Are scented candles bad for you? Do you want to know its perspectives?

  • March 20, 2024
  • 2 min read
Are scented candles bad for you? Do you want to know its perspectives?

Today we are going to discuss are scented candles bad for you or not. Although they are popular Christmas gifts and can fill our homes with pleasant scents, are scented candles safe? Candles have the potential to release hazardous compounds when they burn.

The risk of lead exposure from candles is the biggest health worry. Initially, metal was inserted into the wicks to help them burn in a straight line.

Most candle producers voluntarily discontinued using lead-based wicks in the 1970s after evidence emerged that burning them increased the amount of lead in indoor air.

Lead-free candle wicks must be produced and marketed in the United States, although this is not always the case in other nations.

A small percentage of candles imported into the United States have lead in the wicks, according to research organizations and consumer protection organizations.

How to Burn Candles Safely

Find another candle if you notice metal when you separate the wick. Other metals, like zinc, are also used to strengthen wicks, but without proper labeling, customers cannot tell if the substance is lead or another metal.

Pick natural wax candles made of palm, soy, or beeswax.
Eliminate all candles and replace them with an electric diffuser and aromatic oils to freshen the air.

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