Married People, What’s Your Top Secret That You have Kept From Your Partner?

  • March 21, 2024
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Married People, What’s Your Top Secret That You have Kept From Your Partner?
Married People

No marriage is completely flawless. It takes genuine work, no matter how much you and your spouse(s) may adore and love each other.


And yet many people say “ Communication” is the key to a successful marriage, sometimes people keep secrets from their partners, regardless they are for a right reason or a wrong one.


Maybe you have been married before and even have kids with an ex, but you are keeping it secret from your existing spouse for super-personal causes.

 existing spouse

Maybe you won millions of dollars in the lottery and decided to keep it secret from your partner because you do not like the money to change everything and you are completely happy with your existing lifestyle.

completely happy

Or Perhaps, you slept with your husband’s twin brother and keep it secret and swore to God that you had taken this secret to your GRAVE.

Secrets You Should Always Keep from Your Spouse

Traditional understandings teach us that laying is bad, lying to a dearest friend is worse, and lying to a lover is forbidden. The building blocks of a fine relationship are comity, integrity, and above all honesty. If you break any part of that base, you will see the whole shebang comes crash down.

But let’s face it that life is not as simple as we think. sometimes keeping secrets is necessary for a healthy relationship. For example, does she need to know that you hate her buddies? Would it help if he learned your feelings about his beef stew? On both questions, the answer is no. and that is just being sincere.

You Dislike One of Their Family Members

You Dislike One of Their Family Members

This is one of the toughest secrets to keep, but one of the most essential. You probably don’t have to tell that you love them, but emitting hate will only Backfire. And if their sister, brother, uncle, mother, father, or whoever honestly is terrible, in the end, this issue will come to clear and you play an understanding role.

You Think One Of Their buddies Is Hot

You Think One Of Their buddies Is Hot

If you are attracted to one of their close friends, it’s okay to keep that a secret. Of course, if it is just a little bit of attraction, it’s not a big issue. You had made everything instantly annoying if you told your spouse that you think their friend is hot.

Anything Negative Your Friends or Family Say About Them

Anything Negative Your Friends or Family Say About Them

It is best if you don’t share the introductory negative reactions that your loved ones had about your spouse. These comments can be very upsetting and difficult to get from. If you share them, your spouse will remember what was said and later on, might use them as proof that you friends and family never liked from the beginning.

What You Weren’t Initially Attracted to Them

What You Weren't Initially Attracted to Them

Attraction frequently increased after getting to know someone. Thoughtlessly, mentioning that it took some time for you to become close to your spouse is not helpful or amusing to them. This is comprehensively irrelevant and hurtful. You are now with them for a particular reason, so you don’t need to share such things. They can disturb your healthy relationship.

Your Minor Relationship Doubts

Your Minor Relationship Doubts

There are times in both long-standing and new relationships when you might find yourself asking whether you want the relationship to continue. If it is for the first time then don’t share them with your partner. These beginning thoughts are not good for your healthy relationship because they will generate hurtful feelings and insecurity.


This is a judgment-free zone. Use the comments box below to let know us the biggest secret you have ever kept from your partner.

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