Have You Been In A Truck Accident Recently? Here’s Some Important Advice

  • March 19, 2024
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Have You Been In A Truck Accident Recently? Here’s Some Important Advice

Truck safety is an extremely important issue in America today, not just because trucks are some of the largest vehicles on our roads, but also because more and more people are driving them. A large number of truck drivers are operating without proper training or license, so many more accidents may occur. Because of the size of these trucks versus other cars on the road today, they often cause serious injuries to non-truck drivers.

Truck accidents differ from car accidents in that truck drivers are often given more responsibility than most other drivers on roads. Truck accident claims can be complicated because there is so much involved with them. It takes skill and experience from attorneys dealing with these types of cases to ensure you receive full compensation for your injuries.

This article will provide you with information regarding what you should do if this has happened to you, what to expect for your future health care needs, who can help you, and how.

Take care of yourself.

First and foremost, you should get to a doctor who can ensure that you are alright. This may seem obvious but many people go untreated for injuries after a truck accident because they feel fine or refuse to go in. Sometimes the effects of an injury do not appear right away and you must allow your body time to heal. Expect long-term medical care if necessary. If you have insurance, be sure to use it and see your insurance company’s preferred network of doctors when possible.

If you do not have insurance, some places can help you get insurance and afford your treatments. There are also options on where to seek medical help. Although using an insurance company’s preferred network is good because they already have a relationship with the doctors in this network, that does not mean that these doctors are the only ones who can give you quality care. Don’t be afraid to go outside of your normal network if needed.

Take care of yourself

Talk with an attorney personally

It is important to know how the insurance company may approach your case. If you are uncomfortable discussing this with your insurance adjuster, then seek a truck accident lawyer in Oklahoma City and ask for advice on what you should expect and how they can help. You will also want to contact them right away after any type of accident because their caseloads become very large throughout the year and it can take several months for them to get back to you so don’t delay! Do not give recorded statements until you understand what legal steps you need to take.

You may be asked by the insurance company if they can check out your truck or take pictures before getting an agreement in writing regarding compensation for property damage or medical bills. These may seem like fair offers but remember that you are entitled to compensation for all of your injuries. You may not be fully aware of the extent of your injuries until after the insurance check has been sent out or sometime afterward. Be careful about making any decisions without legal advice because once you sign their papers, you are giving up your rights to further compensation down the road.

Another important piece of advice that I would give is to always speak with an attorney before signing any forms. Although insurance companies may claim to be working in your best interest, they are not working toward getting you full compensation for all damages and losses sustained in an accident if their offer does not meet this amount. They also want insurance premiums to stay low so they do not want to pay too much when it comes to claims. This alone can provide them with a good reason to keep you from receiving full compensation.

Seek medical treatment right away

The insurance company is only interested in paying for the value of what you are owed. After being in a truck accident, your injuries are not worth exactly what they were before this happened. This means that you are entitled to more compensation than when insurance companies offer it upfront so if the insurance adjuster’s offer does not meet full compensation, do not sign any papers!

Remember to take pictures of your injuries and damages right away after an accident with a truck has occurred. Insurance companies have been known to try and say that your injury was worse or less severe than it is to pay out less money. It’s also important that you don’t lose anything around your home because insurance companies will sometimes make accusations about losing evidence like receipts from medical procedures or pictures from the accident.

Keep records of all medical expenses

You would be surprised at how easily some things get lost or misplaced when dealing with claims adjusters. This is why you must keep all forms of documentation related to your injuries and damages sustained in a truck accident, including any medical expenditures.

You may also need to prove the extent of your injuries by providing proof for lost wages, which can be difficult if you had more than one job at the time of the accident. Keep track of everything so you are prepared when filing claims on both fronts (medical expenses and lost income) separately or together depending on your situation.

Learn about your injuries after recovery

Although you have probably been through all of this before, you must know that the recovery process can be extensive even with just a few injuries. You may not fully recover from your injuries for months or potentially over a year depending on how severe the accident was and what types of treatments are required to become healthy again.

Be sure to keep records of any type of therapy or rehabilitation sessions so they can be included in future claims if necessary due to ongoing pain or illness related to the accident. This will help strengthen any future claims because not only were you injured but there are ongoing issues as well due to the accident without proper compensation. Add this information to your injury claim paperwork with all other supporting

A truck accident can be a very traumatic experience. One moment, everything seems fine and the next you’re being rushed off to a hospital along with other injured people from the crash that could have been prevented if someone had been paying attention or driving more responsibly.

If you do not keep track of every cent that is spent on your behalf, then you may miss out on compensation that could be very valuable in regards to covering lost wages or giving you additional treatment options later down the road. Having this advice in mind will help you deal with insurance carriers and other entities involved in claims to ensure full compensation.

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