Want to Make It Big on Spotify? Follow These 7 Tips

  • March 19, 2024
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Want to Make It Big on Spotify? Follow These 7 Tips

In a constantly changing market, it is really important that you promote your music. Fortunately for you, there are more and more tools out there that can help you to do so. Streaming has become a strong, prevailing pillar of the recorded music sector. It is now responsible for representing more than 50% of the music market across the globe. In 2019, there were more than 350 million users who paid to use premium streaming services worldwide, with Spotify at the top of their list. These results put them far ahead of their competitors like Apple Music, Amazon Music, and YouTube music, saying something about how much people enjoy Spotify. It is important that any artist, established or aspiring, really put effort into developing their brand on the platform and boost their streams. Here are seven tips to help you make it big on Spotify.

1. Be Active On Social Networks

Promoting your playlists as well as your new songs through social media is a great way to stay connected with people who like your music, and it is important that you stay engaging. This is what drives traffic to your Spotify profile and is essential to boost your account, as Spotify has algorithms that monitor your activity.

If you don’t have a big following, some people suggest that you buy Spotify plays; this is a sneaky way to boost your popularity in the algorithm. The easiest way to attract new listeners is to feed your profile with exclusive content consistently. This can include covers, live versions of a song, remixes, featured artists, etc. The more listeners and streams you have, the more you will start to appear in searches and playlists that are custom Spotify playlists.

2. Create A Spotify For Artists (The Best Way To Analyse Your Streams)

When you create a “Spotify for Artists” account, it instantly verifies your account, which is good as it adds to your credibility. It will also give you access to all sorts of super helpful features. This includes data analysis as well as notifications as soon as your music is added to a playlist. It is important that you keep track of this data and try to note any trends that appear. This is a completely free feature and allows you to see who is listening to your music, as well as which of your songs are most popular with your listeners.

3. Make Your Own Playlists To Promote Your Music

Creating playlists of your own on Spotify allows you to put all of your music together in one place. You can have fun with these and pin them to your homepage, which acts as a great way to showcase them and make it easy for people to find them, as well as to make sense of what sort of music you listen to.

Get creative with your playlists. Put something together based on your mood or a specific theme. Be sure to include songs from artists that inspire you and add a few of your own songs that sound similar to others on the list. It can be incredibly easy for you to overdo this, so take care not to. The key to success here is to stay authentic, and if you are not perceived this way, fans and potential listeners will lose interest. Another trick is to collaborate with other artists on a playlist. This exposes your playlists as well as your songs to a much larger audience. This gets you more fans and streams.

It is important that you continue to add tracks to your playlists on a regular basis. People who have subscribed to your profile will be notified each time you update these playlists. This practice leads to your listeners regularly consulting your profile, as well as sharing it with other people. This boosts your visitors and the number of streams.

4. Spotify Ad Studio

Spotify Ad Studio allows you to create and manage a Spotify audio advertising campaign. This allows you to create an audio recording of 30 seconds or less for Spotify users to hear during a commercial break between songs. You also have an image that you can click on that will take listeners to your profile or a specific song. This feature also allows you to track where your listeners are and to target new listeners more accurately.

5. Use A Spotify Code

If you haven’t heard of a Spotify code, this is a QR code that you can put on a webpage, your social media, and more. It makes accessing your profile, playlists, albums, and songs much easier. Spotify has a built-in scanner for this feature.

6. Integrate Spotify Plug-Ins Into Your Communications

The subscribe button on Spotify allows your fans to access and listen to your music without restrictions. What this means is that when a user clicks the subscribe button for your account, they follow all of your activities and music on the platform. As you now know, Spotify notifies you when you post new music, but you probably didn’t know that it even notifies your subscribers when you post about gigs close to them. People who are not subscribed to you will only be able to enjoy a 30-second preview of your tracks, so get promoted and let them know what they’re missing.

7. Get Heard By People Who Create Playlists To Gain Streams

This is one of the trickier options on this list. If you go this route, you must know exactly which genre of music you play and who the audience you are addressing is. This might sound ridiculous, but people still get it wrong and think they are appealing to your group by playing a certain genre and are actually doing something completely different.

When you are an artist, the best way to get more streams is to appear on playlists, we have mentioned this quite a bit. The best playlists to appear on are those created by musical influencers. These are usually curated for a niche and could share your music with people who are beyond your current reach.


Now that you have a few ideas to boost your Spotify account and get yourself out there!

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