Here’s A Short Explainer Expose A Viral Story About Leonardo DiCaprio Taking His Girlfriend Camila Morrone On The “Worst Date Of My Life”

  • March 21, 2024
  • 3 min read
Here’s A Short Explainer Expose A Viral Story About Leonardo DiCaprio Taking His Girlfriend Camila Morrone On The “Worst Date Of My Life”

Leonardo DiCaprio is a great Star Wars nerd. This information is new to me, but I feel that it checks out.

Although with that said, he did not, he makes his girlfriend sit through the entire franchise’s movies, reminding her to call the experience the “worst date of my life.” ( according to our limited knowledge)

Let me retract a little: A satire page on Twitter with the username @LeCinephiles tweeted a fake story about the Don’t Look Up star. It read BREAKING: Leonardo’s ex-girlfriend describes the “worst date of my life” with the actor.

The tweet was conveyed by a fake quote: “He rented out an entire cinema, and made me watch each Star Wars movie while he ran over with his lightsaber pretending to fight bad guys.

First, the forty-seven-year-old A-lister is still probably dating a twenty-four-year-old model and actor Camila Morrone. They were first romantically back in 2017.

Second, in case you do not desire to take me at my word, the has reasserted many times that it is a sarcastic account. For example, it once tweeted about a new James Corden variant known as “Cordiant” that has specific symptoms, including the essential to be unfunny, and the requirement to show in every single Hollywood production.

Now, as regards celebs being complete weirdos go, this is surely not high on the list, and I can see why people would take it at face value. Also, Objectively picturing Leo running over dark, empty theater-making lightsaber noises is so humorous, I miserably wish it were true.

And let’s not forget, there is a bit of a precedent: Jonah Hill just now disclose (in a certain interview with a for-real magazine, and the name of that magazine is W Mag) that his costar made him watch The Mandalorian during filming the Adam McKay satire.

And it was like, Baby Yoda was so sweet and cute, but I just didn’t give a fuck because I did not know anything that it was about, “Jonah said, additionally he earlier had a rule about not watching series which are fantasy because he would usually lose focus.

After the tweet viral from @LeCinephiles, the account put a question to journalists to interview the star about the viral aspect.

By the looks of it on Twitter, both the fake and real Star Wars-themed stories look to have upraised Leo’s star status, as fans demonstrated their readiness for a marathon date.

Matthew Marsden retweeted and write “ Is it bad that I now want to go on a date with Leonardo DiCaprio?

Kristen Hughey retweeted and write “That was not a date, That was a test and she failed miserably.

A person Nikhil retweeted and write “ It is so hard to see other people living your dream.”

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