David W. Bynon’s Why Medicare Advantage Plans are Bad (Book Review)

  • March 19, 2024
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David W. Bynon’s Why Medicare Advantage Plans are Bad (Book Review)

Why Medicare Advantage Plans are Bad is a book that very clearly and concisely details the reasons why Medicare Advantage Plans don’t work as advertised. As you probably have experienced, the American insurance industry is a terrible mess. Either by intention or poor management, the current system is an unnavigable maze that only contributes to the poor and declining quality of health care.

It’s hard to imagine a system that functions more incoherently and unjustly without any concern for its customer base. And that’s why the average person needs all the help they can get. And that’s what David W. Bynon appears to be doing with his new book. Since he worked as an insurance industry consultant for over a decade, he learned the ins and outs of the Medicare system and is a senior that has to deal with the system personally.

As a consequence, he’s figured out a way through the maze of unclear decisions that come with Medicare, Medigap, and Medicare Advantage. Medicare Advantage plans are a major area of confusion that has been negatively impacting healthcare access and expenses for seniors since its inception in 1999 and is continuing to do so to this day.

David W. Bynon does his best to explain why Medicare Advantage plans aren’t suitable for the vast majority of seniors in the USA. If you’re looking for answers and you’re not sure which plan is going to save you money while granting the best access, read his book to learn more about what’s going on behind the scenes from someone that speaks in a normal way.

Chalked Full Of Essential Content

It’s hard to find the most important details when searching online for general information. Searching anything about Medicare brings up tons of government sites and insurance company pages. It’s difficult to find relevant information from a legitimate source that summarizes the key processes at play.

David W. Bynon does his best to find the most relevant content and compile it in one convenient place. In his new Medicare book, he details exactly why Advantage is not suitable for most seniors. At only a dollar, it’s a good way to save hours combing through dozens of sites from questionable sources.

Intimidating Content Simplified For Everyone

One of the tactics used by insurance companies, lawyers, and is to confuse their customers to the extent that they have no recourse and no idea what needs to be done at any time. That creates a big issue because everyone needs to rely on a corporate representative to navigate their system.

People are constantly agreeing to procedures and appointments under the impression that it will be covered (due to explicit statements in support of this notion) only to find out after the fact that they’re footing the bill. Or that their co-pays, huge deductibles, and uncovered aspects add up to a devastating total.

Intimidating Content Simplified For Everyone

Why Medicare Advantage Plans are Bad does a great job of simplifying the language that is used by agents and insurance representatives. It’s already a very complicated process and all the jargon makes it unmanageable. That’s what Bynon’s book seems to be designed to dispel. By using everyday language and clarifying a lot of common misconceptions, he ushers you through the learning curve until you can understand the system for yourself.

With everyday speech, David W. Bynon details all the major pitfalls and issues surrounding the use of Medicare Advantage and how it can really mess up your medical coverage.

Bynon Lights The Hidden Path

This book is so essential because it has information that is missing and hidden from the public eye. There is a way to push through the red tape. You just need to know the right forms and the proper process. Why Medicare Advantage Plans are Bad illuminates the path through this maze that threatens the vitality and happiness of so many Americans.

There are references to many aspects of Medicare detailed within this helpful guide. One of the most important aspects of healthcare and insurance is cost. Many people believe that Medicare Advantage will be a cheaper alternative because they don’t need to pay their Medigap supplemental plans to cover the gap in coverage for so many things.

While it’s true that your Medicare original coverage premiums and Medigap premiums will be consolidated, changes in coverage, co-pays, and high deductibles erase any reduction in monthly premiums. Mr. Bynon gets into the details of exactly what’s going on with this and when Medicare Advantage is actually advantageous.

There are so many different reasons that need to be considered before getting trapped into a Medicare Advantage plan and losing your coverage or paying more out of pocket. The book continues to detail some of the major issues like problems with multiple co-pays for the same issue and other reasons why hospitalization ends up costing more than hospital stays than conventional Medicare.

He gets into a lot of the experiences that you’re likely to see change. For example, people using Advantage are more likely to be seen by a nurse practitioner as opposed to a medical doctor. This combined with ever-changing rates, coverage, and physician lists, Bynon shows the truth behind the switch.

Get Informed And Become An Expert

David W. Bynon appears to do his best and pour his heart into sharing this vital information for seniors all over the country. And his book, Why Medicare Advantage Plans are Bad does a good job of informing anyone that reads it.

This is such an important issue as it affects nearly every senior and Medicare user in the country. That’s a huge deal considering almost nobody understands everything about what’s going on with the different variables that exist in the healthcare system.

People that read the book will have a better understanding of the system and will be better prepared to navigate it themselves. Additionally, they can help the people around them. Losing coverages or suddenly finding you can’t afford to get the care you need because of a change can be devastating for a senior. It could even be fatal. That’s why the information in Why Medicare Advantage Plans are Bad is so important.

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