15 Toxic Trends on Instagram That Should Be Banned

  • March 21, 2024
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15 Toxic Trends on Instagram That Should Be Banned

Instagram is one of the biggest and famous social media platforms all over the world. With above a billion users, it is no secret that this social media platform affects both children and adults alike. From entertainment to shopping, Instagram is expanding to be a one-stop-destination for all. In the previous few years, we have all noticed the growth of problematic content being published as “entertainment.” here are a few of the most toxic trends that I think honestly should just be restricted.

1. Cancel culture

Cancel culture

While calling out and keeping people responsible for their actions is essential, canceling culture publicly humiliates a person and doesn’t give them an opportunity to see their blunder and become a better person. It is nearly just become a trend to cancel someone rather than together trying to teach one another to a better person.

2. Sadfishing


Sadfishing is a trend in which celebrities and influencers come on live broadcasts and cry for power. Showing human emotions is important but crying on live streaming is just ridiculous. So, I think this trend should be restricted.

3. Glorification of overworking

Glorification of overworking

Not each hobby has to be a hustle. We are permitted to have innovative outlets that do not obtain the money.

4. The idea of a “perfect” life

4. The idea of a "perfect" life

It is a joke that makes other people feel deficient about their own lives.

5. Inability to tolerate disagreements

Inability to tolerate disagreements

Not everyone has to agree with your beliefs and opinions. Can’t we all just agree and disagree on something? Absolutely, some problems are completely white and black. For example, there is never any justification to agree with homophobia. But can we accept that there is much more grey area when it comes to many topics?

6. Filming strangers

Filming strangers

Filming strangers has also become a trend that disturbs anyone’s private life. You may not want your life to be private but I want mine to be. So, this trend should also be banned.

7. Pranks that can cause physical harm

7. Pranks that can cause physical harm

Pranks like going out and licking things during the global pandemic and drinking sanitizers become the trend on Instagram and they also can cause physical harm. So, we should restrict this trend as soon as possible.

8. “Influencers” giving out financial and health advice

Influencers" giving out financial and health advice

Many Influencers give out financial and health advice, but they do not have a medical degree. Skincare influencers are usually not dermatologists so there is a chance that their advice could be harmful to your skin.

9. Public grieving

Public grieving

The public grieving of targets of violent crimes without even talking to the victims’ families and their emotions into consideration. Your #hashtagRIP is not as sympathetic as you think it is.

10. Child influencers

Child influencers

Family influencers prank their kids and get profit by making them do things on the screen. These are also against ethics so these types of pranks should be banned.

11. Demanding unsolicited gifts

Demanding unsolicited gifts

The trend of influencers requesting gifts from smallish businesses and threatening them to post bad reviews about their product if they don’t agree. Is not that just blackmail? I think such trends should also be banned.

12. Recording yourself helping people in need of clout

Recording yourself helping people in need of clout

You do not require to broadcast your “selfless” nature. Just for the sake of attraction and power people record themselves and ask for help from people. These are just creepy things so such trends should be banned.

13. Making stress, depression, OCD, and other regular mental diseases an aesthetic

Making stress, depression, OCD, and other regular mental diseases an aesthetic

No, you are not a little ADHD or OCD. mental illnesses are not adjectives. So this trend should also be banned.

14. Unrealistic beauty standards

Not every picture has to be posed. Body hair, cellulite, hip dips, etc are not unhealthy or weird, they are just normal. So stop making unrealistic beauty standards.

15. Expecting entertainers to educate

Expecting entertainers to educate

Not every educator or entertainer has to talk about each and every issue. Nobody has a duty to educate you but yourself. So stop expecting entertainers to educate you, you are the only one who can educate yourself.

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