Prince Harry says that he and his family members cant come back to the UK unless they are allowed to pay for police safety;

  • March 20, 2024
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Prince Harry says that he and his family members cant come back to the UK unless they are allowed to pay for police safety;

Due to a lack of police protection, Prince Harry and his family cannot come back to his home. Because he wants extra security for his family. But the government doesn’t allow him to pay extra security for protection. Harry is a prince and grandson of Queen Elizabeth. That’s why he needs extra security because he belongs to the royal family. 

His American wife Meghan quit his career from royal duties and start her new career in Los Angeles. That’s why this couple wants to rely on a privately funded security team if the government didn’t provide them extra police security.

Then prince Harry challenges to Government decision that does not agree with him to pay personally for extra security.

A legal representative for Harry states his own choice to get a review in which a  court examines that the decision harry made for paying money for extra police security from his pocket is legal or fair.

The representative gives this statement to the court. If the court does not allow Harry then without police protection Harry and his family never returned to his home.

In January 2020;

In January 2020, when Duke and Meghan announced that they are no more working members of the royal family they lost the taxpayer-funded security of the UK that was granted to senior royals. According to the statement of the representative, Harry gives the offer to pay for continued police safety. But this approval is not accepted by the home office UK.

According to the statement of the representative, Prince Harry has a fear of security risks from his birth. He served in Afghanistan and did his two tours of duty. In the current year, he and his family face Neo Niazi and extreme threats.

His representative said in the statement Harry’s role in the institution has altered but his profile as a royal member has not changed. Nor become a source of threat for Harry and his family. In Canada Harry, Meghan, and their son whose name is Archie migrate toward the US where his departure from the royal family is present. Here Harry hired his security team. But according to his representative, this security team is not much enough because the level of security he wants is not provided. Due to less security, Harry is affected by a lot of problems.

In July 2020;

In July 2020, harry come back from a UK trip. He comes back for unveiling his mother statue whose name is Diana and she is the princess of wales where he has not enough police security. That’s why his security was compromised because some photographers chased his car when he left a charity event. Here he takes legal action because he is too much compromised on his safety. After a lot of controversies, a notice comes in which some things are mentioned. For others who left public office and or have the risk of security then full police protection is given to them without any cost.

 The legal representative said that the main goal of Harry is to ensure their family members that they are fully secure in their home country. 

When another attempt was rejected then he challenges the decision-making related to the security in January 2021. So the court re-evaluated the decision of extra protection which is required. Meghan and Archie do not come back to the UK nor the daughter of the couple who was born on June 4, 2021. in California.

Security becomes a basic necessity for the couple due to too many death threats. Because it is very important for them because they announced that they step back from senior royal members. In this situation, they want more security as compared to others. That’s why they just believe in the Home office which is from the Metropolitan police. Because they provide him full protection for his family.

They disclosed all the things in front of the Government. Like what they suffer in that situation so that they move to the publically funded security place. But the president whose name is Donald Trump said that the US will not pay for his protection.

In July 2020

Meghan’s statement;

Harry wants that in his home country his children and wife become safe. He just wants his family protection, with less security in the UK he has a personal risk of security. In the interview of this couple with Oprah in March 2021, Meghan tells all the situations where their family suffered from high stress when they are losing their security team.

 Harry’s wife said in his statement’ when our security team loses then I wrote many letters in which I clearly say please I know that our security is not the priority for you but save my husband and provide him a high-security service. Please don’t pull the security team of my husband because there are many death threats are running. These are all words of Meghan for her husband when the government pulled the security team of his husband.


Harry has a royal background and he is a prince and grandson of Elizabeth who is also a great princess. The UK is the hometown of Harry and he needs extra security for returning to the UK. He just wants an extra police security team for his children and wife. He just wants that his family was properly secure in their home country.  But the government never allows Harry for paying money for his security team. Harry challenges the government’s decision and tries that maybe the court change his decision and provide them full security. 

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