How To Enlarge Your YouTube Audience And Make Your Videos More Attractive

  • March 19, 2024
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How To Enlarge Your YouTube Audience And Make Your Videos More Attractive

The number of viewers and content creators on YouTube is booming and this growth looks unlikely to end soon. There are many YouTube automation tools available to help the users get rapid growth. Creators, who are on the platform to make a living, must still put in lots of groundwork and continual improvements to gain and grow their audience on Youtube.

Whether you are looking to monetize your content or just make your video blog content more watchable for your audience, there are a few simple things to do to improve the attractiveness of your vlog.

Have Accurate Translation for Subtitles

YouTube is used all around the world to watch a whole range of things including video blogs, sports, music videos, entertainment shows, documentaries, and comedy to name a few.

For this reason, you can expect people who speak different languages to watch your content. A good way to reach an audience who speaks a different language from you is to create translated subtitles or voice-overs, as this can be time-consuming so some people opt for a video translation service to save time. This will also likely ensure that all translations are accurate and relevant to your content.

Selecting the languages for your content to be translated into really depends on where your target audience is situated, or if you would like to expand your audience in a new country then investing in quality translation is well worth it.

Be Prepared to Film

Many scenes recorded by vloggers are spontaneous or improvised whilst others can be well prepared, elaborate, and planned weeks. Either way, it is always essential to be ready to shoot by having a smartphone with a high-quality camera handy, in case you don’t have all your usual equipment setup.

Preparation can also include writing scripts and storyboards, sourcing props and materials, researching locations, and creating costumes. Video blogs can cover a wide range of content, but being ready will help you to craft interesting and unique content.

Practice Makes Perfect

Videography and audio recording are no different from other creative processes such as playing an instrument or painting, which can take years of practice to hone. Even those who possess a natural talent for something have to practice regularly to learn new skills and tricks of the trade.

Ideally, you would make a weekly schedule of scenes to shoot in which you can incorporate experimentation with new skills and tips.

Study Your Audience

Building a large following on YouTube takes a long time, and to speed this up, it’s worth thinking about who your target audience is. Researching your viewers provides you with insights into their interests and the forms of content they want. Uploading the right content on a regular basis will increase your chances of getting more subscribers.

Keep Content Interesting and Engaging

Even though YouTube isn’t an outright social media network, it will help grow your audience if you build a community around your channel. This can be done by trying your best to read and reply to every comment, message, and tag.

Constant and authentic interactions with your viewers can make them feel comfortable, interested, and included in your content and creative process. Members of your audience can also interact with you by inspiring new content and projects.

Make Sure You Have the Right Camera

Buying a camera suitable for recording video doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, however, you need to make sure it can take clear and quality videos. Blurry, choppy, or pixelated videos are a real annoyance for your audience.

Your audience will be expecting sharp, good-quality videos. Most higher-end smartphones have capable in-built cameras or you can pick up a decent DSLR for an affordable price. Both of these you can use in combination with a tripod and portable light.

Make Sure You Have the Right Camera

Ensure Your Videos are Optimized

Creating unique and quality content is one side of growing your subscriber base, another is making sure that your content is optimized so it will rank well in YouTube searches.

All of your videos should have titles describing what it is and containing commonly searched keywords and phrases. Tagging your videos also helps them to rank and provide clear information to the audience about what they are going to watch.

Viewers’ attention spans are usually brief so it is best to keep your opening introduction short and catchy so they continue to watch further.

End screens and credits should be added where you can promote your other videos, website, and social media accounts. To keep the viewer engaged, end screens can be an on-screen overlay while current content continues to play.

Optimize Your Sound

Sound quality is equally important to the condition of the visuals. The first thing you will need to check is the setup of your audio. One equipment addition sure to improve sound quality is a microphone, which you can pick up for relatively cheap. Testing out a mic before filming is vital as well as filming in a quiet place without too much echo. Remember, excellent audio is needed to get your message across.

Depending on how much quiet you need when recording, you may also want to invest in a soundproofed studio with sound-dampening foam walls. Again this can be done without spending too much.

Focus on Editing

The quality of editing could well be the most critical matter of concern when upgrading the look of a vlog. Clumsy editing will make videos look unprofessional, cause the viewer to miss the message, and devalue a story.

Before you start editing or adding in any effects or animations, it is a good idea to be clear on your style and concept. Your editing should follow this style.

There are numerous editing suites and apps out there, some can be more complex than others requiring a speedy computer whilst some you can download onto a phone and edit a video quickly.

Growing your audience on YouTube is essential if you would like to monetize your channel and get the most reward for your creative efforts. For this reason, the tips above are there to help you make your content look, sound and feel more appealing, slick, and engaging.

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