Guide on How to Hire Node.Js Developers: Skills, Salary, and Experiences

  • March 19, 2024
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Guide on How to Hire Node.Js Developers: Skills, Salary, and Experiences

Node.js has become such a popular framework among developers since it was released in 2009. Its unique benefits are why companies want to hire node.js developers for their server-side development. The framework is an open-source, cross-platform Javascript back-end runtime environment that is used to build fast and scalable applications. Node.js is asynchronous, event-driven, and runs in a single thread process eliminating the need of creating a new thread for every request. The non-blocking I/O mode does not block the thread and helps to handle many concurrent connections with a single server. Node.js developers can build and execute the code outside a web browser on the back-end, making network applications development faster. One of the reasons it has become so popular is that many front-end developers write the code in JavaScript (it’s the number one programming language globally). With Node.js used in back-end development, they will not need to learn another language but will have both client-side and server-side in the same programming language. This gives it a unique advantage over other back-end frameworks and has made the demand for dedicated node.js developers increase. Giant corporations like Netflix, eBay, Linked In, Microsoft, PayPal, IBM, Trello already use Node.js for their primary apps.

How to hire node.js developers

When you want to hire node. js developer, you need to consider the developer’s skill set, experience, and salary to pay the developer.


Complete Knowledge of JavaScript

As earlier said, Node.js runs on JavaScript, so it is fundamental and crucial that any Node.js developer to be hired must be versed in JavaScript. JavaScript has a programming language that has many frameworks in it, like Nest.js.

Creation of Database

Node.js developers you are evaluating to hire should be familiar with database creation and management. You will need to store data, create schemas, and update your records when managing front-end and back-end servers. The Node.js codebase will be inadequate to run the application, so you need your developer to be familiar with databases like MySQL, CouchDB, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and interaction through an Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) tool and integrating data from different sources into the system smoothly.

Asynchronous Programming

A significant reason for Node.js growing popularity is its asynchronous programming, which though it is relatively new, is vital for every Node.js developer to master. Asynchronous input and output allow two or more functions to be executed simultaneously, making coding more efficient and fast. By reducing the wait time between requests, thousands of requests can be handled concurrently. Without understanding this method, the developer will not be as efficient or productive. Hence, it is crucial to confirm your node.js app developer is familiar with non-blocking/asynchronous programming.

Front-end and other Node.js Frameworks

A unique benefit of Node.js is harmonizing the programming language for front-end and back-end development for web applications with front-ends written in JavaScript. Therefore, although Node.js is basically for back-end development, it is a big advantage for a node.js developer to be familiar with and comfortable in client-side development using different full stack MVC frameworks like jQuery Mobile, AngularJS, Ember, Backbone, React, Angular, and others.


Experience is an important consideration when hiring Node.js developers, especially concerning the size and complexity of your project. Skills and experience are basically linked as experience helps to acquire new skills and hone old ones. Therefore, you should consider the developers’ years of experience and involvement in projects which experts place at a minimum of 3 years working with the framework. In many ways, hiring an experienced node.js programmer is crucial to the success of your project.


Programmers earn differently due to many factors such as skill set and experience level. The country also has a bearing on how much you pay when you hire node.js developers, as some countries have low average incomes while others pay more. The average salary in the US is usually between $86,936 and $109,441 per year. The popularity of the framework also means more developers are learning it, providing a wider talent pool to choose from and influencing the pay.

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