How To Prepare For A Long Camping Trip Without Forgetting Anything

  • March 19, 2024
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How To Prepare For A Long Camping Trip Without Forgetting Anything

Nothing compares to the anticipation of the upcoming camping trip but do not let emotions take over because only a thoroughly planned adventure can fulfill your expectations. Packing is hardly the most exciting thing about hitting the road towards new places, exciting moments, and remarkable impressions, however, it’s crucial to the success of your mission. Having everything you might need when on the road or at a camping site at hand is especially important if you are plotting a long trip.

While some essential items such as a tent or a sleeping bag are almost impossible to forget, others are very easy to slip out of your list. Like always, you will realize you need them too late when you’re too far from home and without any possibility to get the coveted object. If you’ve already been there, then you know that even such a humble thing as a bug spray can make a huge difference between a perfect trip and the most terrible experience of the great outdoors in your whole life.

Without further ado, here is how to prepare for a long camping trip without forgetting anything. Of course, to not forget something, one should first put it on the list, therefore this article also covers some very important things you likely would have forgotten. Not now, read on to find out how to get ready for your perfect camping trip.

Make A List

camping trip list

We bet you enjoy creating your bucket list of places you want to visit. Well, compiling a list of things you have to pack is perhaps not so exciting but believe it or not, it can become a real game-changer able to make your trip far more enjoyable. To put together a relevant and full roster of things you might need on the road, try to think of every day of your voyage, considering possible situations separately.

For instance, you are having lunch. Do you have a cutting board and a knife to cut bread, cheese, meat, or whatever you are going to eat? What about washing dirty dishes? Well, if you are a proud owner of one of those fancy and spicy-pricey RVs, you may have a built-in dishwasher but if you are not, make sure to bring a dishwashing tube. Hopefully, tons of disposable plastic plates, forks, and cups are not an option.

Another question, which is even more vital: how are you going to clean yourself? After hours of hiking or enjoying another activity, are you just planning to slip into your sleeping bag? Day after day? Is that a plan? Naturally, you can think of a short swim in the river or a shower facility on site but campers worth their salt will tell you, you cannot really count on either of the two. On the contrary, they recommend not to leave your personal hygiene and health to chance because the best camping shower is the one you can bring with you and use it whenever and wherever you want. Portable showers come in different types but the great thing is, the majority of them are very affordable, so you just choose the one that caters to your needs.

Learn To Set Priorities

Learn To Set Priorities

The first step is always to create an as extensive roster of things you might need as possible. However, it is obvious, you hardly will have enough space to take them all, unless your vehicle has an infinite trunk. Fortunately, in the great bulk of cases, at least half of your list makes things that are not so necessary or can be easily replaced by other items that serve another purpose.

To start with, people (newly-minted campers, especially) tend to bring too many clothes, drawing imaginative pictures of them wearing this and that in different situations. One tracksuit for walking in the forest, another for climbing up the hill, and that fancy designer sweat suit for cozy evenings in the company of new friends. The truth is, you will never use so many pieces of clothes on your camping trip as you can squeeze into your luggage, you simply won’t have time and desire to change your clothes so often.

However, there are items you have to pack because they are important for campers. First off, think of your shoes, which have to be comfortable and suitable for the local weather conditions and outdoor activities you have in mind. It’s a no-brainer, you will need at least two pairs of comfy sneakers, so you can change them after long walks. Make sure to bring along a pair of waterproof boots, so rain won’t surprise you and interfere with your plans. In the case of long trips, carefully check the weather conditions because when you are far from home, even strong wind can cause huge problems without a dedicated jacket.

Research Your Route

Sometimes you cannot just take everything you need but you can buy many things when on the road. That’s why it’s a good idea to research your route and find out your options in terms of shopping malls, supermarkets, or local shops. Naturally, the majority of camping sites would have small stores but firstly, they mainly offer food and essentials such as toothbrushes or shampoos, and secondly, the prices are usually much higher than at your local supermarket.

The point is, to pack items that are both essential and expensive to buy – it makes perfect sense to bring along things for which you are sure you’ll need them. On the other side, if there is something you are not quite sure whether or not you might use at all, see if it can be bought at a reasonable price somewhere near your campsite. Set aside enough time to do research, all the more so, in these days and age, everything can be found on the internet.

Preparing for a long camping trip doesn’t necessarily have to be overwhelming. It’s important to make a comprehensive list of things you might need and then just clearly set the priorities. Brush on your list constantly and there’s no chance you’ll forget something.

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