How to Properly Conduct a Home Inspection

  • March 19, 2024
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How to Properly Conduct a Home Inspection

When selling or buying a home, it is almost always necessary that a third party inspects the property in order to evaluate the home professionally. The goal of a home inspection is to ensure that your home is up to structural standards that are up to code, in order to guarantee the safety and security of those who intend to move into the property.

Home inspections usually aren’t required by law or otherwise, but are considered standard practice when dealing with the sale or purchase of a home. Here are some vital aspects to check when conducting your home inspection.


As the name suggests, the foundations of your home can be the main cause of several vital issues. Anything from cracks in your walls, to windows or doors that stick or do not latch properly, to bulges in walls, can signify foundation damage.

Given that a home’s foundations are critical to the safety of a home, this must be an aspect that is thoroughly inspected to avoid any devaluation or warnings applied to your home upon buying or selling. This tends to especially be the case with old homes.

Walls, Flooring and Ceiling

One of the biggest issues to check for is the condition of your walls, flooring and ceiling. These are aspects that are integral to your home’s structural integrity. Generally speaking, water damage or mold are the main issues to look out for, as well as issues such as termite damage which can all affect the main aspects of your home to become compromised.

Especially if widespread, these are issues that can lead to hefty maintenance or replacement bills come into play. Not to mention, that it can lead to hefty financial damages or even the deterioration of your property’s reputation on the market.


Making sure that the drains and pipes around your home are the main methods of checking that any plumbing issues around your home are addressed. You need to ensure that all faucets are functioning correctly, all pipes are not leaking and all drains aren’t clogged.

This will also help to ensure that the water pressure within your home is as optimal as possible, these will not only ensure the comfort and satisfaction of new residents but also avoid devaluation of your property.


Damaged roofing can not only cause water leaks, but it can also cause dirt and pests to easily infiltrate your home. The ability of your home to insulate with regards to temperature can also be compromised due to damaged roofing, which is one of the main aspects a homeowner will experience after moving in.

Although inadequate roofing may have been commonplace in the past, the luxuries expected of a home in the present day mean it is an issue that cannot be overlooked.


Another vital aspect of any home is the electrical system. Many homeowners may suffice with a simple test of the lighting and appliances, it is important to make sure that all electrical outlets are tested.

Whether there is anything connected directly to the system or not, it’s critical that there are no short circuits or malfunctions in a home’s electrical systems since electricity has become a vital part of all our lives.


Though not all homes may have a basement, if your property has a basement it is vital that it is in solid condition. One of the main sources of basement damage is poorly planned heating and plumbing. Similar to roofing, a basement can also be damaged through external water leakages, groundwater, or termite damage, which also have a negative structural impact on your home.

Indoor humidity is also a frequently occurring issue that can lead to the deterioration of a basement, which can also lead to structural compromisation given the placement of a basement within a home.

Heating & A/C

Climate control is another vital factor in any home, especially those located in especially cold or hot climates. This is something that will guarantee the comfort of the future homeowners or yourself (in the case of a purchase).

Whether it’s a gas-powered heating system, an air conditioning system or a furnace, maintaining a home’s internal temperature is not only vital to the occupants but also a critical factor in ensuring a home’s stability structurally speaking.

Consider Consulting A Professional

A home inspection is something that can be conducted by most with the right knowledge and preferably prior experience, the best way to guarantee it is done to the highest standards is through a qualified professional.

A professional home inspection can be sourced via real estate businesses or by simply searching online. The information provided at, suggests that it makes sense to create a checklist so that you’re able to keep tabs of what’s being done around the house by the professionals. This will save you the hassle of dealing with any inspections and due repairs personally, saving you a lot of time and effort.

Consider Consulting A Professional

Don’t Overlook The Details

Details such as paint, the operation of doors, drawers and cupboards and other often overlooked issues are of utmost importance. Before a homeowner is able to assess the living conditions and functionality of a home, they will often notice issues that are either aesthetic or functional.

Most homeowners will look for convenience and aesthetic appeal before any deeper issues are uncovered, face value is something most buyers or sellers will gravitate towards as most people are not versed in the finer details of a home’s integrity and usability.


It’s important that the rectification of any issues identified during a home inspection are prioritized correctly. Even though issues regarding aesthetics and creature comforts are important, issues such as structural integrity and functionality are of the utmost priority.

It is necessary that you ensure that you do not prioritize any issues that are not essential to the safety and wellbeing of the occupants (yourself or otherwise) to any other issues which will not pose a direct threat or source of danger.

A home inspection is one of the most impactful undertakings regarding the purchase or sale of a home. Although it is something which can be done personally, it is recommended that is done by consulting the services of a qualified professional who can accurately and efficiently address all the issues involved.

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