Why Are QR Codes Becoming Popular? Learn About Its Origin, Uses, Pros and Cons, And More

  • March 18, 2024
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Why Are QR Codes Becoming Popular? Learn About Its Origin, Uses, Pros and Cons, And More

QR codes are everywhere today. From Wi-Fi zones to departmental stores to even groceries, it is ubiquitous. These digital codes have eased our data sharing and also helped in financial transactions. However, people know less about its origin, true potential and are unaware of its pros and cons. Here we will be exploring everything related to QR codes.

What is QR Code

What is QR Code

Let’s begin with the abbreviation. What is QR anyway? QR stands for Quick Response. It helps us receive information as quickly as possible. It is a barcode coded with vital information within a square black and white pattern about something it is attached to. For example, it may give us some product information upon scanning if attached to a mobile phone.

When and Why Was QR Code Invented?

QR code was first used in 1994 AD by a Japanese automotive company ‘Denso,’ a Toyota subsidiary. They exploited the invention to track vehicles and parts during manufacturing with more accuracy.

Is Barcode and QR Code different?

Yes. Bar code and QR Codes are different territories. Bar Code is limited in scope. It is a one-dimensional set up where data are encoded left to the right format. Due to this, limited information can be integrated into bar codes. Furthermore, they could only use alphabets and numerals.

QR code is the extension of the Bar codes for more data input. Barcodes are one-dimensional, while QR Codes are two-dimensional. They can be coded and read left to right and top to bottom. Thus, QR codes can incorporate more data using alphanumeric, numeric bytes, etc.

The Uses of QR Codes

QR Codes are everywhere these days. From gadgets packages to stores to even clothes, they have become a handy tool to share data with consumers. Let’s discuss QR code functionalities below.

QR Code In China And India

Both China and India have become reinforcing factors of QR Codes. Especially after the COVID-19 pandemic stagnated the economy and froze people’s activities, QR Codes became a viable medium to run their activities.

In Covid-19 affected China, people resorted to QR Codes utility. From dangling a code on a pet to donate alms, a beggar, QR Code has gone mainstream in China.

Many Chinese have started using QR Codes to send cash as gifts rather than risky boxes of gifts to avoid potential virus infection. They put a QR Code on their pets’ leash that contains their pet’s photo in case they go missing. QR Codes have become very useful to apply for vacancies as well, and grocery stores and product endorsements are already well implemented via QR Codes.

They are doing all they could to avoid physical contact, and for that, QR Codes are the most trustworthy ally.

The Chinese government even exploited the QR Codes to monitor their citizens’ movements to help curb the spread of Corona during their worst.

In India, QR code usage has dramatically surged. They are using the codes to people aware of environmental preservation. Today more Indians are utilizing QR Codes to pay their bills. It has become useful for citizens’ identification as well.

Newspapers in India print QR Codes to provide more information to their readers. Businesses are using them to promote their brands to reach new consumers.

Business people are using QR Codes to share their names, contacts, locations, and other details. No physical cards, no physical contacts. Let QR share your identity.

The QR code is also being used for digital payments around the world. Similarly, Techmandu reports that QR code based payment has risen exponentially in Nepal.

Instant Login With QR Code

With QR Codes, you can easily log in to a site even if you forget your username and passwords. When a user creates an account to a site for the first time, the site provides a unique QR code for login, and the user only has to scan it. After this, a new account is created.

The next time the user visits the site, he/she doesn’t have to input the login details. Scan the QR Code, and it lets you in. With this service, you don’t have to worry about forgetting your username and password. Let QR do it all for you.

Pay With QR Code

While QR Codes have been on the rise, Covid-19 awareness has raised the occasion for digital and QR payments. It is not uncommon to see departmental grocer or drug stores have QR codes installed. It has decreased the scope of Point of Sale machines and become convenient for consumers.

To pay the bill, we only need to scan the code on our mobile phone, and it will do the trick if you forgot your wallet or money, no worry. The QR Code will pay it for you, given that you have money online.

Share Your Wi-Fi Password Without Uttering a Word

Whenever a guest arrives at your house, one of the first things they want is your home’s Wi-Fi password. If your house welcomes frequent visitors, you have to take the trouble of telling the password each time to a new visitor.

However, a quick trick with QR Code may ease you with this burden. Go to qifi and then put your Wi-Fi’s SSID and choose Encryption type then input password. Now it will generate a QR Code that will contain all these three details.

After that, you can print the QR Code or export it to save on your desktop. This is the easiest way of sharing your home internet. Whenever anyone comes calling for the password to your Wi-Fi, you point them to the code. They will scan with their smartphones, and viola! It will connect to your home’s Wi-Fi.

QR codes for Educational Purposes

Teachers are using QR Codes for educational purposes as well. The codes enable them to share vital information very quickly. They can also share links to informational sites for further lessons. Assigning homework has also become more convenient.

Pros and Cons

QR Codes have become mainstream. It is one of the most used digital methods for data sharing. It has become a very reliable medium to help us in information sharing and financial transactions. Let’s enumerate the pros and cons below.


  • The Smartphone Factor: The most significant advantage QR Codes have is using them easily on smartphones. We can download any proper scanner on Play Store and App Store on smartphones and start scanning the codes.
  • Ease of use: QR codes are effortless to use. Many apps integrate them into their functionality. Once we use the embedded scanner, it responds instantly. We can use them to pay our bills or find some information.
  • Adding Extra Layer of Content: Businesses today have exploited QR Codes to promote their brands creatively. Words are right, but videos can do better.
  • One prime example of product promotion is When Maggie noddles’ ban was lifted, Nestle put a QR Code that would take the buyers to a video about the famous instant noodles’ recipe.
  • Easy to Create: You can easily create a QR code with your desired information to share with your family and friends. You can go to a QR Code generator site and add your information you want to share, then generate one and print it.
  • Next, you can let others scan over it to access the information you want to share. It is just that easy.


QR Codes may not necessarily have disadvantages. However, there are some limitations to the users to make the most of it.

  • The users must have an app on their smartphones to scan a QR Code. Without smartphones, it ends there in the beginning.
  • Not every app is a proper scanner. Users can find many apps with the title, but some may be deceiving. Only a handful of QR code apps can perform the job you want.
  • Lack of a good camera can be a hurdle to scan the codes correctly. At low light conditions, an average camera may not extract the required information or not function at all.


There is simply no limit to the use of QR Codes. With the emphasis on digital and online, the scope of QR Codes is only expanding. The mode of our activities is turning virtual, and QR Codes have become another vital tool. It is sure to expand further in the coming days to comfort our activities.

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