Hurt In An Accident? Here’s What You Need To Do First

  • March 19, 2024
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Hurt In An Accident? Here’s What You Need To Do First

No one wants to have to deal with pain or the trauma that comes along with getting involved in an accident. In the few seconds that follow an accident, you may feel utter shock and confusion. It is usually hard to process what happened. Being involved in an accident is one of the most difficult situations you may ever face in your life. The trauma of the situation may lead you to reckless reactions and make mistakes that may limit your right to be compensated or even impose liability upon you for the whole incident. Because getting injured can have several physical, psychological, and financial consequences, there are some steps you need to take right after being involved in an accident to protect yourself and your rights. On that note, read on to know the first things you need to do after getting hurt in an accident.

Ensure Everyone’s Safety

The first thing you need to do at the accident scene is to check on everyone on board to make sure they’re okay. If you’re able to move, turn on the emergency flashers and step outside your vehicle. However, if you or the other passengers are severely injured, call 911 immediately to send an ambulance and file a report. Additionally, you may want to set up flares around the scene to alert other drivers. Ideally, you should leave the scene untouched until the police arrive. However, if the car is causing a hazard in the middle of the road, try moving it to the side, if you’re able to, to avoid impeding traffic.

Document The Scene

Before you go about moving your vehicle to the side of the road, try to document everything on the scene. Use your smartphone to capture photos of every bit of detail, including the location of where the accident happens and different angles of both vehicles, showing debris and damage. These pictures will come in handy once you get in touch with your insurance company. Moreover, it is wise not to say anything that may condemn you or limit your rights. Don’t apologize or admit that you’re wrong, even if it seems impolite. You should contact your personal injury attorney and they will tell you what to do. Even if the accident is minor, you still need a professional attorney to help you get the highest insurance possible and protect your rights.

Exchange Information

It is crucial to exchange contact details with the involved drivers on the accident scene as they will be needed later when it is time to deal with insurance claims. Make sure you document this information: the driver’s name and contact number, their insurance information if they have any, their license number, and the make and model of their vehicle, including the license plate number. When the police arrive, make sure you ask for the report number and the names and badge numbers of the present police officers. It may seem like a lot of work, but it is necessary to ensure your right to receive proper compensation if applicable.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Now that you have documented evidence and the other driver’s information, it is time to make an insurance claim. Try to contact your insurance company first thing after obtaining all the necessary information from the other driver. It is recommended that you reach your insurer before the other party reports a claim. Furthermore, it is mandatory to contact your insurance company even if the accident is minor. If you fail to do so, you may lose your right to get compensated. Moreover, you should never contact your insurer on your own. Your lawyer should be the one doing the talking. Insurance companies will do their best to give the least compensation possible. Therefore, you need your attorney to talk to them and do their best to provide you with the compensation you deserve.

Don’t Overlook Medical Treatment

If you’ve been seriously injured, you have to receive proper medical treatment immediately. The last thing you need to worry about is the medical expenses; your health is more important. Bear in mind that the more you postpone receiving medical attention, the more probable it is that the insurance company will dispute that you were injured in the first place. Unless you’ve been seriously hurt, most injuries that follow an accident don’t show up until a few days or weeks later. Therefore, it is best to do a full evaluation within a few days of the incident.

Hire An Attorney

If your injuries were caused by an accident, you should look for an experienced attorney to represent you. Your lawyer will prioritize your case and fight for your rights to receive maximum compensation. Moreover, your attorney will guide you through the whole process, offering you legal advice and assistance on different levels. Although you may end up paying a lot of money to your attorney, they are able to make your compensation 2-3 times higher than individuals who represent themselves.

Jot Down Everything

After an accident, you should document everything in a journal or diary, describing all the details of the incident. If your case requires a lawsuit, it may take years to have your case ready to be received by the court. Therefore, you have to record the details of the accident, the injuries that are caused by it, the medical treatment you receive, and all the expenses the accident incurs. Your journal will help you recollect the smallest details that may become forgotten or overlooked over time.

Jot Down Everything

Whether you’ve been involved in a serious collision or experienced a slight fender-bender, the trauma that follows an accident may linger for some time. It may leave you in shock, or worse, with serious injuries that may affect your life drastically. Some mandatory things need to be done right after having an accident. Save the mentioned tips, should you face a similar situation. Last but not least, make sure to perform regular maintenance on your vehicle, drive safely, and be careful not to violate any road rules.

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