The Secondhand Embarrassment Is Killing Me When People Are Sharing about Dates They 1,000% Should’ve Walked Out On

  • March 21, 2024
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The Secondhand Embarrassment Is Killing Me When People Are Sharing about Dates They 1,000% Should’ve Walked Out On

Recently we experienced getting some date experiences from many people as they had for the first time. People shared very awkward date experiences because of no guidelines. Having horrible and awkward dates is a universal phenomenon and almost everyone must really face it in his life for once. This inspires some useful responses from many sources.

1st Awkward Date

A boy is sharing that ‘’ he met a girl on the dating site and then they plan to spend some time with each other. On the first date, the girl told him that she has a sister and both of them are identical twins. He said, nice. And then they set up the place and time for a third date. When both of them came to the destination, the boy picked up the girl and they enjoyed a lot have a lot of fun during a show and dinner. On the way to her house, she asked the boy if he likes her. The boy gave her a very positive response. The girl blushed due to his response. Then she asked another question, ‘’ do you like me more or like my sister better than me? ‘’

The boy became amazed and he stopped the car. The girl told him that they had swapped a lot of places, and she was saying alright. Both of them were identical so I can never ever make a difference between them. I don’t know she was her or her sister with me at that time. Or maybe she was testing me by playing a head game to know about my response. So, I dropped her and then bid her and said completely goodbye to both identical twins.

————-Lost in Space forever 1969

2nd Awkward Date

2nd Awkward Date

It is explained by a girl who states, ‘’ She had a date while the boy was calling me during the whole period of dating ‘’ Drew Barrymore ‘’. The… Entire… Date. she proceed with the date just for 40 minutes and then she told the boy that she lives in a strict environment and belongs to a religious family. She was saying perfectly true that she has to wake up early in the morning. She gave him a piece of amazing advice if he is using an app date and while texting to the next person of female if there is something off so he must stop talking to her and not only stop talking but he also avoid to meet in real life. That was really good advice.

———–Espresso – Yourself —-2016

3rd Awkward Date

Very Amazing And Strange Date

It is explained by a girl. ‘’ It was easy for her to have a meeting with a guy to whom she had met online or have talked to him. She decided to meet a guy after having an online chat. The destination was a town in Europe where it will be held the biggest fair. So they decided to meet at the fair. The girl was shy and quiet. It was also hard for her to start a conversation but if the other one starts it first she feels easy and comfortable. But the boy to whom she was going to meet was also of such a shy and reserved attitude. Both of them greeted each other and walked for about one hour with each other but without uttering a single word. Suddenly the boy was getting late and she was so glad for completion of the date. It was really an awkward date without any action and talk.

—— s463b03bd4

4th Awkward Date

4th Awkward Date

It is also told by a girl, ‘’ On our 2nd date the girl has found out her ex who was almost seven months pregnant. Both of them were quite sure that it was his. If it was his he must have its custody, so that his parents can rise him as their own child for him. Because he was unable to grow a child as he was himself a teenager. The girl said both of us were 20 years old. He found it easy that his parents to raise the child for him and his parents got agreed. After it, the girl told the boy that is no more working between us so he got offended. Then at 3 AM, he sends me a message that I will never ever find a guy like him. I said like damn surly not hope to find a guy like you.

—– Rebeccah44

5th Awkward Date

This is also told by a girl who had a semi-blind date with a friend. He was looking nice in the images found on his id. Both of them decided to meet for a movie. The boy asked the girl for her school ID. because he would be able to get some discounts on school ID for purchasing tickets. It was well, but it was also embarrassing to get discounts while meeting a girl. During previews, he sang almost all the songs of the movie very loudly and he reenacted the fight scenes of the movie in our back row of seats with a great loud and in fact alone.

While traveling to my house he pretended that he was in need of her house cell phone because his cell died. Thank God I never ever talk to him again.

———— Sbwim

6th Awkward Date

6th Awkward Date

It is also experienced by a girl. She shared that while dating she asked to guess the exact age of the boy. Then she found out that he was 28 years old while she was just 19 years old. Then he told to the girl that he had given her all the recipes of his mom and asked her to try and cook these food items. He was doing all this to observe that could that girl be good wife material.

7th Awkward Date

7th Awkward Date

It was a girl’s experience when she decided to date a guy with whom she was meeting for a month almost. It was a really very awkward experience because the boy took a drink and sprayed the drink on the girl’s face. The girl was amazingly surprised and look at him furiously and he started to laugh and said, ‘’ oh it took a time to do the makeup ‘’. Both of them were meeting in a restaurant. So the girl left him there and went to her house.

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