Why Data Protection Should Be a Top Priority for Your Business

  • March 20, 2024
  • 6 min read
Why Data Protection Should Be a Top Priority for Your Business

If you think that you are protected to the maximum, or that no one is going to try to steal valuable information from your system, think again. These days, you can rarely come across a company that hasn’t faced this problem sometime in the past.

And unfortunately, these things have become normal. According to the report that I recently read that was published two years ago, almost 300 million people experienced some form of a data breach.

That’s a devastating fact. If you run a company, then it’s essential to take your data security up a notch. If you are not sure why is this so crucial, then maybe the facts below will explain this thoroughly.

Breaches Will Hurt Your Reputation Among Customers

As I previously stated, one of the main reasons why you should prioritize this is because you do not want to lose consumers. Bear in mind that most of them conduct some research before they buy something online.

Additionally, they tend to share the apps they love on their social media profiles. In these instances, valuable information is gathered by the device manufacturers, mobile apps, operators, and many others and might potentially be sold for some cash.

And this information contains valuable details such as where they live, pictures, social media pages, opinions, etc. If they notice that your company is potentially misusing this data or isn’t protecting it the right way, they won’t trust you anymore

Prevent Cybercriminals From Entering Your System

It doesn’t matter whether you have relevant files on the cloud, or not, in both instances you must find effective ways to safeguard them.

For example, if the sensitive info is on the cloud, the according to Dig Security you should opt for powerful cloud security. But what does it represent?

Namely, it can be defined as the set of methods, policies, procedures, controls, and practices that were developed to properly secure resources, information, and applications that are on the cloud.

With top-notch data security, you will receive several levels of protection within the network infrastructure so you can effectively tackle various data breaches, DDoS attacks, and many other things.

On the other hand, if your files are not on the cloud, then the least you can do is install some powerful firewall and security to protect all your sensitive data. Both of these abovementioned suggestions must be prioritized among all companies today.

Don’t forget that if you implement at least one of these strategies, you’ll be able to drastically decrease the number of security “accidents” that inevitably lead to privacy breaches.

And as I told you above, something like this is going to force your current consumers to turn to another business because they no longer believe you.

No Data Should End Up In The Wrong Hands

When I say important data, I am not referring to your personal one, which includes not your stuff only, but the sensitive info regarding your company, employees, and consumers as well. These are supposed to be things that you can control.

However, if you do not have the necessary protection, then all of this data can end up in the wrong hands. Keep in mind that you are literally obligated to protect your customers and workers.

That should be your number one priority. By doing a privacy impact assessment, known as PIA, when a processing activity poses a risk to the data subjects’ freedoms and rights, you’ll be capable of documenting your findings, prove your compliance with local data protection regulations and focus on the right mitigating strategies to make sure no harm is done.

To Strengthen And Expand Your Company

According to the report that was published relatively recently, it was concluded that over ninety percent of Americans want to have control over the individuals and entities who are permitted to get certain information about them.

Furthermore, almost ninety percent of them stated that they wanted to control the particular sorts of information that was gathered about them. And these attitudes are not only seen in the USA but in other countries too.

That’s why firms that implement these types of privacy protections (against the aforementioned attacks) are going to become a lot more powerful and will be able to take their business to the next level.

And that’s all because consumers will notice that they are doing everything that’s in their power to protect them which is why they will choose these businesses over their competitors which is a huge plus.

Let’s Not Forget About Ethics

A vast majority of organizations have established a code of ethics, or business ethics policies. I know that there are still those who haven’t done this yet, however, if they want to stay relevant in the industry and “survive” for a longer period of time, then they simply must follow these ethical practices.

Namely, the main goal of these policies is to prove to others that confidential information is never going to be misused and will be handled responsibly, and will only be employed for business purposes.

But sadly, you can still stumble upon firms that do not see anything negative in using this info for their own benefit. Even if it means that it could potentially expose subjects (whose data was utilized) to identity fraud and many other malevolent things.

Data Privacy Is Going To Give Competitive Advantage

Data privacy problems aren’t just important because you need to meet compliance requirements. Even though that’s crucial as well, bear in mind that something like this is going to give you a competitive advantage that’s going to take the trust among the consumers up a notch.

According to the statistics, over seventy percent of people are concerned about online privacy and security risks which is one of the main reasons why they’ve decided not to engage in any online businesses.

However, if you show these people that you honestly care about the privacy of their info, they will perceive your firm as trustworthy which is for sure a huge competitive advantage.

Data Protection

I hope that after going through the facts that I stated here in this article you will finally be able to understand how essential data protection is for you and your business, so please do not ever overlook this fact again.

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