Someone Asked, “Which Famous Actor Is Not Basically Rich? And 30 Folks Delivered

  • March 21, 2024
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Someone Asked, “Which Famous Actor Is Not Basically Rich? And 30 Folks Delivered

There are a few professions that look to be passed down via generations, such as being a musician or a doctor. Sometimes it is a preference that the younger generation makes by themselves, and it is just in their blood. But there are a few cases when they are forced to continue the tradition of their family. 

In such cases where children prefer or are forced to choose a career path just like their parents, it can be easier for them to get a sufficient paying job via references as their grandparents and parents surely have them.

It might seem so unfair, but it happens more than you would think. Nevertheless, others respect and appreciate it when someone comes from a background that did not help them to cover their career path.  Reddit user PM_me_Thor_nudes was concerned that most famous actors are a product of nepotism. But in actuality other Redditors proved them wrong, listing all the actors they knew who did not have the benefit of knowing someone in the family who was earlier in the industry. We have compiled a list below of such actors:

  1.  Steve Buscemi
Steve Buscemi

Steve Buscemi was a firefighter before he became an actor, but in my opinion, that is common knowledge by now.

  1.  The Olsen Twins
 The Olsen Twins

The Olsen Twins supported their families financially by working their whole lives, and then people criticize them and act like everything which they get was handed to them on a silver platter. They did not have a childhood and have always been working. They didn’t acquire the respect they deserved. They are now extensively successful with their fashion line and have gained the privacy to stay out of the spotlight. 

The twin sisters on the other hand, definitely benefit from the pathway they paved. But I just think about all the kid stars who were the sole support of their family and they had no control over it. Audiences make jokes about kid stars going down bad pathways, but that is more on the environment and the industry than it is on the children. Drew Barrymore says that the things that were revealed to her as a kid are so disturbing and the media blames the child and not the industry that prepared that environment.

  1.  Mila Kunis
 Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis before becoming an actor used to work at the same store where her mom worked, even while she was staring at that 70s show to not let it go to her head.

  1.  Ryan Reynolds
 Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynold had quite a modest background. In the past, when rental stores were a thing, I used to rent movies to his brother.

  1.  Donald Glover
 Donald Glover

Donald Glover’s mom was a daycare provider and his dad was a postal worker. Went on to be an unbelievably talented producer, actor, or producer.

  1.  Milla Jovovich
 Milla Jovovich

If you are still counting her, there is Milla Jovovich, who was the daughter of a single mother, and she is from Ukraine. She is a nice lady who is still a very down-to-earth lady. I have heard a lot of nice things about her. 

  1.  Mark Ruffalo
Mark Ruffalo

He is not from a well-connected or wealthy family. Mark Ruffalo’s family owns a pizza place in Kenosha, WI.

  1.  Adam Driver
 Adam Driver

I have so much respect for him. Adam Driver was the only main actor on Girls who did not come from reference or did not have a parent who was already in the industry. He was an extremely successful actor after Girls ended. 

  1.  Elijah Woods
 Elijah Woods

The parents of Elijah woods ran a restaurant in Iowa City and were not specifically wealthy. 

  1. Jessica Chastain
Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain grew up in a middle-class family and could not make it through Julliard. She makes it thanks to a scholarship. 

  1. Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt

He was working on the corner of Sunset and La Brea as the El Pollo Loco chicken while attempting to make it in Hollywood. 

  1. Channing Tatum
Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum grew up in Mississippi and Alabama. He only got into showbiz as a dancer, and he was the only Dancer because he used to be a stripper dancer. 

  1.  Anna Kendrick
 Anna Kendrick

I think she is one of the prominent. Her parents are not from showbiz, she got her start as a kid in the theater.  

  1.  Jennifer Lawrence
 Jennifer Lawrence

She is def one. Jennifer Lawrence is such a good actress and comes from a usual background. She grew up in Kentucky and her parents run a summer camp for children.

  1. Sandra Oh
Sandra Oh

She belonged to a middle-class family. She paid out of pocket for her drama education in Montreal at the National Theatre School of Canada. Her father was a businessman and her mother was a biochemist. 

  1. Harrison Ford
Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford was always an actor, but he was not pleased with the roles he was getting early on. So, he became a carpenter till he was explored by George Lucas.

  1. Rachel Mcadams
Rachel Mcadams

She was born in London to truck driver Lance McAdams and nurse Sandra.

  1. Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez

She became from nothing to a star, and then she worked very hard as a kid to support her family.

  1. Awkwafina

Awkwafina is the daughter of an IT worker and her mom passed away when she was very young. 

  1. Matthew McConaughey And Forest Whitaker
Matthew McConaughey And Forest Whitaker

They both came from Longview, TX. Matthew McConaughey and Forest Whitaker were from modest families. 

  1. Chris Evans
Chris Evans

Chris Evans’s father was a plain old dentist. 

  1. Dev Patel
Dev Patel

The mother of Dev Patel was a caregiver and his father was an IT guy.

  1. Kelly Marie Tran
Kelly Marie Tran

She was a nobody whole parents were Vietnam refugees. She did college humor videos before Rian johnson cast her in star wars.

  1. Seth Rogen
Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen’s mother is a social worker and his father worked at a non-profit.

  1. Vin Diesel
Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel was raised by a single mom. He was doing independent projects and community theater which got him discovered for saving private Ryan. 

  1. Andrew Garfield
Andrew Garfield

His mother and father both were interior designers.

  1. Brie Larson, John Gallagher Junior, Kaitlyn Dever, Rami Malik, Lakeith Stanfield, Stephanie Beatriz, Destin Cretton
Brie Larson, John Gallagher Junior, Kaitlyn Dever, Rami Malik, Lakeith Stanfield, Stephanie Beatriz, Destin Cretton

The cast of the Short Term 12 (2013) was quite much nobody. 

  1. Simu Liu
Simu Liu

Simu Liu was an accountant for a short period of time before becoming an actor. 

  1. Taylor Lautner
Taylor Lautner

I was supposed to be childhood friends with him. He got the gig because his karate teacher sees the yellow power ranger at the time in accordance with my mom. 

  1. DiCaprio And Toby Maguire
DiCaprio And Toby Maguire

DiCaprio and Toby Maguire are best friends. They were growing up together and also came up in business together. 

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