Simple Tips That Will Help You Take Better Care Of Your Bones

  • March 18, 2024
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Simple Tips That Will Help You Take Better Care Of Your Bones

Our bones age just like any other organ in our bodies. Not everyone, however, takes proper care of their bones. Bones mainly develop in early childhood and become more substantial during a person’s adolescence period. Of course, it is very important during this period to focus on strengthening one’s bones. This does not necessarily mean that you should stop taking care of your bones’ health in adulthood. If you want to lower the risk of getting bone diseases and maintain your general health for the future, then you should try your best to follow the tips below. These tips are applicable no matter how old you are, and it is never too late to take these precautions into consideration.

1- Eat Your Vegetables

This is advice that we’ve all heard, at least when we were younger. Children are always encouraged to eat vegetables, and it is an extremely essential way to ensure that your bones remain as strong as possible. Many vegetables contain vitamin C which promotes bone growth and increases your bone mineral density. Basically, Vitamin C stimulates the creation of bone-forming cells in your body. If you do not have enough greens in your diet, then you might experience some issues in bones, maybe not right away, but certainly in the future.

2- Increase Vitamin D Exposure

Another vitamin that is essential for the strength of your bones is vitamin D. If you do not have the chance to get regular exposure to sunlight due to a job that requires you to stay indoors most of the day, then you can incorporate vitamin D supplements into your diet. Vitamin D helps your body absorb the calcium it needs to build up your bones properly. This is why mothers are encouraged to expose their children to sunlight on a daily basis even as newborns. A person requires an estimate of 1000 to 2000 IUs of vitamin D in their body to ensure proper absorption of calcium.

3- Use Protective Gear in Sports

Playing sports is a great way to stay physically fit and active. However, always use protective gear if you play a sport such as American football or rugby, which is a close contact sport that can result in injuries if played without being careful. Not only can playing such a sport result in breaking an arm or leg from a fall, but it can also result in worse breaks. For example, a fall can result in your cheekbone or even your lacrimal bone breaking. Even small bones such as the lacrimal bone have an important function in your body, so it is imperative that you take care of them. Do not forget to wear shoulder and knee pads as well as a helmet to protect your head.

4- Strengthen Your Bones with Exercise

As mentioned above, being physically fit is important. Even if you are not into sports, you should take time out of your day to exercise. Lifting weights, doing high-impact exercises such as jogging, stair-climbing, or practicing sports such as tennis is a great way to keep your bones strong. If you already have issues like osteoporosis then it is best to consult your doctor about which of these different physical activities you can participate in without putting yourself in danger.

5- Get A Bone Mineral Density Test Done

If you suspect that your bones are not in good health, you should not wait too long to get a checkup. Bone issues can become worse with time, especially if you are not aware of what you are dealing with. Getting a bone mineral density test done will alert you to any issues that can affect your future. The older you get, the more attention you need to pay to different signs and conduct the proper tests as soon as possible. This will allow you to take proper steps towards maintaining your health for as long as possible.

6- Stop Bad Habits

Usually, people advise others to quit smoking because of the bad effects it has on the respiratory system. Unfortunately, the horrible impact on your lungs is not the only thing that smoking causes. Bones are also affected by smoking. Smoking lowers your bone mineral density, which has been mentioned previously of how essential it is for your bones’ health. Another bad habit that you should limit or stop altogether is drinking alcohol. Just like smoking, drinking alcohol in excess can result in lowering the minerals in your body and affect the absorption of nutrients.

7- Limit Caffeine Intake

Limit Caffeine Intake

Many people nowadays cannot survive without caffeine in their lives. Whether you need coffee to get through your day, or you drink a lot of cola, you need to work on limiting your intake of caffeine. This is because various studies have shown that drinking caffeine can lower the rate of calcium absorption in the body. If you cannot go without coffee, then you need to try decreasing the number of cups you drink a day until you reach one cup a day.

8- Increase Calcium Intake

Calcium is an essential nutrient for your body. Calcium is the main component of bones in your body. You can increase your intake of calcium either by eating calcium-rich foods or incorporating calcium supplements into your daily diet. Most dairy products are full of calcium, but if you cannot consume dairy for any reason whatsoever, then you can find replacements including leafy greens such as kale and spinach.

9- Check Your Medication for Side Effects

Some medications, especially hormone medications can have effects on your bones. If you believe that you are experiencing such effects due to prescribed medication, then you should immediately check with your physician for whether this prescription has possible side effects or not. Your physician should also be aware of any issues you are experiencing when it comes to your bones so that he can prescribe you medication that will not make your issues worse.

It is important to be well informed about how your bones can weaken and take necessary precautions against issues that can arise due to having an insufficient diet or bad habits. Following these tips is going to ensure that you remain as healthy as possible. It is never too late to take better care of your bones, and luckily, these tips can be incorporated easily into your life.

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