What happened to Agrieuro Corp (otcbb:euri)

  • March 20, 2024
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What happened to Agrieuro Corp (otcbb:euri)

Agrieuro Corp was a publicly traded company on the otc markets but is no longer in operation. The company’s last known address was in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Agrieuro Corp was engaged in the business of marketing and distributing agricultural products including seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides.

The company was founded by Giuseppe Fallo and Angelo Vassallo in 2006 and foreclosed in 2009. Giuseppe Fallo and Angelo Vassallo no longer have any affiliation with the company.

It is unclear what they are doing now or where they are located. It is also unclear what happened to Agrieuro Corp’s employees and customers.

Why did the company foreclose?

The company foreclosed due to delinquent filings with The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Delinquent filings are documents or information that a publicly traded company is required to submit to the SEC but has failed to do so.

This can include things like annual reports, financial statements, and corporate governance documents. The company also operated an online retail store called It is unclear what happened to the domain name or whether the company plans to relaunch the site in the future.

What was the stock price of Agrieuro Corp prior to foreclosure?

The last known stock price of Agrieuro Corp was $0.0002 per share. The last known annual report filed by Agrieuro Corp was for the year ending December 31, 2008. The company’s financial statements showed that it had a net loss of $4,957,818 for the year.

The company’s stock was delisted from the otc markets on January 28, 2009. Agrieuro Corp’s partners included World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF) and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

Agrieuro Corp prior to foreclosure

Agrieuro Corp and cash crops

A penny stock in the aquatic harvesting of water reed as a cash crop was Agrieuro Corp (OTCBB: EURI). In trade, the stock had been flying. First off, the business produced aquatic reed, a product for which there was an evident supply shortage earlier this year.

Second, the business recently disclosed ambitions to diversify into fish farming along co-product/cost-efficiency lines. Third, it was noticeable that investor awareness was now being invested in that ticker.

The business had just revealed that the two growth ponds for its proposed fish farm project had been completed. The ponds would receive “cycle 2” fish and have complete pumping equipment. These fish were of medium size and reached maturity in a relatively short amount of time.

According to agriEuro, the product would arrive at fish markets 12 months after population. In accordance with the press release, the business would adhere to all rules necessary to raise fish that may bear the Organic label.

The resort project and the company’s flagship property

Agrieuro Corp (OTCBB: EURI) bragged about being a corporation involved in aquaculture, agriculture, and the construction of a luxury hotel on its site to enter the hospitality market.

The Danube Delta, the second-largest river delta in Europe and the best conserved on the continent contained 1709 hectares of land that belonged to EURI. On 700 hectares of the property at the time, AgriEuro ran reed farming operations, and on 1000 hectares, it had started aquaculture and fish farming operations.

AgriEuro also owned the four (4) building complexes on the property near the Black Sea, and it was now creating a 620-bed hotel on a 2-hectare plot of land inside the Danube Natural Reserve in the Tulcea County, Channel area.

The holiday lake house complex

The idea of a synergistic co-product was incredibly potent and had a significant impact on the micro-cap area in particular. With equities like these, the possibility for a significant qualitative leap in profitability was frequently not appreciated until it had already occurred because of the lack of thorough Wall Street inspection of the stocks.

 house complex

The Unesco world heritage site

AgriEuro Corp worked in the European agricultural, aquaculture, and tourism industries, according to company papers. The company’s flagship property included a range of businesses that were already making money and would soon start making money.

It was situated where the Danube Delta and the Black Sea met. Over 4,200 acres of a Unesco World Heritage site made up its size.

The most effective way to do that, apparently, was to use fixed-cost investments that had already been made in operations for alternate revenue streams. Sliding into the seafood market for a business that already had all the tools and knowledge necessary to handle marine growing organic outputs was perhaps like going through a magical door.

“In order to make the process as environmentally benign as possible, we plan to use solely natural ways to produce fish, enhancing our chances of being the first ecological fish farm in Romania”, the CEO of AgriEuro Corp., Radu Cosmin Monda, stated.

He continued, “We are aiming to increase our reed harvests through the purchase of specialist equipment because the fish farm will demand significant financing. We intend to spend the additional income made into our aquaculture endeavor.”

 heritage site

Stock and finance

As stated in the company’s statement, Grand View Research forecast that aquaculture would surpass production from natural sources including lakes and oceans in 2020, reaching over 200 billion dollars annually. For instance, more than 90% of the shrimp consumed in America now comes from farms and imports.

Because of a larger, more affluent worldwide population that is aware of the health benefits of eating seafood, fish consumption has been increasing more quickly than beef, pork, and fowl. The United Nations predicts that demand will exceed supply in the upcoming years.

Mr. Monda continued, “We are committed to creating several revenue streams in various industries for AgriEuro with an eye towards sustained, long-term growth. Our main goal is to maximize the value of our current 4200-acre property, and we will keep stockholders informed as advancements take place.


Agrieuro Corp (otc bb: euro) is a company that was involved in aquaculture, agriculture, and the construction of a luxury hotel. The assets included a range of businesses that were already making money. However, the company foreclosed on the property and is no longer in operation.

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