Most Common Causes Of Bike Accidents and How To Avoid Them

  • March 20, 2024
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Most Common Causes Of Bike Accidents and How To Avoid Them

Bicycles are generally very popular, due to the fact that practically anyone can ride them, they are not as expensive as cars, and other types of vehicles, and they are not difficult to maintain. But does it mean that cyclists are in less danger than others when it comes to accidents?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Bike accidents are actually quite frequent, and are oftentimes, caused by a variety of different factors. A majority of them are driver-related crashes that include hazardous lane changes.

But does it mean that there aren’t ways to prevent them? Most definitely not. But in order to do so, you first must get yourself familiar with various causes of bike crashes precisely so you can avoid them. So if you’re interested in learning more about it, then just scroll below!

Top Causes Of Bicycle Crashes And Things That You Can Do To Prevent Them

Excessive Speeding

Although this type of speeding expands the time necessary for a driver to slow down, at the same time, it decreases his or her decision-making time on the road. Even though high-speed crashes often lead to severe injuries and even death, low-speed accidents (which means that an automobile is driving through a quiet area) can also be pretty dangerous for bikers.

So what can you do if you were hit by a car (or any other vehicle for that matter)? First, if you’ve been seriously injured, you must immediately seek medical help. This is something that’s supposed to be done, even if you’re feeling fine.

Sometimes injuries may seem less harmful than they actually are. Now, if you weren’t the one who caused this collision, and you’re ready to file a personal injury lawsuit, then you should contact a high-quality bicycle accident lawyer. In these types of situations, it would be advisable to have some form of legal support while you’re focusing on your healing and recovery. Only then will you be able to get the justice you deserve.

The Left Cross

What is it? In case you’ve never heard of this term, it actually occurs when a truck driver or an auto makes a left turn without seeing that the bicyclist is moving in the opposite direction and is on the other side of the road.

This type of collision is one of the most common ones when it comes to cyclists, according to the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center (PBIC). So is there any way you can avoid it? If you want to lower the chances of a left cross crash, then you (a bicyclist) must always ride on the road whenever you are able to.

On the other hand, motor vehicle drivers must be a lot more careful and look out for bicyclists both in the oncoming lanes and on the sidewalk before they turn left.

Distracted Driving

This is a self-explanatory title, but what do we include in it? It can be any type of situation during which the driver isn’t focused on the road, but rather, on everything else. It can be their food, drinks, other passengers in the vehicle, their cell phone, radio, and many other things.

Sadly, precisely this type of driving is one of the leading causes of any form of a road accident, including bike accidents. According to the report that was done by the Texas Department of Motorized Vehicles, one in five automobile crashes in Texas is caused by this.

Luckily, bicycles are not as huge as other vehicles, which means that you can easily miss them, however, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be paying attention to the road. If you’re hungry, then just drive until you find a restaurant or fast-food place where you can eat it.

On the other hand, unless it’s extremely urgent (in that case, stop and then respond), it would be recommendable to put your mobile phone away.

Side Swiping Bicyclists

Sideswipes happen when a driver does not give a cyclist enough room while he/she is passing. Namely, many motorists complain that cyclists frequently get in the way of traffic when they drive to the left, however, the only other solution they have is to place themselves at a higher risk of being doored.

To prevent any hazardous occurrence, just make sure to maintain a safe distance whenever you come across a bicyclist

The Right Hook

What is it and how does it occur? Namely, this type of road accident happens when a truck or any other motor vehicle passes a bicyclist and then spontaneously turns right, entering directly into the bicyclist’s path.

Additionally, these things frequently happen when drivers forget to utilize their turn signals, and then move into the cyclist’s path without giving any warning. So, in order to prevent any accidents, it would be best to signal your turn the right way, while bicyclists are supposed to be cautious when passing slow-moving motor vehicles or the ones that have stopped and take a lane when it’s essential for their safety.

Impaired Driving

It doesn’t matter whether you have only one glass of wine, or more, drinking and driving is never a good combination. Bear in mind that both alcohol and drugs can negatively impact your judgment and decrease the reaction time.

All these things can lead to reckless and irresponsible decisions and most definitely increase your chances of experiencing a bike accident. Keep in mind that precisely alcohol and drugs are the most common causes of bicycle crashes.

Passing A Red Light Or A Stop Sign

These types of road accidents are unfortunately very frequent, and they are oftentimes caused by drivers who are not paying attention to either stop signs or red lights. These things are not as dangerous when there’s no one on the road, however, if you decide to disregard any of these things, while the cyclist is on the road, then you will most likely cause a bike accident.


There’s no such a thing as being too careful when you’re driving. Being cautious is a must if you want to save your life and the lives of people who are driving as well, so make sure to implement all these tips if you want to avoid being reckless.

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