the locks, the peace of mind it will bring when the dust settles will be worth it.

Outdoor Cameras

You may have seen on a TV show, or even on the news, footage of burglars trying to break in and enter a property. This footage is from outdoor cameras, and these are vital pieces of equipment to have as part of your home security arsenal because, as stated at the Spy shop, there’s no substitute for seeing the truth with your own eyes. The reason for this is that they provide evidence of burglars committing the act of burglary, which is a criminal offense. No matter what they say, if they’re caught on camera, the evidence is pretty overwhelming.

With the range of security cameras available, you’re bound to find one that suits your budget. Some even work with an app, which enables you to see your property in real-time, which is great for providing peace of mind, especially if you’re away from home for any amount of time.


OK, this is perhaps the most obvious, but it’s also worth mentioning. The noise they emit can not only be a fantastic deterrent, but also a fantastic way to notify people that you need immediate help because someone is breaking in. People know that if a home alarm sounds, it’s usually because the home is in danger.

There are so many options available, which include things like motion sensors which you can place in your rooms, smoke, and carbon monoxide sensors, and even smartphone connections. You can even have your alarm system run by an organization that will immediately contact the police on your behalf if your alarm goes off, guaranteeing you peace of mind.

You’ll need to consider your budget and your needs. For instance, what’s the crime rate in your area? Some police stations may even help you complete a risk assessment of your home, which will provide you with guidance about key security it needs. They’ll also be able to recommend items, too, which is a good way to get your home protection started if you’re a new home-owner or are unsure about what protection you require.

Security Light

At the end of the day, most criminals want to remain under the cloak of darkness, especially when it comes to breaking. Look at it this way, if they are seen, then they’ve been disturbed and chances are most of them will try to scarper, rather than risk a tangle with law-abiding citizens, or even the law.

Having an outdoor light will deter burglars from attempting to break into your home because they have a greater chance of being seen. Motion-detector lights are fantastic for surprising them and are a good idea to have at your front and back door, as well as any dark places that lead to them. Some lights have a timer option, so they switch on automatically at whatever time you’ve set them, whereas others run on solar power, which will save you money on your electricity bills.

home security

We hope you’ve found some suggestions to improve your home security in reading this article or at least inspired you to critically examine how safe your home is. Having peace of mind is priceless, and by carrying on regular checks on your home, both internally and externally, you’ll certainly have that. Of course, we can never know if anyone will try to break in, but what we can do is make it difficult for them to do so, and to give us enough time to call for assistance.

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