4 Ways Software Can Help Your Delivery Business

  • March 19, 2024
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4 Ways Software Can Help Your Delivery Business

Most business owners who have a fleet of company vehicles probably know the benefits that dedicated software can bring. One glance at the central hub will show you where all your vehicles are so that you know your business transport is running smoothly. But have you ever thought about the other highly useful functions software can bring to your business like CartonCloud, potentially saving you thousands of dollars every year? In this article we will look at four technological solutions that delivery businesses can face.

Video Telematics

Some fleet management systems include AI dash cams that monitor how your vehicle is being driven and even capture video of critical events. You can also select rear and side cameras that transmit 1080p footage in real time to the cloud. This is vital when it comes to incidents such as collisions or other types of unsafe driving. With video telematics, you will have proof of what actually occurred which can prove useful when dealing with courts or insurance companies. You can also use real life examples to praise good driving or identifying training needs where the performance does not meet your expectations.

Vehicle Maintenance

Fleet management software can provide alerts to signal when a vehicle or machine within your fleet is performing sub optimally. Relaying real-time diagnostics to the central hub can give you an indication that a machine requires maintenance or repairs. It’s easy for a small issue to become a much bigger, and more expensive problem to fix if it’s ignored. Therefore, this aspect of fleet management software makes it a good investment for small and large businesses. Investing in this type of software will increase safety standards within your business and, if used properly, it could also save you money on vehicle repairs and servicing.

Pickup and Delivery Scheduling Software

With the rise in direct-to-consumer commerce, many businesses need to schedule thousands of orders to be delivered directly from their warehouse to individual customers’ residences. Without pickup and delivery scheduling software this can be a very time-consuming task to work out the best route while not exceeding the legal limit for driving hours. There are many pickup and delivery scheduling packages on the market that also provide live tracking to the customer – reducing customer enquiries and increasing customer satisfaction.

Staff Scheduling

If you have a workforce of hundreds operating on different shifts, how can you ensure that your business’ staffing needs are met, while also meeting legal and contractual requirements for breaks and limits on minimum and maximum hours? Staff scheduling is not like planning a big event for your employees, where it happens on time, and once it’s over, it’s over. Staff scheduling is ongoing and requires a flawless level of attention to detail. A staff scheduling software package might be the answer you are looking for.

There are several powerful solutions on the market that allow you to manage large workforces at the touch of a button. Some products even offer automatic scheduling based on preset factors. All in all, investment in this kind of software could avoid human error and save you time organizing your staff manually. Time is money and software customized for your business can save you a great deal of both. If you own a delivery business, you should consider how dedicated software solutions could enhance your company’s performance and allow your enterprise to grow.

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